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[Argentina] Line 17, 28, 39, 44, 59 and 101

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Metalpar Iguazu II - Mercedes-Benz OH1618L-sb - Line 17 Bus N°229 (Linea 17 S.A.)


Todo Bus Pompeya II - Scania K310 Articulated - Line 28 Bus N°160 (D.O.T.A. S.A.)


Nuovobus Menghi - Mercedes-Benz OH1721L-sb BlueTec5- Line 39 Bus N°83 (Transportes Santa Fe S.A.C.I.)


Metalpar Iguazu II - Agrale MT12 - Line 44 Bus N°206 (D.O.T.A. S.A.)


Ugarte Europeo IV - Mercedes-Benz OH1718L-sb Line 59 Bus N°73 (M.O.C.B.A.)



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