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  1. The trains need to be 600 foot during the weekends, especially with the impending service cuts going into effect soon. The CPW stops can’t have short trains running every 12 minutes, *especially* when the is running express on Broadway.
  2. Because they’re trying to save on paper. If they put the service cut on the website that means another entry on the weekend changes posters that go up at every station, which wastes their ink and paper, and creates more work for the people in charge of distributing those posters.
  3. How long until they make it a permanent cut like what were formerly supplements on the and ?
  4. You would think they'd run as many trains as possible to get people off the overburdened and trains in Queens, as well as to get some people off the ... Nope. 125% capacity or bust.
  5. How does the not wait 2 seconds to meet the at Burnside on the express track, man... Damn, I outsmarted myself trying to beat the crowd... Gave the conductor of the a well earned two digit salute tho.
  6. Like the Sheridan thru Hunts Point? Not gonna work. The New England Thruway is a major interstate highway that gets clogged at all hours with not just cars but all kinds of tractor-trailers and interstate buses making their way up and down the northeastern United States. The Sheridan Expressway (in the process of being converted to a boulevard) is only vital for Hunts Point Market deliveries and the BxM6/10/11 (a much smaller and more localized market compared to I-95 traffic.) I mean, if they really wanted to maybe they *could* merge I-95 into the Hutch between Co-op City and the county line, but upgrading the Hutch to federal standards along with adding new lanes to handle the combined traffic would be a hard sell, and we can’t forget about that draw bridge along the Hutch that present day I-95 does not have.
  7. The baseball fan in me wants to see Tampa Bay upset Houston so that the Yankees have an easier path to the World Series (Tampa vs NYY would start Saturday at home) The railfan in me wants to see Houston win so that the Yankees start that series on the road (Houston has the better W-L record), enabling service to run via Jerome all weekend long. I'm really conflicted...
  8. And the cheapskates. Little known fact tho: On the weekends, the Q10 actually has more service by itself than the and the Airtrain out of Jamaica combined, so at least on Saturday and Sunday transferring between the Q10 and the and at Kew Gardens will treat you better (especially if the is via 6th or the via 8th) than transferring between the and the Airtrain at Jamaica.
  9. 2nd Avenue is good enough that some BxM6/7/8/9/10 buses stay on 2nd all the way to 86th (the old way) to avoid some of the mess on 5th. Then again, they don’t have to stop anywhere between 125th and 86th... If they ever add the 5th Av/98th St stop to the ECH routes that little trick will be dead.
  10. Sometimes they’ll put the on the local track at 59th for this very reason. It *kinda* helps out with the congestion in between stops, but yea it doesn’t really save time because the still needs to be routed to the express track, and 9/10 times the leaves first which means the is sitting, albeit in the station and not in the tunnel. Now if you see a pull in on the express track also... that would mean the congestion is on a whole other level.
  11. It's not running at all between Bedford and 205 that weekend.
  12. "TRACK MAINTENANCE Oct 19 - 20, Saturday & Sunday Trains run approximately every 12 minutes, days and evenings service runs on a modified schedule because trains are running on a single track at Bedford Park Blvd in the Bronx." By that logic, the and need to run every 12 minutes also, because they run on a single track at 145 Street and Whitehall Street respectively. Classic slippery slope scenario.
  13. The and seem to be running an extra train per hour thru Manhattan (7min headways each instead of 8.) Normally they don't throw that bone to us when the isnt running. Finally some progress is being made.
  14. Where would you even go to beat a ticket from a state cop? Not Albany, I hope...
  15. Holy shit, state troopers **and** undercover cops on the Bx12 checking the SBS. ain’t playin’ around anymore.

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