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  1. There's a big difference between a run-of-the-mill pre-employment drug test, versus a drug test right after one of the biggest bus accidents in recent memory. It is in the B/O's best interest, as well as the MTA's to be able to say "we got a sample as quickly as possible and can as best as possible run out any substances." If I'm just doing a regular pre-employment drug test, it is essentially just a check-box item to make sure the candidate passes a drug test. I'm not saying people should have to sit around all day to give that sample either, but it's not an emergency issue.
  2. I have an entire row of these stupid apps on my phone, and the yall look the same with their small icons, so god forbid I can ever quickly press the correct one when I am in a rush. Half of them are barely functional at this point
  3. Whether or not he initially delayed giving the sample, or they were just very slow in collecting it, an 11 hour delay is troubling for getting the sample...a lot of substances might not show up by by. THese samples are supposed to be taken as quickly as possible after arriving at the hospital.
  4. It's really amazing that the B/O didn't die from the fall. It's also pretty cool that they were able to recover the bus without it splitting into two parts, based on that video.
  5. Like @Deuceymentioned, drug screens can be done via blood draw. The fact that he refused is not that surprising to me, even if he knew if would come back negative because a lot of people worry about false positives. Plus, the most likely factor based on the data presented here (tiredness plus rushing to get back to the depot) wouldn't show up on a drug screen anyway.
  6. All those blue collar LIRR workers committing overtime fraud and earning half a million bucks are the epitome of the blue collar American dream LOL
  7. Knowing LIRR laborers, i figured he would have marked it down as overtime like they normally do
  8. Bustime is inaccurate?? Shocked, I tell you, shocked
  9. I remember that story! Gotta try and find the article
  10. Hahaha, yeah, i assumed it would set off some sort of alarm, like when you open the emergency break on the subway, but nope, didn't seem to have any effect
  11. Had a real genius B/O on the M15 local today...totally blew past the stop 3 of us were at, so I ran to the next stop and caught the bus, where the B/O proceeded to argue with me that the stop he missed was only a Select stop, which was totally incorrect. I even showed him the stop on Bustime, but he didn't care. I also had a QM6 today with LaGuardia stickers, and the emergency exit bar that holds the window on place was broken where I was sitting, so the window kept flapping in the wind. At least it increased clean airflow lol .
  12. Thank you as usual for these summaries, @BM5 via Woodhaven !
  13. Interestingly, some of the banks that issue my credit/debit cards have given me pushback when I request contactless cards when it is time to replace my cards. I thought it was standard by now??
  14. I haven't personally used OMNY because I still use an unlimited express bus pass because I work in-person all week. I have seen a good number of people use it on the Express bus without any issue and without any BO pushback
  15. Since the recent Bustime "upgrade", I've noticed that the estimated arrival times for express buses on Bustime within Manhattan are totally crazy. For example, it will say that a QM5 that is 1.2 miles away is 21 minutes away, even though it only takes about 8 minutes (and there is no traffic, and the bus actually does arrive 8 minutes later), and there will also be a bus listed at, say 3.5 miles away with an estimate of only 19 minutes, which clearly makes no sense since they travel the exact same route and don't have flux capacitors from Back to the Future installed. It seems like someone messed around with the algorithm or the data that gets fed into the algorithm.
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