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  1. QM1to6Ave

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    If you are willing to take those old ass MCIs on the QM routes instead of X routes, you can hang out near 36th and 6th and check out bustime to see what CP routes they are running on. I've gotten them on weekdays, weekends, peak, off peak, everything. Theres usually a few running each weekday day from what I've seen
  2. QM1to6Ave

    S&P lowers MTA's credit rating

    That is a pleasant surprise. I guess politicians' grandstanding was harmless for once
  3. QM1to6Ave

    S&P lowers MTA's credit rating

    I am aware of the rating system. I figured they were closer to the BBB range given all their issues
  4. QM1to6Ave

    S&P lowers MTA's credit rating

    I'm shocked they kept the A+ rating up until this point, tbh.
  5. If only they put that sort of creativity towards making creative solutions to the MTA's many problems LOL. I'm picturing him walking out of his office with 45 iPhones in his underwear
  6. What are the details on the minimum wage for FHV drivers?
  7. Oh yes, those buses get very full. It is smarter that they now have a QM6 at 8:30 and then a QM5 at 8:40 rather than having both leave the terminal at 8:30
  8. The QM5 to Queens PM post-rush has a similar weird schedule...7:00, 7:20, 7:40, 8:10, 8:20, 8:40. The 8:40 used to be an 8:30 but they pushed it 10 mins later.
  9. At least on the RTO side, employees are already incentivized to take the subway since, if you are delayed, you can get the delay verification based on the train you are on so you don't get in trouble. Not sure if there is a similar system in place for Bus/MNRR/LIRR
  10. QM1to6Ave

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Heard on 1010 wins today that one MTA B/O was busted as part of a drug selling ring and another one was busted fro driving the bus while intoxicated. Sounds like 2 new runs have opened up LOL
  11. When the QM1/A was changed to 1/5/6/7/8, it took almost a month for all buses to get updated destination signs and all the bust stops to get new signs and timetables. I think it was a little faster when they also added in the 31/35/35. I’ll guess it will take 3 weeks to make all these changes lol.
  12. Maybe they can update the picture of the express bus on the front of the schedule while they are at it.
  13. QM1to6Ave


    What is Bus NYC? Is it an app? I don't see it when I look on the google play store
  14. QM1to6Ave


    At least they eventually addressed your issues. The ones I sent in are still very much present. Typical MTA.
  15. QM1to6Ave


    Update: I sent in an email complaint about this problem. I recommend you guys do it as well so they take the issue seriously.


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