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  1. how about you go on a day when the west side line isn’t under construction?
  2. I thought they only used the 32s on the trash runs for the air conditioning.
  3. Considering the MTA themselves once made GO posters that said th road -Courthouse Square....
  4. the only tech that can prevent the subway from having service disruptions so that things can be maintained... is the Transporter. and guess what, even THAT requires maintenance!
  5. you mean the republicans who created Amtrak in the first place? The republicans who have given NASA everything they’ve asked for these last few years? If Obama has his way when he was first elected, the ISS would be in a million pieces at the bottom of the ocean already. Take it from someone who is in the unenviable position of having the fringe elements of BOTH sides hate me; nether side is made up of saints. Nether side is somehow better than the other. When push comes to shove, they all suck.
  6. The simple fact of the matter is we don’t trust the government to do a project in a timely and cost effective manner. NASA is getting shown up by SpaceX. the “Space Launch System” booster is several years behind schedule and was forced by several members of Congress to be a “Shuttle-Derived Launch vehicle” so their constituents automatically keep that NASA money rolling in, because they made the parts for the shuttle. CHSR is getting shown up by Virgin Trains. The entire 240 mile line from Miami to Orlando looks to open LONG before the 175 mile iso in California, aside from the fact the line in Florida actually goes places people want to go.
  7. Signles that detect train speed, only showing green when the train is moving below a certain speed.
  8. If you were on the median, then you would have been looking down at the express tracks. And if the 2 and 3 were not running, then you have youR answer.
  9. First thing I would have checked for was a service distribution. The express tracks could have been out for work or down due to an emergency.
  10. Saying “In December” comes across to me as a bit vague, since 11:59 on New Years Eve is as much December as 12:01 AM on the first. that’s also assuming they are rolling all those stops out at once. And if they stick to thier usual method of (and correct me if I’m wrong about this) bringing an entire complex online at once, Times Square-PABT is going to be a LOT of work.
  11. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that that’s a stock photo modified for the sake of having a picture in the shot because of that’s what they intend to install, they’re crazy.
  12. So by that math, we're back up to averaging 10 new online stations a week, assuming starting December 1st and ending around Halloween.
  13. And while I’m on the subject, even though the idea is to get the system installed within a year, I would think it would be a good idea if they had some sort of mark for every station once it was brought online or a way of letting people know they can use it at that stop. i remember when Metrocard was created. Stations that accepted it were shown on the subway map highlighted, until install was completed.
  14. So... um... we haven't like made anything official yet... but... long story short. I've got a girlfriend.
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