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  1. If this (and/or any of the other reported incidents) is found to be intentional, the person(s) responsible should face terrorism charges. Might be an unpopular opinion, but that's how I honestly feel; just throw the book at 'em. As for what the surviving consist is.... Does it matter? Between the investigation and the repairs we won't see whatever ends up being salvageable in service for about a year anyways.
  2. Oh my god.... 😢 Had this been a typical Friday morning, this would’ve been a much bigger tragedy. It appears to be an R142
  3. “Expect longer waits for 2 trains in both directions. Take a 1 or 3 train, if you can. We are running as many trains as reliably as we can with the crews we have available.” The 12:50pm train departure from 241 st, is cancelled due to engineer availability. Please take the 12:58pm departure from 241, making an additional stop at North Elizabeth.
  4. Supposedly a ban of non-essential ridership is being floated around, is that true? Channel 4 was reporting on it citing some Cuomo order but I haven’t seen any order from Cuomo about it.
  5. The stock market is going to electronic trading, the schools are closed, and the Governor mandated business to reduce their in-person workforce by 50%. At what point would the go to a reduced schedule?
  6. Bus has been having some sort of unknown issue in BK and QNS.
  7. Brooklyn seems to be having a really hard time filling their runs today... edit: Queens too.
  8. Eventually, yes POP in its current form will end. OTOH I don’t think the MTA would be dumb enough to not have their Eagle teams or PD carry portable scanners to verify if people have paid their fare.
  9. Went to LGA to pick someone up this morning and got an artic on the Q70 coming back (took it because the M60 had a 30 minute gap). The Q70 actually had fairly heavy ridership. Either there were a lot of M60 refugees or they need to go all-artic and add more buses on the Q70. What a success the LaGuardia Link has been
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