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  1. They pulled the trigger on the 15/39 swap? I thought that was an unconfirmed rumor. Guess I missed the confirmation...
  2. I would Uberpool to the subway at that point. Long term: If I were in Queens and I lived in an area like that and I really needed public transit to move around, I'd move out quite frankly.
  3. Oh but they do serve the VA Hospital. Well, the bus does anyway (you didn't say anything about the buses taking passengers into the hospital.) For those who don't know what Q43 is alluding to, on a Bx3 short turn the B/O dumps the passengers around the corner, runs empty into the hospital and lays over, driver uses the restroom inside the hospital, and pops right back out just as empty as it went in and goes back the way it came from. The dispatcher monitoring that location is typically in front of a computer screen inside the bus command center in East New York Brooklyn. That alone should tell a lot of people what they need to know.
  4. I'll give you Broadway/231st Street, but Fordham and all the farebeaters customers going to and from there gives the Bx9 problems also.
  5. That Bx3 midday cut is gonna sting because that ridership data isn’t accounting for all the farebeaters and how unreliable the line is as a whole. Then again, what line actually does?
  6. Free fares would actually be counterproductive to the high ridership routes. The demand would be so strong that the wait time to get on the bus would be more like waiting to get on the monorail at Disney World. I ain’t waiting half an hour just to squeeze into a bus that’s running on a 2 minute headway at 1 in the afternoon on a Tuesday. I already let buses go by on the Bx12 as it is.
  7. As long as the continues to run every 2 and a half minutes during rush hour, they can bring in all the guest announcers they want. Maybe having Fat Joe do train announcements will keep the from doing 16 minute headways on Jerome every third day.
  8. I thought I had heard something like that. I think in passing someone replied to the tune of "Yeah, we're going to have a nice, modern, well maintained system but we're not going to have anybody to operate the equipment."
  9. Major victory. I might just be a casual express bus rider, but even I know these express bus services are very much needed. I wish you guys the same amount of success in Queens and Brooklyn as well.
  10. So.... Anyone ride the train today? I hear the automated announcements are a little different...
  11. So you’re telling me the Q46 LTD doesn’t go to Leej Hoss and that the Bx12 Plus doesn’t go to the Jacobi Hoss on Websterav where you can transfer for a Nehave train?
  12. The fact that they changed the “Bus lanes are for buses” animation from the bus vaporizing cars to the bus taking a giant Polaroid picture is pretty darn hilarious. Keep an eye out for it next time you guys ride a bus with the new screens.
  13. This clip isn’t from the subway but it is from a fellow MTA agency, and a more extreme scenario: The kicker here is everyone was just chillin’. If I were on here I’d be freaking out.
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