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  1. Has the MTA ever tried buses with more doors?

    That is true, it is an issue on all buses
  2. Has the MTA ever tried buses with more doors?

    As VG8 pointed out, if the MTA wasn't so cheap and paid to have the kneeling function on the back part of the bus, it would help encourage SBS riders to use all doors, not just the front, if they have difficulty stepping down.
  3. Has the MTA ever tried buses with more doors?

    Seems like these would be great for SBS
  4. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I'd be pretty pissed if I was actually waiting for an M103, since it would show up on Bustime as being in service since it was on the actual route, right?
  5. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Just saw MCI coach 2895 on third ave in the city, signed up as an M103. It looks like it's in service. Couldn't get a pic, and not sure if it's a codebreak or a cool service change due to the expected snow that never came.
  6. Alon Levy: Thru-run NJT, LIRR and MNRR

    I remember other posters brought up the issue that with a plan like this, trains may be full going in one direction but will be very empty going back, and will now have much longer distance to cover while carrying air, which will pull down profitability
  7. Are the batteries on these buses like the ones on the hybrid buses that were essentially not recyclable and filled with dangerous chemicals?
  8. Hahaha that is nuts! As for everyone who thinks Darius should have been hired, past news reports said he was cognitively impaired and had severe OCD in addition to Asperger's. Someone with that profile would not be a good candidate to handle an emergency which requires quick decision making. He's not simply someone with poor social skills, he has severe deficits that prevent normal functioning according to all the reports.
  9. Are you kidding?? He got hired after that stunt??
  10. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I agree, the MTA puts all these passenger counter people out there, but seem to do nothing with the data other than cut runs.
  11. January 7, 2018 Bus Service Changes

    There are paper signs up on the CP express buses about this change.
  12. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Well, I guess that's one reason not to want replacement buses. Unless they don't have them play on any new orders going forward. I can't imagine anyone likes listening to them.
  13. WTF is going on at CP??

    The tube that is finished looks great, but the other tube looks like a piece of c**p. Bare walls down to the concrete, half the lights are still out, dust all over the place , hoses running all over. I really don't understand what they are doing in there every single weekend. Nothing ever seems to improve.
  14. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I rode the X68 yesterday, and geez, it kept playing those loud, annoying automated "thank you for riding with the MTA" messages while everyone was trying to sleep. I've never heard those announcements on the QM's.


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