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  1. West 4th, 23rd/6th and Herald Square added time the official list... but they still haven’t fixed 168th.
  2. they have not gone into detail about that. I can only guess readers will be on the buses ether way, in the event the bus has to run on a non-SBS route in an emergency.
  3. They haven’t even given us the timetable for next month yet. All we know is the next bus launch is Manhattan division in March.
  4. And yet they still won’t update the A and C to show 168th...
  5. They said they try to announce it around the 15th each month.
  6. Seems 168th is active now, they put the 1 back to “all stations”, but it’s not listed on the A or C. the site does list 163-Amsterdam and 72nd as active.
  7. According to the OMNY.Info list, the IND is now live from 145th street down to 96th, along with 81-AMNH, but not 86th.
  8. Since Park Place isn’t a stand alone station, it will get OMNY along with the rest of the complex as part of adding it along 8th ave.
  9. You’re quoting me on Tuesday for something I said on Saturday.... and they had to backtrack that and admit 168th was not online and still isn’t.
  10. I would disagree on the idea the stations in the Bronx could be converted to normal express stops within the current tunnel size. Tunneling below it would be... let's call it interesting and move on. As to the overall question, does the ridership number justify the costs. One change to one section of a line has a knock-on effect that ripples out through the rest of the system. If we're talking "full time" does that mean weekends? Do we now need to run the B on Saturday and Sunday? Does the Brighton Line need an express on Saturday and Sunday? The entire point of the Post Manhattan Bridge rebuild configuration was that the B could go to bed at night and take the weekend off instead of the half dozen different combinations of date and time specific northern terminals it served at various points in time in my childhood in the 90s.
  11. If you want to get mathematical, they're not trapezoids, they extremely irregular hexagons.
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