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  1. LMAO! I didn't think losing your balance was worth throwing a punch LOL. I hope that C/R and M/M (I'm assuming this was back before T/O was the term) weren't paired up again!
  2. I'm curious to see if there is any evidence that the verbal warning is associated with safer outcomes. Whenever I hear it, it is hard to localize where it is coming from, especially if there are multiple buses on the street (though I guess I could argue it leads me to look at which bus has a turning signal blinking). I also find it annoying that it goes on when a bus is just changing lanes rather than actually making a full turn.
  3. I don't know that I would consider the TB to do such an amazing job that no extra help is needed...even when crime overall is lower, the subways always tend to attract criminal activity because of its nature. That being said, if the MTAPD is really just focusing on tickets for farebeating, which brings up memories of the fallacies of Broken Window policing, it is not especially helpful. I'd really like them to focus on connecting the homeless to mental health services (the NYPD has a homeless outreach unit that is supposed to do this). There are new-ish programs where court-mandated treatment for violent homeless folks is showing really good results. I'd also like them doing more undercover work to stop crimes in progress, as VG8 mentioned.
  4. I've had that happen before, but the B/O of the bus flagging the stop would generally motion towards the other bus, or stay in a middle lane and speed up. This guy pulled into the shoulder lane to pick us up, slowed down nearly to a stop, and then hit the gas. It was really strange.
  5. Thank you! Please let me know what you find out about those WiFI-less buses! I've been catching the 5:30 and 6:00 pm QM1s most recently, and they have been generally fine (sometimes 10 mins late or so, but that seems to be due to increased traffic overall...seems like holiday traffic may be starting early this year). Meanwhile, this morning at about 7:30 am, a QM1 (bus 2907) gets to the stop I was at (a different one than usual, this one was by Union Tpke and 153rd Street), we flag him down, he pulls up to the curb, slows down, and then hits the gas and flies away without stopping! There were definitely empty seats I could see in the windows, so that doesn't explain it. We were all looking at each other going "what the hell was that??". Thankfully a QM6 was right behind him. It did look like the B/O was talking to a standing passenger so I wonder if he got distracted or something was happening. That inability to change the runtime issue is crazy!! It really does not help get rid of the image of government agencies as bureaucratic nightmares where good intentions go to die because of ineptitude and laziness.
  6. I like that the model is called the RTS. Coincidence or the design team has a sense of humor and are busfans?
  7. Excellent. As you know, my big complaint is that CP buses 3000-3124 never got WiFi installed, but I don't know if the MTA would ever remedy that with the new Prevost order coming in
  8. What is the best way to communicate to them the buses that don't have WiFi? I've repeatedly emailed them about it, but get idiotic canned responses from whatever dimwit answers those emails.
  9. They won't make "budget related cuts" because they will just do all of their borough redesigns and hide cuts in the "redesign" (might as well just call it "right sizing" like the corporations do)
  10. The remaining QM1s all get solid ridership so they should not cut them, but I am really worried about off peak express service cuts. My schedule changed this year and now I'm using a lot of "first" and "last" buses (e.g., first QM6 to Queens on Weekdays, first QM6 to Manhattan on Sundays, last QM5 to Manhattan) and these runs all get surprisingly good ridership, but I bet they try to cut them anyway.
  11. They can carry line maps with them. This is a huge part of their job so they need to get it right.
  12. Did they always have jurisdiction in subways or did state legislature have to sign something about this new program?
  13. Oy. I thought the whole point of the upcoming (theoretically) congestion pricing is that it would fund all of these current routes, plus allow for expansions as well. I guess the MTa isn't counting on that revenue after all?
  14. "This is a Q46 to Leeeej Hospital." I don't know how no one has fixed these terrible text-to-speech announcements. And that is besides for all of the errors in terms of listed transfers, etc on the new screens.
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