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  1. They spent all that time and money coming to the US just to tag subway cars? Jeez...
  2. QM1to6Ave

    Trip Planner usability needs fixing

    I've found Google maps to be better than trip planner at finding routes that mix MTA modalities, such as LIRR and local buses
  3. QM1to6Ave

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    So funny you mention that! I saw that exact sign on a deadheading Prevost last week. That's a pretty weird glitch--what's the story behind it? Misprogrammed code or something?
  4. QM1to6Ave

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Do B/Os ever get in trouble for using codebreak signs or other forms of clearly incorrect signs when they are deadheading? I get a kick out of those signs, but I can see it confusing or annoying people.
  5. Are you referring to those free-standing things that have a map at the bottom and then a screen with yellow dots at the top showing the arrivals (like on 34th street or on the M15)? THere's one in Queens that was installed and worked for all of one month before the screen died. I emailed both DOT and MTA about it, both of whom said the other agency was responsible for it. Meanwhile, it never got fixed. Who did you complain to to get the M79 ones fixed?
  6. QM1to6Ave

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Thanks, all, for the suggestions!
  7. QM1to6Ave

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    What is a good app tied into Bustime that also allows you to see the bus number of a bus on the route you are tracking? The mobile bustime website does not show the bus number, or allow you to track a specific bus.
  8. QM1to6Ave

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    At least traffic is very light on Good Friday, so that should cancel out the extra wait time
  9. QM1to6Ave

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Will there be a reduced schedule for the buses, especially express buses, on Good Friday? I think I recall significantly decreased service last year on Good Friday, which they gave very little notice about.
  10. QM1to6Ave

    42nd Street Shuttle Update

    So how will they get the shuttle train to and from the yard without that connection to the 1/2/3 tracks?
  11. What a waste of money
  12. Very true. UNlike the speed cameras, which I think are overly "big brother-y", the bus lane cams make sense to be used more widely.
  13. QM1to6Ave

    Preliminary WiFi Retrofit Buses

    That's good to know. The truth is that besides for the bus, I really don't need the tethering so I'd rather not make that change unless truly necessary. But I digress from the topic...
  14. QM1to6Ave

    Preliminary WiFi Retrofit Buses

    Unfortunately, my data plan has a very limited amount of allowed tethering, so I save that for when I absolutely must access the internet. I was thinking of changing my plan/carrier, but when news of the WiFi installation came out, I said "oh great, now I won't need to worry about data usage." That has only proven to be partially true.
  15. QM1to6Ave

    Preliminary WiFi Retrofit Buses

    I had a feeling that was the case. Ugg. When exactly will they be retired? And why did they both installing all the USB ports (which seems like a lot of tedious manpower, since it needs to go on every single seat) if that is their logic? I haven't seen any 30XX series CP buses with WiFi either. Is that coincidence, or because those are also "out the door" soon? Plus, a good chunk of the 31XX and 32XX never got it installed either. I know complaining about WiFi seems trivial, but the express bus is essentially an extension of my office, so if I know I will have WiFi, it is a big game changer in terms of the work I set aside to do on the bus. But I can never be sure, which is frustrating


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