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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Yes, I’ve noticed some LGA and Eastchester buses on the QM1/5/6 recently. And I’ve seen 2 CP MCIs break down over the last two weeks. The cuts are clearly showing. Took the MTA tow operator over 4 hours to tow one of the buses. I’ll let you know if I see any locals put on the EXP runs!
  2. Totally agree. The ridership increases on the QM1 that were released a few weeks ago can certainly be attributed to your advocacy!
  3. I see young and old alike read the express bus schedules in Manhattan especially. A lot of people really don’t know how to use Bustime. I’d love if the MTA was required to disclose how the money they save is actually used in the following fiscal year, so we know for sure that it doesn’t just disappear into thin air.
  4. The massive B/O sickness piece is interesting. The B/Os on here have posted about how strict the MTA is about sick days, and will send supervisors to your home to make sure you are actually home sick.
  5. They should at least program the MVMs (and instruct ticket agents, if they don’t already) to give a message along the lines of “if you are planning on using this ticket TODAY to the chosen station, a cheaper option is the Atlantic Ticket” when someone tries to purchase a ticket along the route. But of course, that costs them even more money. And who knows if those old ass machines can even handle that extra step lol.
  6. Wasn't there another article that said tons more people bought regular tickets to the Atlantic Ticket stations, but the MVMs didn't tell them to buy the Atlantic Ticket to save money?
  7. Why is everyone so interested in this Oatly campaign? I get that they ads are somewhat more amusing/snarky than your usual MattressFirm ad, but I don't think they are thaaat great.
  8. I once caught an R46 years ago (as in, around 2008). It was an at Union Tpke that got turned into an going to Manhattan for whatever reason. The crew changed the bullets and side signs and everything. If I go far back enough in my post history on here, I can find the post (it was probably one of the first things I ever posted).
  9. Very smart of you to suggest they try out OMNI! Maybe these tourists won’t write a Yelp review about how terrible NYC is LOL.
  10. Great idea! Though if I was a woman, the idea of breastfeeding anywhere in Penn Station would give me the creeps LOL
  11. Lovely. The MTA has little incentive to save everyone money by making the Atlantic Ticket automatic, so I doubt they will start doing so now.
  12. Most people above the age of 30 would say "Huh? NFC? Is that the place that sells fried chicken? What the hell do you want me to turn off??"
  13. I like that they think having an address on the ad will stop people from making innuendos and comments...

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