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  1. Who knew there were still so many armored trucks roaming around! I thought with all the electronic money-exchanging that happens now, these trucks were nearly a thing of the past lOL.
  2. I find the QM7/8 can also get slowed down by FDR issues, or any issue downtown, which cascades like crazy across those tiny streets. Even the 3rd Ave variants can get totally screwed up by a single broken down truck on 57th and 3rd blocking the median area (that has happened to me a few times)
  3. It is ridiculous that they are so short on buses and the new bus order just gets dragged and dragged! The money should already be there since they approved having this order, there should not be a hold up!
  4. I'm on the 7:30 pm QM6 to Lake Success (bus 3048) and it is slooow. Left the terminal 8 minutes late; he was showing up at the terminal on BusTime at 7:30 but didn't pull out for 8 mins.
  5. I don't know how good the new MCIs are--they look like a big change from the previous models, at least in terms of seating arrangements and layout. I'm Not saying they are "bad", I just don't know if they would be as good as the existing ones we have
  6. They are all of the buses from 2005 and older, which is nearly half of CP's EXP fleet. My guess is that the MTA figured these buses will be the first to be replaced, so they never bothered installing the Wifi, but considering how long it is taking until the new buses roll in, it is ridiculous that they made this decision. I emailed them a bunch of times about it but never got a response.
  7. Not sure if this is what you are referring to, but all CP buses numbered 3000-3124 do not have WiFi installed. Haven't had too many issues as of late with the wifi just not working on buses in which it is installed.
  8. I think he's saying that the B/O saw him filming the bus this time, so he waited until the correct time to leave the terminal.
  9. What a disaster on the QM5/6 today...I waited for the 12:30 pm QM6 at 36th anf 6th, which showed up at 1:10 pm along with the 1 pm QM5. The B/O wasted another 5 mins playing with the destination sign that he didn't seem to know how to program. He got super defensive when I asked him "are you the QM6 running 40 minutes late?" Then it took forever to get out of the city because of some parade, for which there was no notification until about 4:40 pm when the MTA sent out a message about heavy traffic.
  10. I thought they were already doing this? Or is that just on 34th street with street-mounted cameras? I can never keep all these half-baked plans straight
  11. Agreed, traffic was flowing reasonably well in rhe city. Queens Blvd was worse than the city lol.
  12. That would drive me crazy, especially since it is one of the old ass buses. Is this an older B/O who has been around a long time?
  13. Yeah, Mon and Tues are always the worst of the UNGA, so they really should know better by now

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