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  1. I mean, they have mostly skipped over Brooklyn to begin with, which is wher the majority of ex-BMT tracks are...
  2. Bad news: no new stations good news: JULY LIST Finish the IRT Queens Blvd line west of 71st. (list also mentions the course line, but that’s nothing new)
  3. ADD Astoria Blvd (...finally...) Flatbush Ave-Brooklyn College the 5 is now complete
  4. Current status All Stations 241st Street to Bergen St, Franklin Ave to Newkirk Ave (3 Stations) 148th Street to Bergan St, Franklin Ave (12 Stations) Woodlawn to Franklin Ave (1 Station) Dyre Ave to Newkirk Ave (1 Station) All Stations All Stations 42nd St All Stations (line not in service) 207th Street to Euclid Ave, Howard Beach-JFK (20 Stations) All Stations Sutphin Blvd-JFK, Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue, Court Square to Lexington Ave/53rd Street, 7th ave to World Trade Center (7 Stations) Bedford Park Blvd to Broadway-Lafayette Street, Atlantic Ave, Prospect Park (8 Stations) Norwood-205th St to Broadway-Lafayette Street, Atlantic Ave (15 stations) Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue, Lexington Ave-63rd St, 47-50th streets to Broadway-Lafayette Street, York St to Jay Street-Metro Tech (34 Stations) Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue, Court Square to Lexington Ave/53rd Street, 47-50th streets to Broadway-Lafayette Street (26 Stations) Court Square, Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets, (19 Stations) 8th Ave to Union Square, Broadway Junction (20 stations) Astoria-Ditmars Blvd, 30th Avenue to 5th Ave/59th street, 49th Street to Atlantic Ave (13 Stations) 96th Street-2nd Ave to Lexington Ave-63rd St, Times Square-42nd Street to Canal street, Atlantic Ave, Prospect Park (19 Stations) Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue, Lexington Ave/59th street to 5th Ave/59th Street, 49th Street to Jay St-Metro Tech, Atlantic ave, 86th Street, (25 Stations) Astoria-Ditmars Blvd, 30th Avenue to 5th Ave/59th street, 49th Street to Cortlandt St, Whitehall St-South Ferry (2 Stations) / Fulton St to Canal St, Broadway Junction Sutphin, Blvd-JFK (25 stations) Franklin All stations. Rockaway none (5 Station)
  5. ADD: 174-175th Streets 167th Street. THE BRONX IS COMPLETE Bergen Street President Street Sterling St Winthrop St Church Ave Beverly Rd Newkirk Ave Only 13 stations to complete the IRT
  6. The map on the OMNY rollout page is missing, we might be getting the July list soon.
  7. ADD Fordham Road 182-183rd streets 170th Street the two stations on ether side of 170th stand between two things. Firstly the B and D being complete north of Broadway-Lafayette and secondly the entire system in Manhattan and the Bronx north of 59th street being online. apparently 57th Street is not on their to-do list, which means if they don’t bring it and Astoria Blvd on-line in the next 25 hours, ether they have failed the June list or the person in charge of that part of the site need a serious talking to because they’ve been online for days.
  8. They are flying, but still, there are only 5 stations left in the Bronx and 12 left in Manhattan. Meanwhile there's 54 stations left to do in Queens and 129 in Brooklyn.
  9. ADD Norwood-205th Street Kingsbridge Road Tremont Avenue
  10. More generally... https://youtu.be/W8qcccZy03s
  11. Your Monday OMNY update... ADD: Prince Street city hall Rector Street only 57th Street and Astoria Blvd stand in the way of the W being complete. And this Week’s “out of left field” addition is... Bedford Park Blvd and 155th on the Concourse Line
  12. My long rant, to clarify, was about a train leaving service before it even got to the terminal, leaving the passengers stuck wherever the train was.
  13. Really?... explain this big boy...
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