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  1. Have any R179’s gone to Rockaway Park in normal FULL route? (Inwood - Rockaway Park)
  2. Are there any R179 to Far Rockaway?
  3. The whole Bx23 thing is just asking for the route to bunch. I see the Bx23 buses that pull into Edson/Bartow, they never exceed standing capacity and most of the time, less than that even but the MTA basically wants to increase the frequency on a fairly short route and have all the riders get dispersed to where they’re going after that. I still think the bunching will cause uneven gaps in service and that’ll deter ridership which allows them to cut service later on. I really hope they decide to make it fare free otherwise, ur screwing over Co-Op City residents.
  4. Can anyone update me to where the r179 is? Both of them or 1 of them is fine. Thx a lot
  5. I heard they ran Super Expresses on the this morning. Any reason as to why? LOL
  6. I rode the J shuttle today. Not during rush hours but it wasn't packed. My bus ended up bunching with 2 others and eventually passing them. The lights are so out of sync that buses can easily catch up to its leader. I think a Gleason driver also got lost too because as we were approaching Crescent St, he came outta nowhere from a side street with passengers. I thought it was the shuttle going back to Bway Junction but NOPE lol.
  7. Extremely confused at why there are 3 XD40’s on the Q44. Did they give away all the artics to the shuttle and realize that they didn’t keep spares... All except one of the XD40’s are bunching up with the artics LOL
  8. Dispatchers at Main can't get their shit together...
  9. Cuomo will remember that. The entire R211’s will be wrapped, even the trucks LOL jkjkkjk
  10. For the shuttle work, why don’t they use the buses parked in CS lot? It seems incredibly wasteful to drive buses from all over NYC to do the shuttle. They’re wasting time and fuel. A lot of buses they use on the shuttle are 40-footers too, very few artics out. If they used artics more frequently, it would just mean less crowding for everyone else and less drivers on the road. It seems like a win-win. All those Q44 SBS buses just sitting in the lot really irks me. Perhaps they could station a dispatcher at CS to sign drivers in and out. They could get a few buses from the adjacent depots to help out but it seems unnecessary to have WF, Yukon here.
  11. Maybe the engine keeps overheating, would u rather have no bus or a bus that might break down? pick ur poison LOL

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