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  1. that.... I... Brain.exe has preformed a illegal operation and will be shut down..... I actually feel dumber having read that article. I can just feel the IQ points dropping like flies. HOW on God's green Earth can he make that kind of justification? or does the phrase "Dillons' Rule" mean nothing to that man... The judge is wearing his biases on his sleeve. he should be removed from this case.
  2. I think some phones require a touch of set up to work right. There was a option I had to select on my phone.
  3. Separate. it’s even technically it’s own site. Omny.info Having a separate app is a touch more user friendly. How many people use MetroCard every day on non-MTA services? at some point they’re going to have to come to a decision on adopting OMNY, and having a separate app would help.
  4. Fitbit Pay hops on the bandwagon at last second. https://investor.fitbit.com/press/press-releases/press-release-details/2019/Fitbit-Users-Can-Now-Use-Fitbit-Pay-at-Seven-Major-Transit-Systems-Around-the-World/default.aspx
  5. Mastercard to give people who use their cards for OMNY refunds of their fares on Fridays in June and July https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/offers-promotions/fareback-fridays-promotion.html
  6. The OP is assuming they even can. bankruptcy doesn’t solve the MTA’s problem anyway. It wouldn’t make thier funding consistent. What they need is a dedicated funding lockbox, money that can’t be taken away by the state. did that ski place ever pay the MTA back for those snow makers?
  7. Yep. https://www.schools.nyc.gov/school-life/transportation/metro-cards
  8. I just got the weirdest image in my head... “Here Kia... here boy... that’s a good hatchback...”
  9. Getting between my high school (East Elmherst) and home (Ridgewood) was not the most straight forward trip due to Queens being Queens. I would often have to skip the bus and walk the 6 long blocks (roughly 4/5th of a mile up hill) to the subway, because I only ever had the 3 trip card. it didn’t help that the bus between School and the train was the Q47 before it was merged with the Q45 (actually, most of my time there was still Triboro Coach, MTA bus only took over the February of my senior year), and it had the longest headway’s imaginable. (IDEAL route Q58<->R/V*<->Q47) *again, this was the mid 2000s if I had a four trip card it would have helped out a lot more, but I wasn’t considered far enough for it.
  10. The problem is multi lateral. You have a governor and a mayor who are each expecting the other to fix the problems. It's like they're on a sinking ship, and it takes two people to lower the lifeboat. They each expect the other to do the lowering and we're all going to drown because of it... You have downstate politicians who only want to be able to claim successes and cut ribbons. I remember on city council member complaining about the not ADA accesible raised rear section of the Nova artics on the M15SBS when it launched (ignoring the fact the engine and fuel take and drive train need to go SOMEWHERE) You have union leadership who wants every penny from the MTA's coffers and will not take accountability for it's members actions. (If I have to listen to Samuelson play the victim card again with this whole time keeping issue, I'm going to hurl. We all know there are people out there who are taking advantage of the system. It has to be enough of a problem if the feds have stepped in...) You have upstate politicians who see the MTA as a piggy bank. IE, those snow makers. and you have disability advocates who are not architects and engineers, not realizing just what goes into building an elevator. take a look at the process to make Copley station in Boston accessible. They ran head long into the preservationist movement who sought to protect the Old South Church and the main Boston Library building. Forest Avenue on the M, the nearest stop to my house, would require a complete redesign of the mezzanine to allow for an elevator, or a reopening of the demolished south Mezzanine.
  11. can't wait to see what will happen if they put in the order for the dual mode Chargers Siemens mentioned a few years back.
  12. can we add a rule to the site where that song is not allowed to be mentioned..? they only want to do things that are easy. Being "progressive" for progressive's sake. I used to take the L to school in the late 2000s. Nice and quiet. Then, from 2015 until last year, I was taking it to my job. everyday, without fail, there was a person begging on the train. And some of them actually started DEMANDING we give them money. they took the benches away from a small triangle park under the M at Forest because it was attracting them. So the all just plopped on the station stairs. the two of them have been abject failures as leaders, because they just want to produce flashy results, and can't worry about the long term goals.
  13. Maybe he's a writer for The Simpsons, they seem to be good at guess the future.
  14. So.. I haven't been around her much... Truth be told... I've been dealing with depression. I got fired from my job at Staples towards the end of last year for reasons that are both stupid and when thinking about it, justified. So I've had time to think and I've thought about a lot of things and thought about what was wrong with my life and honestly... I think I figured out part of my problem. I've been living a lie my whole life... I'm... I'm a girl. I'm transgender. I'm the same sarcastic, short tempered ass I've always been. The difference now is I'm "Miss sarcastic, short tempered ass"
  15. And in other bombshell news, rain is wet and Homer Simpson likes beer!

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