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  1. Some B/Os already took this upon themselves, I've seen front sections of buses cordoned off with caution tape and such
  2. On the CP exp buses, they put up a "please don't sit here" sign on the window by the front seat. I havent been on an express bus with more than about 12 people even during rush hour all week, but the M15 was packed one day that I took it.
  3. From the other posts on here, sounds like no big changes can be made until the next pick period
  4. The Q65 in particular bunches at all times off day, including late night, when there is light traffic and light passenger loads. Drives me nuts whenever I need to use it
  5. I've tried to take the Q65/25/34 to the LIRR Jamaica station mid-day and ended up having to take a cab because the gap is so long. Bunching is horrendous on the lines at all times of day.
  6. I had a similar issue today...20 minute wait in both directions on the 46 this afternoon
  7. Yes, special schedule, and there were a few extra runs thrown in this morning on the QM5. I don't know how they choose that for different holidays. They used to do that on Good Friday
  8. Ive been taking Sunday QM5 and QM6 a lot recently, and man are these buses more crowded than they used to be, which fits with the latest ridership data. And the BOs seem to be friendlier than during the week! Real shame they are even considering cutting these runs rather than advertising it and building ridership further
  9. I've received 6 different "revised President's Day schedule" emails from the MTA so far, so they are clearly not on top of things lol.
  10. Also just got an MTA email saying extra QM5s will depart Glen Oaks at 6 and 7 am on Monday
  11. Fantastic! Now let’s hope they don’t chop those schedules in the redesign lol.
  12. I find this new push to credit cards interesting, because I am seeing more and more small businesses applying credit card fees since the fees can really cut into profits at small restaurants and that sort of thing. Meanwhile, the MTA still doesn't have chip readers on MVMs!
  13. That's happened to me lots of times. Sometimes even when the train isn't that full! Makes you wonder how much revenue is lost...
  14. I think the view and pics you can get on the , especially near Far Rock, are superior to the so I'm glad they are doing it on the . Plus, the is so long it gives everyone a good chance to see it if you really want to, from anywhere in the city.
  15. It only took an hour to record the new announcements?? Wow, I assumed it took a full day with lots of re-records!
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