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  1. My worry with the express cuts is that the new exp bus orders are for significantly fewer buses than we currently have that need to be retired, if I am remembering correvtly (please correct me if I am wrong, which I hope I am!). In that case, the MTA will literally force cuts because there will physically not be enough buses to keep service levels as they currently are
  2. Exactly! Like with the new versions of the Q46, where one goes from 188th street onto 108th street in Forest Hills. Who is demanding such a routing? 108th street is incredibly slow, so this route is going to have bunching for sure. If they really want to make buses more efficient, they need shorter routes with very frequent service, but that would require a ton of money being invested. As it is, I don't know what they will do with all the B/Os who do exp runs. are there even enough runs for all the current B/Os under this plan?
  3. I saw that, laughed, and then said to myself "really? They paid some graphic designer to make this video, but they can't bother to correct the problems with the automated announcements? Priorities..."
  4. Fantastic!! I'm glad to see that some of the officials I emailed about the proposed cuts were at that meeting, and I hope gave Byford hell!
  5. Basically none. Some Saturday service on some lines, no Sunday service at all from what I can tell (someone please correct me if I am wrong like I hope I am)
  6. This is fantastic! And with the proposed express bus cuts to queens, I am seriously considering ways to shift some of my work to Brooklyn to take advantage of CItyTicket and Atlantic TIcket
  7. I wrote to all my representatives in Queems. I'm not holding my breath to hear back.
  8. I sent in some choice comments about the express bus cuts through the Remix site. It doesn’t even ask for contact info, it just says “your comment has been submitted to the group owner” whoever the hell that is. Somehow I don’t think anyone will read these comments.
  9. Let me know whatever steps you and the group take. I want to reach out to my elected officials, but when I've done that in the past, it amounted to zilch.
  10. Absolutely nothing, it is perfectly clear and I totally agree LOL. I was using the "confused" emoji to express my confusion at the MTA's stupidity, not you
  11. I am LIVID about these proposals, but not at all surprised. It looks like Sunday service will be cut out entirely, and barely any Saturday service. First of all, from reading through this giant mess as best I could, I didn't see anything replacing the Glen Oaks portion of the QM5? Did I miss something? Closest thing I see is the QMT166, which I am assuming is incorrectly labeled as "previously the QM12", which runs from 188th Street to Midtown, and the QMT167 which is the QM6 up until 188th Street, then closed door to Manhattan. So they are trying to split service at the 188th street line, and get everyone from the QM5 onto the QM6 instead? And in terms of the locals, the Q46 is being split into one route that goes all the way into Forest Hills, and another that is basically the current Q46 with fewer stops west of 188th street? I really don't understand the logic here. If they are assuming the same, or more, riders will be taking these buses, even with these stops cut out, everyone will just need to pile onto the remaining stops, which will have enormous lines. I can just picture the lines on Union and Parsons! Insanity! At least with more stops, buses can do some leap-frogging to even out loads. Ironically, these changes makes me want to but a car again!
  12. Midtown is still packed with tourists, especially mid-day. THe express buses have been really slow making the loop around the city, but then make up most of the time after going over the bridge because it is much emptier than usual.
  13. Thank you both! I wonder why they didn't do this on Thursday or today..ridership and traffic in general were very light. Although this afternoon, the 3:05 QM6 to Queens was PACKED. This is a digression, but as part of the bus redesign, they really should shift service on exp buses on Friday afternoons to move more runs to earlier in the afternoon. The 2:30-5 pm runs get slammed, which ridership is lighter than during the rest of the week after those times, until late night when people are heading back to Queens from clubs, parties, etc.
  14. I just got an MTA email that Queens limited buses will not run on Mon or Tues, and all other queens buses run on a "holiday schedule." WTF does that mean? I am still working Mon and Tues, and need the express bus. Anyone know if these have a special holiday schedule?? I don't really want to have to play aroundw with the shitty trip planner tool.@Via Garibaldi 8
  15. Anyone know what exactly they do with this bus? I haven't seen any posts about it
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