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  1. Interesting that the B/Os in the article complain about passengers not wearing masks. About 40% of the B/Os of the buses I've taken don't wear masks
  2. Ahh yes, my favorite site where you can play the "how in the world did this MTA employee triple their base salary with overtime? Does this person never sleep or have a family or even go to the bathroom? Or is there lots of fraud going on?" game. Librera's salary doesn't hold a candle to some of the random machinists and other tradesman employed by the MTA who apparently run on cocaine and never leave work.
  3. The Express buses are filling up consistently now. I've noticed that on many of the buses, besides for the first two rows that are chained off, which gives 6 feet between BO and passengers, another 3 or 4 rows are often either roped off with tape or folded up. This was fine until now, but we need as.many rows opened as possible. No need for more than 2 rows to be chained off. plus, half the express BOs don't wear masks which is ridiculous.
  4. Do you have a link? I couldn't find it before hitting a paywall lol
  5. Interestingly, on the MTA website, in the section labeled "overnight Express bus service, they list the B99 along with the (actual) express routes lol. Dunno if that's intentional or just another sloppy MTA intern hard at work
  6. Glad to see they are still working on things, even with the pandemic!
  7. Everything today is made so poorly anyway, I don't know why this is a surprise. Especially with more complex electronic components and cheap materials, it is inevitable that new things won't actually work well! Even when I bought a (fairly expensive) brand-new car recently, the dealer said "make your list of what doesn't work right and bring it back for repairs."
  8. I'll try again today on my way home...it only scrolls for a second or two so you have to be quick to get the pic lol
  9. No one checks anything during the day. Overnight, when the EXP is free, they have been making you show ID sometimes.
  10. I was not able to get a photo before getting on the bus, you'll have to take my word for it lol
  11. Bus 7397 on the Q20 now scrolls "essential workers" and masks required" on the destination sign besides the usual Q20 info
  12. First day of Phase 1 went well transit-wise for the lines I use. The QM1s were running in the morning finally, as many had been missing/cut during lockdown. With more buses running, each run was relatively empty which was good for social distancing. The HOV lane was open again, which kept the ride quick. Definitely a lot more people in midtown at 8:30Am than the ghost town of past few weeks. M15 was still pretty crowded, but that's been the case for 3 weeks already. Ride back to queens was pretty quick.
  13. Yeah, my colleagues who worked until midnight or 1 or 2 am ended up having to take the subway home since nothing else was running. A lot of the areas medical centers have been running private vans to and from nearby subway hubs to pick up and drop off their employees
  14. The bustime website is a mess too. It says "all queens bus service is suspended" but also lists an outdated QM7 detour
  15. Jesus Christ it is bad in midtown. This is like something out of a horror movie. I barely got back to Queens as this all went to hell, and Herald square was already a disaster zone. Since I still need to be working in the hospitals tomorrow evening, I’ll be taking a cab back home. Not even gonna try to deal with the express buses. What a f***ing nightmare
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