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  1. Eastchester getting hand-me-downs from Staten Island for the Bx23 and Q50 wouldn’t shock me.
  2. End result for the Bronx remains the same: All Nova, all the time.
  3. The and having shortened weeknight hours, early 4th Avenue local service for the and , and the reduced weeknight service on the and are all to make room for work trains to meander their way thru the system. The default weekend headway for the B division being cut to 12 minutes (everything except the and basically, maybe one or two others) was also done to reduce track capacity to facilitate work. Yea, and train service on the weekend were cut by 25%; but no, ridership did not take a 25% tumble when these cuts were made.
  4. That’s why in the rare event I’ve had to go into Manhattan since the pandemic started, I’ve been using the express bus whenever it was sensible. In the last 10 months I’ve bounced around between BxM1,2,3,4,7, and 10 depending on where I’ve needed to go on either end of a route. I find that three legged errands with two straight express bus legs with a local leg on either end gets the most bang for the buck and I don’t get two dreaded local legs. I’m damn tired of having to look over my shoulders or being packed on a local bus or subway, and I’m going to minimize my local bus/subway use even after the pandemic ends. i just hope they don’t go crazy chopping the express buses down the road.
  5. On that day, the found out that not everyone is of the Christian denomination. Express buses were regular in the Bx. I went BxM3 going in (last second semi-urgent errand in the city...), BxM7 going out (errand in Co-op), Bx12 back home.... let's just say I kinda wished I went BxM7 back down to the Upper East Side and switched over to a BxM3 or 4 to my house. After today, I'm done heading to the city for a good while.... But on another side note: in regards to foot traffic, Midtown itself looks less busy than Fordham Road does. Let that sink in for a moment.
  6. Here's what I think would happen: -the will be all 600 foot equipment, which means the 8-car R179's are going to stay put on these weekends. -As you mentioned, the line will have just about all of Concourse's R68's to themselves, along with whatever's in Pitkin to backfill the remainder of the line. This should keep any weird yard moves between 207 and Concourse to a bare minimum (probably just that R68 loaner being brought back from service back to Concourse and that will be all.... by the way is that even still a thing?) -the in Brooklyn will simply use the R68/R68A's from CI that normally run on train services during the week. An R46 sighting wouldn't shock me tho.
  7. Of course not, they should never be doing more than the speed limit. They should also brake and accelerate as smooth and comfortable as possible, not weave between lanes, and go no faster than the 3-4mph or whatever the rule is while turning. But if they’re driving 15 in a 25, stopping at green lights, and holding at bus stops when they’re running thru sections where they’re by rule only dropping people off and not picking up, that’s a problem too. Imagine if every Metro-North train had to sit and wait at Harlem (drop off only) for 10 minutes and then go half speed down Park Avenue and stop at every interlocking (switch) before going to Grand Central even if there’s nothing impeding it’s route. it’s okay to pad a schedule a little bit on a dropoff segment to improve the on time performance. It shouldn’t mean stall to use every last second of it, it should just be there if you need it for an uncontrollable situation (traffic, weather, etc.). You didn’t need to use all your time today? Great. But you might need all that extra time when 5th Avenue goes to shit in the future.
  8. Local bus I get why this is done: You gotta pick up at every stop you make. And yea, running ahead of schedule is gonna suck for people that have their schedule down to the second that would wind up having to wait like 20 minutes in some cases for another local bus (and up to an hour for an express bus) The drop-off only segments on the express buses otoh: just leave them be. As long as they're not weaving between lanes driving like maniacs and drive the bus smoothly at a safe and reasonable speed, just leave the express bus operators be. Now, if I miss an express bus because the operator either ran 5 minutes hot thru a pickup stop or didn't bother to even try to stop (hint: everyone's a potential customer nowadays, some folks are getting sick of the subway's bullcrap), then yea, the bus operator should be hung. ooo, I really lucked out this morning. My guy tucked himself right into the stop behind the Bx2 and had his right blinker on a half block in advance. I've heard horror stories where the local bus would pull into a stop shared with an express, obstructs the express B/O's view and then they just drive right by... The second I remembered the M5 doesn't run downtown and that the M55 wasn't a Limited and was less frequent than the M5, I went straight to the train to finish my trip...
  9. I'm hoping full service gets restored before the traditional summer swap
  10. So there was a fight on a train earlier... I got delayed at Burnside over something that happened at 14th Street..... the incident train and my train were both heading UPtown. No, I didn't make a typo. Easy: The and is reduced to 12 minute headways midday /costneutral
  11. Update: my BxM4 took a shortcut and got to 27th Street 8 minutes hot. came back to the Bronx on the subway and came regret my decision
  12. update: i jinxed myself and turns out I have to go into the city to certify an official document. I’ll let you know what my BxM4 does... the pickup portion went well tho.
  13. Dang. If it was like the BxM18 where you still have to pickup in Manhattan I’d understand, but sticking to paddle where you’re not picking anyone up makes zero sense.
  14. That must be a new policy. Every time I’d take an express bus (haven’t taken one so far this year) once the pickup segments were done the buses I was on (evenly divided between Yonkers and Eastchester routes) didn’t sit at the drop off stops, didn’t way it for green lights to turn red, and went within 5mph of the speed limit (45-50 on the highway, 20-25 off the highway)
  15. The Yankees are in town for the first weekend of the GO, they better have full length trains. Yeah, Yankee Stadium is only going to be at 20% capacity, but what if most of them come by subway?

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