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  1. Just saw some OA/Bus Company rivalry just now lol. To give you some context, this happened at Bartow/Edson Avenues. The Q50 is pulling out of the stop and getting ready to enter onto the highway but a Bx12 +Select pulls up on the left and needs to switch over to the right lane because it has a stop up ahead. So the Q50 driver steps on the gas and tries to get ahead but the Bx12 starts slowing down and the Q50 driver slams on the brakes. Does a swirly motion with his finger and moves over to the left to pass the 12. As we pass the 12, I see the 12 driver doing the same swirly motion and is clearly disgruntled lol.
  2. FP doesn’t bother changing out all the old fabric seats to the new plastic blue ones. It might look nice on the outside but inside is still meh.
  3. 7792 just got towed to ECH. Def gotta be scrapped.
  4. So I hear that fed money is given exclusively to BRT which in the MTA’s case is SBS. This is used to purchase things like buses and all the other amenities that SBS has to offer. Can’t the MTA just claim it’s for SBS put them on SBS for a few wks and then unwrap for local service? The XN40’s didn’t even last a full year on the Bx6...
  5. So if it’s equipment problems, why are they taking so long to order new buses? I heard they pushed back the express bus order... From lack of maintenance to having so many open runs, this is just out of control. And the numerous people being hospitalized after the antifreeze, I think this is just a nail in the coffin.
  6. Do they really have to? Seems like a waste of money all in the name of uniformity even tho they’re literally the same bus. Taking off the wrap from one bus and wrapping another.
  7. On the horizon, just be patient. (Subject to change ofc)
  8. So I was waiting for the Q58 at Flushing. There’s no more layover space and a bus terminating at Flushing is waiting for a spot. But he pulls up instead to the front of the lone and begins dropping off and pax start boarding. And then he packs it up and leaves. Isn’t he now extremely early? It’s not exactly his fault either cuz there was a limited that shld’ve left earlier because the limited operator was in a hurry to get onboard and try to leave. Too many drivers playing games. also I’m onboard #4553 which is a grand ave bus. For grand ave, it sure looks like they dont take care of their buses. This still have dirty fabric seats and 1 seat that they actually replace. What’s a CMF doing take care of other depots equipment instead of their own?
  9. Isn’t everything subject to change on the whim? A greater spare factor for the Q44 doesn’t hurt. Tuskegee may see them later or they may not. There’s prob some logic to this, could be mileage related...
  10. The Q19 runs terrible regardless. The headways are terrible but quite a lot of people use it. Couple that with the drivers playing games and it’s just a shit show. I saw a driver sitting at the terminal for 10+ minutes after he finished his run a little late. He was supposed to leave at 1:30 but left at like 1:45 and the bus following him was just empty and trailing 5 mins behind. On another note, 6398 is hopping on the Kosciuszko Brdge, anyone know where it’s going?
  11. Any news on the double decker? I know that’s been left on the table for quite some time. And did it pass the 30-day test?
  12. So why do some buses have locked wifi? I’m on a n/b XD40 on the Q44 rn and the network name is MTA7390. Lmk the password please lmfao. I’m not entitled to it or anything, is there a universal pw?
  13. Missed the only time you shld really use the emergency brake.

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