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  1. That’s assuming the full rollout process begins next week, there are no delays and massive stations like TSQ don’t take up too much time. (PS. Read my signature)
  2. To be fair, KFC does love the Japanese market (when Osaka isn’t chucking Col. Sanders into a canal...)
  3. You’re assuming they actually created a program. Unless they have finally gotten around to updating the process (you never know with the MTA) the trains have to be brought into the shop and be hooked up to a special computer (I’ve seen the one that was at East 180th), something that takes time to cycle through. you are assuming they had time to do all that.
  4. If they want to complete their stated goal of “system wide by the end of 2020” they need to bring an average of about 7 new stations online each week for the next 14 months.
  5. Because they have to manually install the program in each unit. some service changes, like the M on CPW, are so rare, what’s the point of having to reprogram ENY’s entire roster for a reroute that’s only going to be used for a few days? I mean, they knew about the 2010 changes months ahead of time, and yet most of the NTTs ran announcements and finds off for the first few weeks until their inspection turns came up, after the changes went into effect.
  6. They didn't with MetroCard. Don't see why this would be any different. Now if they'd just get a flipping move on...
  7. Aside from restoring the row, there is other work nessisary. in my ideal version of the LIRR option; the Railroad takes one track off the IND, the current northbound track. new platforms are built on the old southbound express track at all three stations (these would be single direction at Howard Beach and North Conduit, and both directions at the racetrack. a new track is built on the outside of the existing north bound platform at Howard Beach to convert it into an island platform. This way one train can arrive and then another immediately depart over the single track section. any subway connection would be probably better off if it avoided the QBL all together, instead operating through queens as part of a relief line. follow the old RBB tracks all the way to woodside, and their tunnel under the mainline tracks or swung over Queens Blvd, dive under the 7 (with a transfer station) and from ether route, connect with the 63rd Street Line via the stub tunnels at Queensbridge. Cross the river along side the F, but then, maybe, swing down the SAS instead of having to squeeze onto one of the existing lines.
  8. Because getting to Chuck E. Cheese is that important... The existing West Shore Branch ROW passes right next to the mall. That seems to be a touch on the weak justification side.
  9. They need to ether create the bus lanes or get rid of the bike lane (or both). Having the buses stuck on the single file service road lane is stupid. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve seen the buses, along with cars, have to enter the bike lane space to get around a blockage that would otherwise cause a mile long traffic jam.
  10. Oh dear God... https://store.steampowered.com/app/1121910/I_Love_You_Colonel_Sanders_A_Finger_Lickin_Good_Dating_Simulator/
  11. and looking at Stadium Ave, it's actually quite wide. Wider than some of the main roads by me.... so that's two things the community have said about it that are false...
  12. Oh, really... funny, that's not what I see on google street view. the only section of Stadium without a sidewalk is the short section at the south end, where the bus would have transition to Dean Ave As a matter of fact, the area feels kind of familiar. Reminds me of the back sections of Maspeth and Middle Village, near Juniper Valley Park. know what they have? Buses running through even narrower streets at much higher frequencies. Ever ride the Q38 along Penelope Ave? ho boy...
  13. (Looks over neighborhood on google maps) parking deprived? looks to me like almost every house ether has a driveway or room for one. blocks upon blocks of standalone houses. Come to my neck of the woods, three to four story walk ups with buses on “residential” streets. Never mind the way the el cuts through.
  14. Ok then... so where do you suggest the MTA get the roughly several hundred million dollars, if not more this program would take from fare box recovery ratio every year? CUNY, by itself, has roughly 250,000 students. Now, not all of them are full time, but add on SUNY and all the private colleges, it could easily be that many full time students across the city. And at that total, we’re looking at about $130 million in lost revenue a year. they tax items that have nothing to do with the MTA to held fund it. They are putting in congestion charges to try to keep the agency afloat... and suddenly we’re talking about blowing another hole in the operating budget. Now, unlike most of society, I still see compromise as the core of democracy, so... the pass is $100 for the school year. they still get a discount, and less of the cost burden is passed to those of us who actually pay our fares...
  15. $1.50... for an entire.... Are you kidding me? Sure... I can see a discounted unlimited... but $1.50... less than the cost of one single ride and EVERYONE getS free transportation for three months? Yeah, there is no way that could be abused. Absolutely no one will sign up for an online course and then show up and say “Well, I am a student... so here’s $1.50, now give me my free rides.” there is a reason on why there are rules applied to the student cards. I went to catholic school, so I didn’t have certain public holidays off and had to prove why I was using my student card on those days.

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