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Subway/Rail/Bus/ Preservation Clubs


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I hope I am posting this in the right place. When I visit NY next year, I would like to attend meetings and join ( if possible ) any rail/bus enthusiast clubs that are in the New York and nearby New Jersey area. I am interested in all facets of the public transit industry, from preservation to operation and future projects.


I would really appreciate it if anyone here knows of such clubs and could leave details or links.I am also interested in photo shoots and outings. I really would like to meet up with like minded people. Thanks in advance :)

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the only two I remmember off the top of my head that are what you're asking about are the Electric Railroads Association (ERA), and the National Railroad Historical Soceity (NRHS).


Most other local orginzations are museum based, for example, the Bradford Electric Railway Association=The Shore Line Trolley Museum.


the major figure in the local field is the New York Transit Museum, but that is a part of the MTA.

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