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  1. paulrivera

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    That moment when you realize the "4" in "NXT Takeover 4" looks like the 4 from the side signs of the R142A 😄. It's on-topic because there were so many people on the train (myself included) going to Barclays Center for the event today. Train was packed like rush hour, as usual.
  2. paulrivera

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    I've seen local B/O's that go after people that have SBS tickets, yet they don't go after an actual farebeater... Complete oxymoron I know, but this happens quite often in MaBSTOA land...
  3. paulrivera

    Work Along Hudson Line?

    How did I not see this post before... Anyways, definitely complain. All tracks platform at Spuyten and unless there's PD activity or a safety issue there's no excuse, and I know for a fact that the Greystone trains are supposed to make every single stop. One time I reported a train crew doing this and they answered same day stating the crew would be reprimanded and sent in for re-training.
  4. I can't wait until this expands to District 11. There's this homeless guy that forever stays on the line asking for money, and on occasion he gets aggressive. It's a huge turn-off to ride the line at night when he's around.
  5. paulrivera

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    As a customer I'd rather see that than wait 15 minutes for an train, but your point is valid.
  6. paulrivera

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Wow, only one track open on the Manhattan Bridge next weekend: TRACK REPLACEMENT | 10:30 PM Fri, Aug 17 to 5 AM Mon, Aug 20 Trains will not run between 34 St-Herald Sq, Manhattan and Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr, Brooklyn TRACK REPLACEMENT | 11 PM Fri, Aug 17 to 5 AM Mon, Aug 20 Astoria-bound trains run via the from 36 St, Brooklyn to Canal St, Manhattan TRACK REPLACEMENT | 11 PM Fri, Aug 17 to 5 AM Mon, Aug 20 96 St-bound trains run via the from DeKalb Av, Brooklyn to Canal St, Manhattan At this point, I would have also closed the one remaining track off to give the track workers an unimpeded work zone, and give lower Broadway a consistent 4 minute headway instead of 4 minutes heading uptown and 12 minutes heading back down. But what do I know about running a debt ridden, mismanaged, inept transit system 🤷‍♂️
  7. paulrivera

    S&P lowers MTA's credit rating

    Welp... Time to sell off the bus system before they tank it like the Dolans with the Knicks.
  8. We can't just pull a New Haven and just tear up a highway to unite two neighborhoods. I do concede though that the street grid in that area could have been better thought out. Penn Access is going to be great long term, but the Co-op City station needs a better feeder system. The Bx23, Bx29 and Q50 usually run only every half hour, the Bx28 runs every 20 minutes, the 23 and 29 are the only two that go straight to Pelham Bay, and only the Bx23 and Q50 hit every area of Co-op City from where the train station is going to be. At a minimum, the Bx23 needs to be beefed up big time so that every resident has an opportunity to use those trains.
  9. paulrivera

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Then they all get off at the casino 🤣. Sometimes I go during the weekends to that casino, but I take Metro-North to take advantage of their travel package and their semi express trains. (get off at Mount Vernon West and take a casino shuttle or W7) its a bit more circuitous, but it’s much more sane, and those weekend semi express trains literally carry air because they only go to Crestwood (they stop at Fordham then straight to MVW and all stops after that.)
  10. paulrivera

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Supposedly it became either cost neutral or a net gain because the Bx41 local and SBS provided more service than the old 41 local, 41 LTD and 55 LTD combined...
  11. paulrivera

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    With UberPool prices like that, I'd be a regular in a heartbeat. A guaranteed seat, door-to-door service and only a buck and change price difference? Choice is obvious when bus frequencies start going south.
  12. paulrivera

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    An East New York dispatcher made both a local and select Bx12 terminate at Fordham Plaza. The stupid part is they didn’t turn back there, they both went towards Sedgwick and Inwood and deadheaded quite a way’s away (as in up and over the hill and they still kept going) Uber was like $5 so I took it up the hill, and the buses made off like Energizer bunnies, kept going and going 🤷‍♂️
  13. That’s what they get for being too cute with the GO. They wanted to avoid congestion but added all this ridiculous switching between 167 and Burnside. The might be closer to me than the but I specifically avoid the whenever they run that garbage headway. I know someone that waited more than half an hour for a earlier today.
  14. paulrivera

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    How the hell does the on a 16 minute headway fall behind schedule to the point where they have to do battery runs, resulting in nearly hour-long waits (and God forbid you have to double back uptown... it’ll take you 90 minutes just to do a Fordham to Woodlawn trip!) No wonder Uber is eating the ‘s lunch. For an hour long wait I’d get a BxM4 or a Metro-North for a couple of dollars more and still get a seat.
  15. The BMT has melted down. Also, I really hate these new vague service alerts they send out now: There is extremely limited service between Manhattan and Queens on the , and lines because of a water condition between Queensboro Plaza and Lexington Av/59 St. We have crews on the scene now investigating the cause.


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