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  1. If Byford leaves, I sure as hell hope that Darryl Irick doesn’t take over the reins. That guy is a bean counter to the core, ask anybody on the bus side.
  2. There is fine print in page 1 of every local bus schedule which typically reads either “special schedule” or “reduced weekday schedule is in effect on” and the Friday before Easter is always listed, along with Columbus Day, MLK Day, President’s Day, July 3rd, and the days before and after Thanksgiving.
  3. Good Friday is a holiday, ergo the special schedule for the buses.
  4. The holiday schedule today was drawn up better than last year’s Good Friday holiday schedule. It ain’t perfect but the wait times are better than last year (the load factor is still 125%+, but the will take that as a win as they’re meeting guideline goals.)
  5. I do remember wondering back then if Vision Zero would negatively impact bus service and many said “not really.” I wonder what they have to say now...
  6. probably: We’ll just stop wasting money on these cosmetic upgrades when Albany gets off our back.
  7. Maybe he's a former B/O that's grown so used to Vision Zero™ he thought it applied to the subway as well.
  8. They were doomed from the start. NJT was short staffed and most of the trains were Comets instead of double deckers. All this wouldn’t have happened to Metro-North if Wrestlemania was in Yankee Stadium, that’s for sure. They’d make damn sure the train crews were nowhere near timing out.
  9. I was at Wrestlemania, but I got off relatively easy as my seats were on the same side of the stadium as the train. I ended up on a train around 1:15 and barely managed to make it to Penn at 2:00. The geniuses at NJT decided to dispatch extra SEC-NYP shuttles BEHIND a regularly scheduled train so the regular train was packed to the gills and had a hard time trying to close down and leave SEC. The fact is this: That’s what NJT gets for trying to milk only one shift’s worth of engineers for both pregame and postgame. How the hell do half your crews run out of hours right when the event ends? The fact that NJT couldn’t round up fresh manpower for the postgame in simply inexcusable. As for the issue with the last trains of the night from SEC... Hard to blame NJT there, but that’s not WWE’s problem either. Lack of coordination or not, it’s the stadium and state’s responsibility (NOT the promoter) to make sure transportation logistics are followed along with having contingency plans in place. Did I mention most of the Meadowlands trains on Sunday were Comet salads?
  10. The replacement signs are cheap to make and the makes a quick buck selling the old signs online. I did find the AG signs easier on the eyes tho... I don’t know why, since Helvética is almost the same thing...
  11. The lettered lines in general have seen almost zero improvement reliability-wise in the last two years. There was even an article about it in the Times showing the disparity between the numbered lines and the lettered lines. It's no surprise the is so problematic because it has the oldest fleet in the system while also having a long, busy route. The Rockaway branch south of Broad Channel is especially delay prone because the bridge the train uses is in a state of disrepair and still needs to be raised every so often for marine traffic. One missing train = 20 minute wait on a good day.
  12. I rode on a train today that went from Fulton Street to 149th Street in 25 minutes. Andy Byford's speed initiative is actually working, at least on the uptown Lex Express. The downtown Lex Express doesn't seem to be much faster than usual tho.
  13. 50 (yes, fifty. Not a typo) minute headways for the train is the best: /s “Some 2 trains are stopping along the 5 line between Nevins St and 149 St-Grand Concourse in both directions to alleviate congestion because of planned work on the Lenox Av line.”

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