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  1. I've thought the same thing, especially during this spring break period when public schools are off, jewish schools are off for passover, and many catholic schools are closed for easter break. I bet the MTA says the cost to make those schedules and do special picks or whatever isn't worth it.
  2. The missing buses were the 8:50 QM5 and the 9:00 QM6. I had to take the 8:55 QM35 instead.
  3. The QM5 and 6 were also disasters after 9 am this morning...big gaps, so I ended up having to take a QM35 instead and walk west. Tonight, I'm on the 6 pm QM1 which was not showing up on Bustime but is running on time
  4. Good Friday and Christmas Eve are my favorite days to travel into and out of the city. No traffic at all. Though the rain tomorrow night may slow my trip home
  5. @Via Garibaldi 8 are the MTA bus runs having special schedules for Good Friday this year? I don't see anything online, but they have done it in the past
  6. It's all fine and good to focus on the heaviest use corridors to be more efficient, etc, but then contingencies need to be put in place for everyone that lives outside of those corridors, especially if congestion pricing is going to go into effect, which is theoretically supposed to entice people to give up their cars. Even now, for example, lots of people drive to Union Turnpike, park their cars on the street all day, and take the buses to work before coming home at night. If we really want to become less car-centric as a city overall, these people need some way to get to the mass transportation corridors. I don't know what the answer to this issue should be, but if there isn't a good solution, to some degree we end up shuffling around the deck chairs on the Titanic.
  7. CP gets a lot of the oldest POS express buses
  8. I've had CP exp buses with busted fareboxes from time to time. Doesn't save me anything since I use the unlimited LOL
  9. I was annoyed I missed the 6 pm QM1, but then I caught the QM6 behind it...and the QM1 broke down on Queens Blvd and we had to take on all the pax LOL. The QM1 just can't catch a break
  10. Fantastic--I was just thinking today about how I like to catch the bus to Queens at 49th and 6th because it has a shelter and bench. I notice the stops with shelters are more likely to get shoveled in winter, probably because of that private company that is contracted to maintain the shelters
  11. Your insider info is highly appreciated, as always!
  12. One more question for the group--anyone know how reliable the 8:05 am QM6 to NST is? My schedule may have me taking that first bus from Manhattan to Queens on a semi-regular basis. I'm also hoping these morning runs to Queens don't get cut in the next few picks, especially since they are suppsoed to be getting all that extra congestion pricing money and need more service, not less.

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