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  1. Running shuttles in the Bronx solves nothing because just about everyone riding is going to Manhattan.
  2. 90% of B/O’s tend to haul major ass with their buses when they know the Eagle team is active, so they’re actually good for something. The only thing is they don’t issue as many summonses because they can and do use more “discretion”. For instance you’ll never see them writing up a ticket to a minor.
  3. True, but all the while they are low-key saying that farebeaters don't count as riders. If you have 90 people on a bus and 30 don't pay, most likely only the 60 that did pay are counted when it's time to adjust bus frequencies. The war is just now starting. I think with the initial shock of actually seeing cops (especially undercover) pulling people off buses and giving them summonses will whip at least some into paying their fares. The key is not just having the NYPD or whoever just do a 2 week surge and then stop the efforts, it needs to be constant enforcement. You don't have to bring every Transit PD officer to every bus stop in NYC, but they need to have at least a few roaming around at random to keep people on their toes.
  4. The is actually *5* tph due to supplement. Also, NYCT generally avoids having more than 15tph on any one track on Saturdays and Sundays. Hell, they’d do *3* tph if they felt they could get away with it (hey and riders, how y’all doin?)
  5. Because Astoria has their own problems to deal with.
  6. And that's why most Staten Island buses will never run better than 30 minute headways.
  7. and weekend headways were officially changed to 12 minute headways to accommodate CBTC installation in Queens. Your train was technically within compliance of wait assessment guidelines even though it was a really long wait.
  8. I love how the train stopped running all 10 miles of its route at 7pm because of a 300 foot long work train that got stuck on one track at a station with three other tracks.
  9. And then the trains get cancelled altogether due to engineer availability...
  10. There’s undercover NYPD stopping people that are farebeating on the local Bx12 right now. About damn time.
  11. “Please Pay the Fare so we can run more service.” -MTA advertisement on new electronic screens. At least they’re honest on this one, albeit in a passive aggressive way.
  12. Haven’t you heard the rumor and innuendo that 96th/2nd has become a foamer sanctuary? Instead of Bloods and Crips 96th and 2nd allegedly has Conquesters and Codebreakers.
  13. There’s like three different variations of line strip maps. I wish some of them would be sold off online as well...
  14. But wait, I thought the MTA board had more power than the "figure heads" of Byford, Rinaldi, and Eng, and that even the senior managers had more power than said figure heads as well. I wonder who's really in charge of the MTA...

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