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Port Authority Trans Hudson PA-1 Car 143 Dedication Ceremoney (and Announcement of Member's Day)

M. Friday 1986

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Greetings! A dedication ceremony was held here at the Trolley Museum of New York on Sunday, attended by dignitaries and scores of visitors. Port Authority Trans Hudson PA-1 car no. 143 was dedicated to all of those who sacrificed their lives, protecting and saving others on that day. The car was open to visitors for the first time.

A special run to Kingston Point Park was then made consisting of Whitcomb diesel locomotive no. 9, IND City of New York car no. 401, and PATH PA-1 car no. 143. Some of the museum's visitors attended this special run.

Here are some photos from Sunday.

The day began with Johnstown trolley car no 358 pulling Oslo tram car no. 3 from the shop building. No. 3 spent the day on display at Gallo Park.

Former NYCTA R16 car 6398 sits out in the sun. This car will be used in service at the museum's Member's Day next month (more on this after the presentation).

The museum's president Erik Garcés gave opening remarks.

New York State Assemblyman Kevin Cahill spoke at the ceremony as well.

President Erik Garcés, Kingston mayor Steve Noble, and state senator George A. Amedore.

Towards the end of the ceremony, Erik Garcés releases balloons to the sky; yellow for those who went to work and never made it back home on that day. White for EMTs who went into the towers and never came out. Blue for law enforcement who lost their lives, and red for the 343 firefighters who "got the big one".

Kingston mayor Steve Noble prepares for the ribbon cutting, marking car 143 open to visitors for the first time.

Scores of visitors line to enter car 143.

Crowds gather to inspect the interior of car 143 and ask museum volunteers questions.


The museum also had a special guest from the Kingston Fire Museum - this 1956 Kingston firetruck.

It was also business as usual at the museum, as car 358 whisks passengers along the main line.


The museum also had a band perform on Sunday after the ceremony.



PATH PA-1 car 143

NYCTA R16 car 6398, one of the museum's showcase cars in the collection.

The highlight of the day was when car 143 was used as part of a special train that ran with passengers to Kingston Point Park, the end of the museum's mainline. Here we have volunteers getting things ready.

Leaving the museum fron the back of car 143.

Passengers inside car 143.

The view from a PATH PA-1 car out the window towards the Hudson River.

From behind car 143 once more.

Car 143 stopped at Kingston Point Park, where many came up close to look at the car.

Trolley car 358 also went to the point with the special train.

Car 143 returns to the museum grounds after the run. The car will be open to visitors during times the museum is open. The museum is currently collecting funds to build a permanent memorial wing to house car 143 as well as other 9/11 artifacts.

Last but not least, MBTA PCC trolley car no. 3204, which is currently undergoing a repainting project. A work in progress.

And a group photo of just some of the museum's volunteers, hard working people who've been working to make TMNY better than they've found it. Taken just the day before at Kingston Point Park.


For those interested, we will be holding our first Members' Day on Saturday, October 1st. Join us for a complimentary barbecue for members, live music, and a transit-related movie showing after dark. We will also be hosting an award ceremony for our volunteers, a night photography session throughout the museum grounds, and special announcements.

For an annual membership of just $25.00, you're entitled to unlimited rides, discounts at our gift shop, and access to all events on Member's Day.

The museum will be open to regular ticket holders from noon to 5:00pm that day. For the full experience, we encourage all to become a member.

And you read that right, members are entitled to unlimited rides*. Cars that we plan to run include:

- NYCTA R16 car 6398 (coupled to former IND flatcar no 401 and Whictomb diesel no. 9)
- Oslo tram car no. 3
- Johnstown Traction trolley car 358
- J.G. Brill Model 55 Interurban car 120
- PATH PA-1 car no. 143

* All cars listed are subject to mechanical availability.

Come and join us on Saturday, October 1st!




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