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  1. I blame DOT for the awful road conditions throughout Rockaways. It is unbelievable and pathetic. The flooding could at least be mitigated by redoing the roads.
  2. Wow, someone should tell NJT that it is important to care about whether bus stops are safe, and you shouldn't have stops on the shoulder of highways LOL
  3. I've caught that bus a few times as well. It feels like being in a museum. But I agree, the AC on those old buses is actually better than the new ones. Go figure.
  4. The QMT rebuild period was by far the worst period to take the QM5/6 on weekends. It really was not representative of the weekend service, which is not nearly as bad as it was then. However, the reroutes for events in Manhattan has been a problem for as long as I can remember...buses end up taking whatever streets they want, there are never any dispatchers around to tell you where the bus is running, it is a ridiculous free-for-all. I'm glad you re-posted this, I missed your original post! That is great news! But, I remember you had previously posted that they are going to retire a lot more buses than they will replace, suggesting future planned express bus cuts. Is the 257 number increased from original estimates?
  5. I'd argue that BusTime and WiFi are immense benefits. Though, to be fair, if PBL's still existed, it is possible they would have been required to add those in as well. And I agree, CP needs brand new buses ASAP. Some of the odometers on the 3XXX buses read over 4 million miles! (I assume the odometers are correct--assuming they are, this also brings up another question of why some buses have insanely high mileage compared to others. Did some buses get massive rebuilds? Or some buses just got used way more than others? I digress...) The biggest issue I had with QM's under Queens Surface was that buses often were missing, especially on weekends, and no one ever answered the phones in the depot on weekends to tell you if the bus went out or not. And those buses were timed to do an inbound trip immediately followed by an outbound trip, so if that bus went missing, a lot of people were screwed. As for the combination of roads, that is true. Some of the old-time QSC guys still play around with the roads they use off-peak. That is something I agree should be modified so that dispatchers officially give permission for specific reroutes on the closed-door portion of the runs when there is a bad accident or traffic.
  6. I never understood why those two routes never got taken over by the MTA with the rest of the PBLs. Could you imagine if Green Lines or Jamaica Bus still existed? The sh** service we see today would be a godsend compared to the garbage those PBLs would be running
  7. It is ridiculous that they didn't give her a ticket! I guess the lesson here is any farebeater should yell and scream and lie loud enough to get out of the ticket. And how long did the geniuses on the Eagle Team hold up your bus so they could listen to this lady's sob story and ignore your story??
  8. Ive never seen roach bait traps on CP buses either. One new thing I've noticed are some long, tan plastic strips missing from the overhead area near the reading lamp console. It seems like no big deal, but then you realize all the air that gets routed into the personal air vents flows through there, so if the plastic strip is missing, all the cold air flows out onto the seat below and significantly reduces airflow to everyone else. I don't understand how the strips go missing in the first place, since they are not holding anything in place. I wonder if they get removed during maintenance and never get replaced
  9. I'll have to take and send you some pics of the reading lamps with dead bugs inside. So nasty!
  10. I wonder if one of the issues is that since the EXP wheelchair lifts get relatively little use, the motor parts dry up and seize up, and no one checks them until it is needed and is now broken.
  11. MTA wifi on all buses seems to be down once again, at least since yesterday.
  12. Oh great, now she will have more time to find idiotic places to install bike lanes
  13. Will they finally fix the MyMTA app to show correct service change info? I don't know who is in charge of that app, but it is worse than useless because it shows incorrect info! Ridiculous.

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