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I wanna be a Software Engineer (how real is it)


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As some of you may know, I finished Polytechnic University a few eyars ago, and hold a BS Computer Science Diploma.

Therefore the only job I can perform is Computer Programming. However, as time passes, and the more errors I get ... I start to hate the process of debugging, and proofreading, and it makes me nervous.


The more I work, the more prison-like I feel my programming job.

Therefore I prefer sometime even to work with dummies, teachnig them computer literacy, whenever I get paid for it. However, the wages are very low.


But sometimes I think that Software Engineering is an excellent option for an x-programmer, isn't it?


As I belive and recall from a Software Engineering course, it deals mostly with a logical part of programming, understanding how will a product work, what the programmers are supposed to do, etc. Sometimes it even doesnt require the knowledge of any language.


Is it true, that 100% of Software Engineer's duties are to

*formulate the requirements for software, promptly and clear

*and watch how are they carried out by other programmers?

So the work is more managerial then technical, right?


Is my BS from Polytechnic University enough for this task?


To be honest, when I took an S.E. class at Poly... I had a very strict, pedantic, teacher. Sometime he looked like a correction officer. His job was to "make software engineers from us", and as a result I detested this field for a long time. Until I saw that one of my teachers from in ASA Insittue teaches the same, and makes a very easy class of it.


That's why I trusted that Software Engineer is NOT A SYNONYM to a correction officer. Just be prompt, logical, and know what you want from your managees. Right?


But sometime when they are lazy (its useful to push on them)

but "how to push correctly" is a fiend of psychology which I never took.


So what is my next step to become a software engineer?

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I think your next step to becoming a software engineer is finding a place to employ you. I'd expect you to actually be programming things, not just forcing little peon programmers to write code all day. If you want to look over them and not be one of them I don't know if a BS in programming will do it. I'm working on programming as a backup job if I'm not hired as a CR, so I'm interested in what you figure out as well... but you might want to try another forum with a more computer/programming related theme.

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