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  1. Man, the is already putting the cart before the horse with the Bronx redesign routes: How long have these been up?
  2. How'd that happen? I woulda expected the BxM4 to get scrapped first...
  3. More lines should have beefed up midday service imo How the hell did that end up happening? Also, Brooklyn and Queens got hit hard. Holy hell.
  4. Running the BxM2 via Inwood overnight would be a viable option to get to/from the west side. Inwood having its two west side subway lines ( ) out of service with only an east side express bus replacing it (BxM1) isn't exactly convenient imo...
  5. 2022: "Terminal B and hov lane. Transfer to M60 Plus and Q50-L-T-D."
  6. 2:05- Best right turn of the vid. That B/O got the bus from the right turn right into the bus stop. 4:30- That B/O was acting like he was maneuvering a whole MCI or a Prevost. Jeez louise. 5:15- I'm reminded of how much I miss the old blue SBS blinking lights.
  7. Gun Hill and Kingsbridge have had a significant spare factor because their buses would run like shit. Let's see what the future holds tho...
  8. Looks like they left an XD60 in the Bronx
  9. 4990- B99 COLUMBUS CIR via 8 AV 4991- B99 MIDWOOD NOSTRAND AV-AV H
  10. Indeed. But wait until Prince Andy finds out that this halt includes the Metro-North Penn Station access and Second Avenue Subway projects. Those two projects (especially SAS) are his babies, and he's gonna push them through come hell or high water. has had a bit of a rep sneaking in cuts and halts that are also Cuomo's pet projects (bus wifi) that he's had no problem overriding the on. Seeing the MTA then backtrack with their proverbial tail tucked between their legs and say "oh, that cut was done in error, we have always been committed to x, y, and z" after Cuomo's office catches wind of them trying to cut one of his projects is always hilarious to see.
  11. The long term plan has been making certain boroughs uniform not by number but to certain manufacturers (Bx and SI-Nova, BK- New Flyer, Bus-Orion, etc.)
  12. I think MTA's going to go straight to OMNY for the buses. We may have very well dipped our cards for the final time on local buses.
  13. Today I saw three Bx12 SBS buses bunching down the hill on Fordham. First bus in particular had zero social distancing. we are back to normal, ladies and gentlemen.
  14. Come to think of it, 8557 had the back door reader active too. Maybe they're beta testing 🤷‍♂️
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