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  1. MNRR's ticket vending machines were just upgraded with contactless readers, so I don't expect any radical changes with fare collection anytime soon. Best case scenario, they'll take the reloadable OMNY card in addition to the Apple Pay and contactless credit cards that they'll already be accepting for fare payment. Maybe use OMNY for monthly/weekly pass validation as well. Perhaps long term they'll be able to use less paper and have one ways/round trips/10-trips loaded onto OMNY cards instead of printed tickets, but the infrastructure won't change much overall.
  2. Speaking of the Concourse Line, I'd really like to know how the builders accomplished having the line go under Grand Concourse but over the parallel street underpasses at each of the stops. It's quite the experience at Kingsbridge Road having to go down to the mezzanine and then up to get to the platform or the street.
  3. Yesterday I rode the uptown during the midday and it went up the middle thru 138, but went to the local track right after and pulled into 149th normally. And also if a from the Bronx is pulling out of 155th Street after the on the middle track gets the lineup at 145. The will get held by red signal just outside 145 as the crosses over.
  4. If they haven’t called a winter plan by now, I think the holiday nostalgia runs will be running. I think this little storm is gonna catch a *lot* of people off guard, but that’s another story for a different thread.
  5. Those yardmasters sure do love to keep us on our toes.
  6. An R62 is highly likely (perhaps multiple R62s) since the is 100% Jerome equipment for this GO and they might end up running a bit thin. A SMEE train on the .... ehhh.... That'll be more of a coin flip.
  7. Webster’s also getting increased SBS service and the Bx34 is going to run there between Fordham and 204th Street. North of Fordham Road is well covered. If anything, I worry about the M125 portion of the route, especially if they give it the M55 treatment (less service and/or a downgrade from artics)
  8. No such conflict would happen with my scenario. Logically it doesn’t make sense, but operationally it does, at least until the Manhattan redesign takes place and they can move the Manhattan routes around to account for the 125.
  9. I thought they were gonna wait till the redesign took effect to move the Bx15 and Bx39. The idea with this would be two fold: less buses needed for the M100 and moving the Bx39 out of KB would make room for the Bx15, while WF would get the Bx39 (obviously) and use up the surplus buses from the M100 and Bx15 for the M125.
  10. They’ll be closing the track at 138 for some of the weekends, and the will dead end at 149 LL for some of the weekends as well. On occasion, both scenarios will happen on the same weekend. to Burnside *could* stick around as a GO pattern tho since the is saving money on platform conductors (there’s no fumigation or relay at Burnside) compared to when the ends at 149th.
  11. They probably call NYCT too; they usually have extra trains ready for after the graduation. They still want to do service cuts for the LIRR at some point. Wait till some of these bus redesigns wrap up.
  12. The alleviated the Lex line so much that the latter must be dipping below 125% loading guidelines during certain hours. You know the and their arbitrary guidelines...
  13. 10% increased maintenance costs per bus in exchange for a 30% capacity increase and the potential for 25% less express buses on the road? They would be fools not to buy double deckers. /s
  14. is about to have the largest articulated bus fleet in the country, the subways are going to go all-open gangway with zero seats, and the commuter railroads are going to go all double decker. How will cost savings be achieved, you say? Well, instead of holding 10 pounds of crazy in 5 pound bags, they're going to fit 20 pounds of crazy in 10 pound bags. Less bags to use and capacity will not be negatively affected. More with less!
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