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  1. paulrivera

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Evenings, yes. But 9:45a to 3p M-F, 8a to 6p Sat, and 11a to 6p Sun there’s minimal, barebones service that’s not even worth using.
  2. paulrivera

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    That one in particular is disgusting because it’s happening all 7 days of the week. We may have the and the BxM4 three blocks away, but still the really carries well on its own in spite of that.
  3. paulrivera

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I love how the has been reduced to a rush hour (and nights) only route north of Burnside for the next 6 weeks. /s
  4. paulrivera

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    You mean those electronic ones by the doors that they've been talking about? I think it'll help, but when it becomes time to add the service they'll go into cheap mode be conservative and put short turns and only where the most crowding occurs instead of adding service for the entire route. ie: SBS Bx12. If they find the busiest points are along Fordham, they would probably just put short runs between the Inwood (or maybe even Sedgwick) and Pelham Pkwy stations. Or if they find that the Q44 really carries along Main Street at a certain time, they'd put a short run between Jamaica and Flushing, etc..
  5. Sometimes there would be a good 5 seconds left on the crosswalk timer and the B/O would just stop. That’s the fastest way to get someone to rear end your bus. The rule book speed limit is 15 (speed limit MINUS 10) so the lack of common sense is pretty much universal.
  6. paulrivera

    5 trains running every 20 minutes

    True. GO’s aside, the seems more reliable in general, especially during off-peak hours. I haven’t ridden it enough during rush hour to judge how it runs during that time however.
  7. paulrivera

    5 trains running every 20 minutes

    Not so fast, partner:
  8. paulrivera

    Bee-Line to buy 33 new articulated buses

    Probably the same guy that decided to put the USB ports in such an awkward spot. Heaven forbid if someone is mistakenly trying to plug in something backwards and a fellow rider thinks that you’re pleasuring yourself instead of struggling to charge your phone...
  9. paulrivera

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    It might just be for routes that connect with LIRR stations. Some weekly LIRR/NYCT combo tickets (Unitickets) are like that. Like if you have a Kew Gardens to Mineola ticket, some tickets only let you on the Q10 or Q60 but not the Q44 because the latter doesn’t stop in Kew Gardens. Hows the Atlantic Ticket even supposed to work anyways? Is it supposed to be like a Uniticket (certain routes at whatever stop is on the ticket) or is the MetroCard portion supposed to be unrestricted?
  10. paulrivera

    5 trains running every 20 minutes

    At least they don't cut the down to every 16 minutes nearly as much as they used to. But yeah, all this crap definitely discourages a Bronxite to travel to the city during the weekends. I had family over for Thanksgiving and I had to persuade them to go to the city on Black Friday instead of shopping in the Bronx because on Friday it was a one-seat express on the subway, while Saturday that same ride would have been a 2-seat local that would have taken twice as long.
  11. paulrivera

    5 trains running every 20 minutes

    Didn’t they sell off a couple of their aircraft patents to Airbus? wow, we have gone way off topic 😂
  12. paulrivera

    5 trains running every 20 minutes

    In the summer especially, the HVAC system on the R32s are prone to overheating and breaking down underground. Plus the has heavier ridership and is longer than the . More people holding doors and more operating time also equals more chances for any train to break down.
  13. paulrivera

    5 trains running every 20 minutes

    There’s so many damn R32’s on the now. I love the R32’s but their time to carry such an important line like the has passed. They were a better fit on the as that line is shorter and is mostly outdoors. If they can’t put R32s on the and due to heavy wear and tear the same should apply to the .
  14. paulrivera

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Bronx buses are getting snow chains installed as of the PM pull-outs.
  15. paulrivera

    5 trains running every 20 minutes

    Actually half the trains don’t go to the Bronx anymore on the weekends (unless there’s an event at Yankee Stadium)


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