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  1. New Fare Payment Thread

    I don't like the idea of having people tap their card at the door of an SBS bus--this will slow people down when the system doesn't work or they don't know what they are doing now. Now, they wast time confused at the SBS machine BEFORE the bus arrives
  2. Bus door safety features?

    Jesus, that's scary. Definitely makes me appreciate the subways more
  3. Bus door safety features?

    I was on the Q46 this week, and saw something pretty disturbing. The B/O closed the front door on a lady's arm, didn't notice, and started turning the wheel and got ready to merge into traffic (he started picking his foot off the brake). If he had moved the bus, this lady's arm would have been broken or worse. Luckily, she started yelling and the B/O was visibly shaken. Do the LFS's and Orion 3G's (and any other bus for that matter) have safety sensors or whatever like the NTT trains, so that if a door is not completely shut, the bus can't move? If there are sensors, how sensitive are they (like, if there was a backpack strap stuck in the door, would it detect it)? I also was on a QM1 that got into a nasty fender-bender this week, so it was not my favorite bus travel week...
  4. Personally, I think Maliatakis is using this campaign as a practice run for future campaigns...she is learning the ropes in what is essentially a no-risk situation, as losing a mayoral run has not really prevented people from getting elected to other offices in future years. I am at least hopeful for the election cycles that are 8 years out or so, as there are a number of very promising, young local politicians quickly rising through the ranks. As an aside, anyone know what happened to Bill Thompson? He has run in the last few cycles and always appeared to be an even-keeled, intelligent guy who could work with both sides of the aisle with common-sense reforms.
  5. I don;t understand why none of the very capable contenders did not run against de Blasio this cycle (both democrat and republican). It's a real pity
  6. Pols call for Q75 bus to be restored

    Totally agree more service is needed, both peak and off-peak. The service gaps have become horrible as of late. In terms of SBS, just having off-board payment would be a big help. One lane of Union is already a "no parking" lane in rush hour, so turning it into a bus only lane during that period is not a big deal. But I don't think it needs a bus lane 24/7.
  7. Those old fare lights behind drivers??

    Someone on here posted in the past that the boxes were removed after one of the boxes fell on someone, which opened up the MTA to lawsuits,.
  8. Some of the city councilmen were also discussing this idea recently, where you get tax credits in exchange for hiring workers to stay overnight to receive deliveries. The upshot was it's really complicated to set up and only works for some kinds of businesses.
  9. Pols call for Q75 bus to be restored

    Totally agree that the Q46 is long over due for SBS! And more buses in general on the line
  10. Those old fare lights behind drivers??

    Although the boxes don't work, they are actually still on the old 2XXX series MCI buses at CP.
  11. Where do 1 and 2 trip metrocards come from?

    These 1 and 2 trip metrocards are incredibly inefficient. It's ironic that the MTA makes such a big deal about refilling cards, yet these cards cannot be refilled. I see people that go to daily hospital appointments Monday through Friday, so they get five different metrocards each week. And I've seen people selling them if they don't need to go back to the hospital the next day. Such a ridiculous system with no oversight. It really needs to be reformed.
  12. 3 dead, 16 injured in bus crash in Flushing

    I don't understand how this guy still had a valid CDL after a drunk driving charge
  13. Yup, most of the dispatchers I've seen just stood around chatting all day. There still are a good number on the street, but even with their tablets and technology I don't see them do much of anything.
  14. Haha! It seems like one something out of those undercover camera shows
  15. Wow, what great investigative reporting LOL. Rude people are annoying, Shocking.


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