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  1. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I can’t even take the subway for a couple of stops without running into a problem... I get on a train at Mosholu Pkwy... train goes BIE with half a car pulled out of the station. Within 7-10 minutes, brakes get reset, rear doors get reopened, close down and away we go. Then at Kingsbridge the skip hammer goes down - Burnside, 149, then all local stops to Utica. Good thing this didn’t happen last weekend when the was running reduced service in the Bronx, that would’ve been an even bigger mess with a half hour wait at the skipped stations...
  2. Select Bus Service Discussion

    I'm sure they'll keep the Bx9 and Bx12 stops separated. If anything, they'll move the Bx22 stops on Fordham Plaza away from the Bx9 and pair the 22 with the local Bx12.
  3. Broken Elevators Plague New 63rd and Lex Station

    The Metro-North Fordham station has elevators and that stop can get just as busy (top 5 in ridership on all of MN in fact) and has just as many homeless people as a typical NYC subway station, but the elevators there don’t break down nearly as much as the ones on the and up the street.
  4. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    And they're not going to start the Dodgers-Cubs games at 1pm Pacific time during the week. MLB would want those west coast fans to be able to watch their games also. Plus, 5pm ALCS starts won't really deter TV ratings or attendance in Yankee Stadium like a 1pm start would for TV ratings in LA and attendance in Chicago. The start times for Tuesday and Wednesday are a happy medium for almost everybody, including our younger railfans who won't get back home too late after fanning the Lo-V's .
  5. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    It was about 4:30 to 5pm.
  6. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    So, I saw a northbound Bx3 short turn terminate at Kingsbridge Road, then followed the Bx32 route by going into the VA Hospital complex and eventually went back south. It closed up a pretty insane gap in service heading south, but the next bus heading north ended up packed. I hope those folks weren't charged another fare because based on the amount of people that were dumped off the bus, it looked to be a last-minute short turn.
  7. Either A: he had an outstanding warrant or summons, B: he didn’t have ID on him, C: he said something smart to the cop, or D: he refused the summons. Other than the smart comment part, any one of these acts results in an automatic arrest. Saying something smart to the cop is a judgment call in most cases, but you’ll still be risking arrest depending on the officer.
  8. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    How can we be so sure that Cuomo won't intervene and force them to keep running new trains on his 2nd Avenue line? He's intervened on a couple of bus orders (diesel bus orders changed to CNG and electric) and the countdown clock rollout recently, so I wouldn't put it past him to make the MTA change planned assignments last minute...
  9. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I'd pretty much do the following if the swap needed to be done now: CI: R46 R68 R160 Jamaica: R68A R160 I think too many people would complain if CI lost all of their R160's... I would imagine they'd have to keep enough for the at least...
  10. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    NJT has a pretty significant crew shortage right now. In fact, their crew shortage is so significant that some of their regular service trains actually get cancelled due to short staffing. That *could* have had something to do with NJT axing this service.
  11. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    Did they discontinue thru service on the New Haven Line to Secaucus for football games at the Meadowlands? There's no schedule online, while AFAIK neither MN or NJT have outright said they weren't going to offer the service anymore.
  12. School dismissal times are not uniform at all and are very inconsistent, as are the ridership patterns from those schools. I'll use the Bx12 as an example: There's a school by Williamsbridge Road that dismisses at 2:30, a couple of schools around Fordham Road that dismiss at 3, and a school by Eastchester Road that doesn't dismiss until 4:00. Some days you'll see 30 students trying to cram on a bus on Monday, and there could be only 5 students waiting for that same bus on Tuesday. Some days they won't need the 12 at all because of band/soccer/basketball/etc. because they need a different bus or train to get to their activities. It's a combination of traffic (pedestrian and vehicular,) individual driving styles, and piss poor dispatching. -Too many cars on the street, and too many jaywalkers worsening the congestion on said streets. -If driver A goes 20mph, driver B goes 25mph, and driver C goes 15mph, of course you're going to have bunching and service gaps. The drivers that insist on taking their full break on their layover when they're already late doesn't either. -Dispatchers either don't do enough, or do too much. Some dispatchers don't short turn/deadhead their buses enough (which bunches up service) while others overdo it (they get rid of the bunching, but half the intervals at certain stops get abandoned with all the turning, flagging, and deadheading which increases wait times exponentially.) Also, when a regular driver calls in sick or if the bus breaks down, the run more likely than not doesn't get filled, which means more abandoned runs and longer waits.
  13. They're currently doing internal beta testing. Bowling Green was probably chosen for this because HQ is across the street. Grand Central, Penn, and Atlantic Terminal will be among the first dozen stations, and 14th Street was also chosen. I'm guessing 125th , Sutphin Blvd , and Woodside would have to be included as well... Is this going to be a more permanent thing, or is this going to be a temporary pilot program that would end after like a year?
  14. Select Bus Service Discussion

    They should, but the has made it such a royal pain in the ass to apply for, much less use. Their eligibility requirements are very strict (this has become a more recent issue), and there are times where AAR riders are waiting 30 minutes or more past their scheduled pickup times (AAR has had reliability issues for what feels like its' entire existence.)
  15. Service adjustments when ish happens

    It’s easier for the and to fill in for each other because other than the A running express and the C running local, they run on the exact same line and serve overlapping groups of riders. The and run different routes in Queens while serving different groups of riders which reduces the kind of flexibility that you see on the A and C. In addition to seeing trains to 207, I’ve also seen (in no particular order) Lefferts trains make local stops when there are gaps in C service, trains running to Lefferts, and one time I saw a running express in Brooklyn after a delay in Manhattan, with the directly behind it making local stops. I will give ya this though: They do try to mitigate service gaps in general better on 8th Avenue than on Broadway.


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