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  1. no change on the 6, but we now have activity on the 2 3rd ave-149th Prospect Ave Intervale Ave Simpson St
  2. Add Pelham Bay Park to Castle Hill Ave. justs Hunts Point and Longwood left for the entire 6 to be online.
  3. You don’t get to tell someone to use common sense if you are going with that line of reasoning. common sense would say Jamaica is going to be R160 for the foreseeable future. ps... I’m not a dude.
  4. R32.... Wally is not a role model. Just because something makes sense to you does not make it fact. given the rollout history of the mainline B division New Techs, I would think they would be more likely to start them on the N or the A... oh, look, guess where the R46s are.
  5. might as well make a list. 1-all online 2- 149th/Grand Concourse- 96th to Fulton- Borough Hall- Nevins to Atlantic 3-96th to Fulton- Borough Hall- Nevins to Atlantic 4-Woodlawn to Atlantic 5-149th to Atlantic 6-East 149th to Brooklyn Bridge 7- Times Square to Grand Central 0- all stations A- 207th to Jay St. B- 161st street- 145th St to Broadway-Lafayette- Atlantic C-168th street to Jay St. D- 161st street- 145th St to Broadway-Lafayette- Atlantic E-Sutphin/Archer- Lex-53rd- 7th ave to World Trade Center F 47-50th to Broadway-Lafayette- Jay St. G-None H-None J/Z- Sutphin/Archer- Canal to Fulton L-8th ave to USQ M- Broadway-Lafayette to 47-50th - Lex/53rd N- Lexington 59th - Times Square to Atlantic Q- Times Square to Canal - Atlantic R-Lex/59th, Times Square, Herald Square, Union Square, Canal, Cortlandt, Whitehall to Jay, Atlantic S-None W- Lex/59th, Times Square, Herald Square, Union Square, Canal, Cortlandt, Whitehall
  6. I think they realized they might have bit off more than they could chew last month, because we’ve only just gotten the first three stations on the Pelham Line online add Cypress Ave, E 143rd- St Mary’s and E 149th to the list.
  7. Wandering back into a thread after a month, aside from the fact your post was kinda rude to him when he had a legit question, doesn’t not really make you look good. Smart thing to do is nothing.
  8. If I was a betting woman, I’d say March will be at least partly a “fill in the gaps” month. Finish off some if not all the lower Manhattan stations that are missing.
  9. Chambers/World Trade plus Cortlandt BMT are listed as officially online, but not Park Place. 14/8th is not listed as active. but High Street is listed as online
  10. So, just got off an A at Jay st. The turnstiles have bases, the HEETs have zilch.
  11. Add 86th 23rd/8th Spring Canal 5 stations (47-50th, 14th/8th, World Trade Complex, High and Jay) to meet the January list.
  12. Add the following. 175th 155th 50th both errors have been corrected the 8th Avenue Line is now active (save for 86th for some reason) from 34th to 207 there are 9 stations left for the monthly goal.
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