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  1. paulrivera

    Cr benched cause doors closed on deblasio?

    And now conductors and platform controllers (aren't they really conductors on restricted duty?) will probably stop talking to each other now that they got a conductor pulled from service.
  2. Yea, I happen to like Metro-North's 95% on-time rate. Metro-North and LIRR also have more reasonable loading guidelines (up to 100% seated capacity, which means everyone is supposed to get a seat on a normal day.) If the subways and buses fixed their loading guidelines (125% seated capacity, which means your trip is supposed to have people standing even on a good day) I'd be willing to bet that complaints would be cut in half and we wouldn't be talking about using commuter rail to relieve local service (well... maybe not so much on the bus side, but still...)
  3. Even with a new fare structure there could be tiers in a sense if you turn the stops into "D-Stops" (drop-off only) on some of the trains. 125th Street and Fordham are good examples: If you board a train that's not drop-off only, you pay the city fare. If the train is drop off only and if you insist on boarding the train, you pay the fare from the previous boarding allowed station. Being charged $22-plus the onboard penalty ($28!!!) on the inbound 8:03 Hudson Line train from 125th-GCT (it runs nonstop from BEACON) is a damn good deterrent to using a Metro-North service that's designed to bring in a suburban commuter to work in the city.
  4. How the hell does a company as large and robust as Academy have reliability issues? Not only do they run the X23/X24, they run commuter service in NJ, casino service to CT and Yonkers (how they lost Atlantic City I'll never know; my uncle used to do that run all the time before he passed away), and they have intercity service to DC and Boston. Maybe they're spreading themselves too thin? I don't know, but I thought their owners were better than that.
  5. paulrivera

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I’ve heard that people can and do stay on at WPR/Gun Hill Road when the overnight Bx39 changes to a Bx41 at that stop and vice versa (when the 39 is a shuttle from Gun Hill to 241st it interlines with the 41.) If it’s true you can still fan the entire pre-2010 Bx41 in one sitting, albeit only between about midnight and 5am.
  6. I think the commuter railroads should charge the current local bus/subway fare ($2.75 currently) within the same fare zone in city limits, and $5.50 for two zones with no peak differential. If the city is willing to subsidize this sufficiently, perhaps a free transfer to transit buses and subways could be arranged. On Metro-North this can be done easily because the fare zone changes between Manhattan and the Bronx. LIRR's got a couple of quirks they should sort out. You don't want to charge $2.75 for someone to go from Penn to Willets Point (both Zone 1) and then charge $5.50 from Willets Point to Main Street (Zone 3)!
  7. paulrivera

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    At one point the was piloting orange lights to replace the blue police lights for SBS service.
  8. paulrivera

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I thought of something for late night service: Run some lines every 30 minutes overnight, but expand some of the supplementary lines to run 24/7 to maintain 10 minute combined headways on the trunk lines. : run as-is; : 148 St-New Lots Av : Woodlawn-Utica Avenue; : Dyre Av-Atlantic Av (no Dyre shuttle); runs as-is : exempt, continues to run 20 minutes overnight. : run as-is; : 168 St-Lefferts Blvd (replaces the Euclid-Lefferts shuttle overnight) : Columbus Circle-Brighton Beach; : runs as-is; : Essex St or Chambers St-Metropolitan Av on 20 minute headways (4 cars) : exempt, each continue to run 20 minutes overnight : run as is; : 71 Av Queens-95 St Brooklyn.
  9. paulrivera

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Shout out to that Bx29 B/O that flagged me at the very second stop of the line out of Bay Plaza this afternoon. Another shout out to the Bx23 B/O that did stop for me even though I was looking down at my phone reporting the Bx29 idiot on Twitter. A third shout out to the for hiring a B/O with tattoos all over his face. He's a good guy tho (he was the Bx23 B/O btw), so I actually applaud Bus for not discriminating or being judgmental based on a person's looks. But Jesus Christ, how the hell do I keep getting flagged by empty ass buses?
  10. Maybe these passengers aren't getting sick in that sense. Perhaps these passengers are getting panic attacks, claustrophobia, and/or dizzy and faint spells from any combination of overcrowded trains, trains with lack of ventilation, trains that stop in tunnels for long periods of time, or the stench of the vagrants that sleep on the trains. Perhaps it could be someone who has difficulty standing on a moving train that falls over and ends up injuring either themselves or others. They can't all be coming down with colds and allergies....
  11. paulrivera

    LIRR boss fired for running it like NYCTA

    Helena was also a fierce advocate for maintaining present service levels at Penn when GCT service starts, which pissed off everyone above her and led to Cuomo (through his chairman at the time) abruptly firing her. So this LIRR fiasco has pretty much been a legacy of our sweet prince...
  12. paulrivera

    LIRR boss fired for running it like NYCTA

    Ugh... the Daily News has a paywall now....
  13. paulrivera

    42nd Street Shuttle Update

    Franklin Avenue: It absolutely needs a custom car order. They might also need to extend the platforms about 50 feet to completely fit a 3 car 60-foot train. Knowing how frugal the can be, however, they'll probably just convert it into an IRT line since 3 51-foot cars is just enough to fit onto the existing platforms and it seems like 75-foot cars are eventually gonna go the way of the dodo bird. Either way, they can have an NTT run through with no real issues. 42nd Street: Not so much (which is good). They can order 6-car consists for both the and the 42nd when the platforms for the latter get extended. By that time the might need more cars anyway.
  14. paulrivera

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The people selling the water bottles on the street buy the 24 packs on-sale for $2-3 plus bottle deposit (which increases the total by $1+change) so after the fifth bottle they really do turn a profit. Minus the side hustle part, that's what I normally do. Even when they're like $6 it's still a relative bargain vs. buying each water bottle for $1 a pop. Back to buses: I swear like half the 2011-2012 batch of LFSA's from GH got unwrapped. Are they *all* getting pulled off of SBS service?
  15. paulrivera

    42nd Street Shuttle Update

    They did that in the 1960s but the idea was scrapped after the equipment was lost in a fire. Although if they *do* realign the tracks, I wonder if they could get the shuttle CBTC ready while each track goes OOS...


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