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the BosWash corridor with its variant local service


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The Boswash corridor is the largest populated continuous agglomeration in the United States with approximately 60 million people...the corridor extends from Boston all the way to Washington DC in a total trajectory. Length of 790 km or a travel time of 10 hours by bus (that is transferring in NYC to continue your trip to Boston or Washington DC accounting where you've commence your trip)


Now the qquestion here is what if you rather travel from Boston to Washington DC by way of local transit. Agencies . If travelling from Boston To Washington DC then your trip would last 3 days ...here's your hypothetica . Trip as follow


- MBTA 39 from Back Bay to Forest Hills (solicitate transfer)

- MBTA 32 from Forest Hills to Ashmont Station (total $1.75)

- Brockton Area Transit #12 from Ashmont to Brockton (transfer solicit. For the BAT #14 )

- Brockton Area Transit #14 to Cobbs Corner in Canton,MA


Now here is where there is a slightly huge gap...BAT #14 terminates At cobbs corner rather a 10 minute drive to Sharon MBTA rail station and thus a 10 more minute to nearby Mansfield MBTA rail...why i say to Mansfield, is qquite simple the GATRA (Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Agency) goes as far nnorth as Mansfield to benefit students to a UMASS campus in Norton. ..but is there where a transfer is available to go-to Attleboro and thus a connection of a Last GATRA bus to Pawtucket, RI and connect to Ripta #1 or 35...if BAT readjust the rout . 14 to Mansfield then the adventure connectivity would follow as such:

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- GATRA. #40 to Norton

- GATRA #18 to Attleboro (solicita transfer)

- GATRA. #24 to Pawtucket, RI

- RIPTA #1 or 35 to Kennedy Plaza (Providence)

- RIPTA #14 or 66 to salt Pond Plaza (solicitate transfer)

- RIPTA Flex 204 to Westerly

- SEAT #10 to Mystic,CT (solititate transfer)

- SEAT #108 to New London

- 9TT flex bus to Old Saybrook (solicitate transfer)

- 9TT flex bus to Madison

- CT-NH (S) to New Haven (solicitate transfer)

- CT- NH. (O) to Milford

- GBTA #2 (coastal link) to Norwalk (solicitate transfer)

- CT-S #41 to Port Chester, NY (the #41 converts to #11 at Stamford and one must not disembark)

-BL 61 to Bronx ,NYC (solicitate Transfer by using metrocard ONLY)

- (2) train to any points of NYC Subway to Port Authority or GWB


As you are here in New York there are various options for continuing to DC such as follow:

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-PATH to Newark Penn

- NJT #62 to Elizabeth (solicitate transfer for 75 cents)

- NJT #48 to Metuchen

- NJT # 815 to New Burnswick (no transfer needed)

- Middlesex County Transit (MCT) #1 To Veterans Park

- connection there for MCT #6 to Princeton

- NJT #609 To Trenton Transit Ctr

- SEPTA #127 to Oxford valley Mall (solicitate transfer for $1)

- SEPTA. #14 to Frankfort Transportation Center in north Philadelphia ( solicitate re-transfer for the subway)

- SEPTA subway to 69Th street Transportation Center

- SEPTA 113 to Tri State Mall in PA-DE state line (pay new base fare at this route)

- DART #1 to Rodney Square in Wilmington,DE (solicitate transfer)

- DART#42 to Glasgow People's Plaza (connection there for Cecil County Transit)

- CCT flex bus. To Elkton, MD(solicitate transfer)

- CCT flex bus to Perryville

- Harford County Transit (HCT) #7 to Aberdeen MARC

- MTA Maryland #420 to Camden. Yards in Baltimore (just to notify. MTA- MD does NOT issue transfers by any means)

- MTA-MD Light Rail to Patapsco Station

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At Patapsco there are 2 ways to enter DC...first option and more faster but slightly costly is as follow:


MTA- MD #14 (longest MTA bus of the company) to Annapolis

MTA-MD #230 (commuter bus) to US Capitol Mall (final Destination)




-MTA- MD #17 to Arundel Mills Mall via BWI Airport

- RTA #502 to Laurel, MD (solicitate transfer for $1 by using either a Charmcard or Smartrip)

-RTA #302 to Greenbelt Metro station

- Metro Green Line subway to Washington DC and points suburbans including as far as Franconia-Springfield just south of Arlington,Virginia

- in conclusion one may use its transfer accounted in its charmcard or smartrip to transfer freely to Arlington Transit OR Fairfax Connector in neighbouring Virginia


In Washington Metropolitan Area is the finale of this very long journey since to head to Richmond (160 km away) is only reachable by Amtrak or any coach buses departing from Union Station in the nation's capital ...so conclusion there are two huge gap between Washington and Richmond and thusly from Richmond to the Hampton Roads where the reality of this very huge agglomeration terminates

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I'll stick with through travelling on the Megabus and Bolt Bus  :lol:


The closest I've done to something like this is take the Megabus from Boston to New Haven then take Metro-North from there to the city. On Fridays and Sundays this way's actually faster than taking the bus the whole way (you usually hit traffic west of I-91 no matter which way you go), as long as you can overlook the fact there's only 1 or 2 buses a day between BOS and NHV.

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Yeah for the most part virtually onewould take the mega or bolt buses since is faster and via credit cards quite cheap but this scenario is based if for some reason there weren't interstate coach buses and forsome reason the means of travelling is by way of local transit agencies


If one desire to take metro north to new York then the part 1 of this journey comes to effect remember there's only 3 frequency of the RIPTA flex 204 which quites obstructs the journey. ..to much new haven is considered a checkpoint between Boston and new York. ..travel time between Boston and New haven w/o traffic is 2 hours via I-90 and I-84 andfrom NH to NYC varies between 1.5 hours and up to 3 hours withthe heaviest congestion. ..i can assure that when last april i took the 1030pm bus from south station to New York and it reached New Haven at 1245pm...around 1:30 thr bus took a 10 minute break at Stamford petrol station close to the WWE Headquarters so hence between Stamford and New York Downtown is a minimum 45 minute drive as i aarrive 230am


If making the journey locally them one's pay up to New Haven about $16.75 (again this would account if BAT closes that gap between Canton and Mansfield) but again long journeys all depends on bigger buses...i for one never boarded those bargain buses as the tickets are via iinternet and not by cash

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