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  1. If we had a more competent version of Cuomo (his temperament is perfect but he misdirects his frustrations and priorities by a country mile) the would be in much better shape. Not perfect shape, but better than what it is now.
  2. Eventually the only way out of this fiscal hell hole would be to terminate the MTA Bus agreement with the city, and to spin off MaBSTOA and sell it to the highest bidder.
  3. Are you kidding me? MaBSTOA doesn't work like that in 2019. Bus #1 probably deadheaded to Webster Avenue to start its pickups there, bus #2 probably deadheaded past the Manhattan stops and started service along University Av, and poor bus #3 would be left to handle Washington Heights all by itself, and on top of that it will probably short turn at West Farms Square.
  4. Yea, I've had to get to Manhattan from Morris Park in a pinch a couple of times this month and the BxM10 has been on the money. More work to be done indeed (as you mentioned already but I'll also mention the aging fleet. The buses seem mechanically sound and clean but the interiors look kinda tired.)
  5. I’ve been slowly converting to more and more of an express bus fanner. Honestly, sometimes I’d rather spend 2 hours stuck in traffic with a comfy seat than be in a packed local bus for 5 minutes. Shoutout to @Via Garibaldi 8 and his crew for keeping the express bus system in check because the local bus and subway system is just a lost cause.
  6. I didn’t even know that. I gotta try doing that one day.
  7. translation: We're too cheap to completely shut down the line past Parkchester to provide shuttle buses, and we know we can get away with this because Bronx people are too poor to know what's better.
  8. We'd have 6 car R46s on the and R32s/R42s on the and to this day if they would've fit thru their respective restricted clearance points (especially the 75 footers on the . The 32/42 thru Montague issue was more due to ineptness)
  9. Inward doors in their present form at NYCT don't work when the buses are packed to the gills. Maybe wider doors like Bee-Line's Xcelsiors could work, but the doors on the LFSAs at MaBSTOA don't cut the mustard.
  10. That explains the I saw running express SB and the cross platform to transfer I had going back home NB (the was on the local at Columbus Circle and it waited for the to arrive and depart in order to go express. Weird but it worked in my favor.)
  11. I think of it as an UberPool on steroids. Cheaper than one too. Those MCI's and Prevosts do scream "elite transportation" tho, I'm not gonna lie.
  12. Took the BxM10 into the city today. I made great time for a Friday at 3pm, probably because the B/O took some liberties getting from 2nd Av over to 5th (no stops were missed) I wish people could use the express buses a little more. Seeing an express bus only 25% full vs. a subway or a local bus that's bursting at the seams just doesn't sit well with me personally tbh... Or maybe it's because the Bronx has too many poor people and the discrepancy is more pronounced here, who knows....
  13. Leaving NYC, the first five trains to Poughkeepsie (6:45 hourly until 10:45 from GCT) all stop in Manitou. Coming back, there's a 1:24 return then hourly from 3:24 until 7:28, with no flagging down needed. 99.999% of Metro-North engineers know to stop at Manitou at those times on the weekends. If you're in the wrong car, the conductor will typically let you know what car you need to be for Manitou as they check your ticket. eTix shouldn't be a problem in and of itself, but check the cell service when you get there just in case.
  14. 1243 at GH, and 1267 at KB. Fordham is quite the hotbed for this Nova swap.

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