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  1. I don't think they're said anything about OMNY implementation except that it will be implemented. In fact, they're actually tight-lipped about this just in case they switch up plans, they don't want to jump the gun and reverse their decision later. There is an article published by The LIRR Today that discusses potential implementations the MTA may carry out, it's not an official source, just something to pique your curiosity: https://www.thelirrtoday.com/2020/11/electronic-ticketing.html.
  2. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-nyc-bus-driver-pulled-off-job-overpass-crash-20210116-7ooss7c6izb55ia22n6hn2elw4-story.html So it turns out he did submit a drug test after all? There's proof in the article itself of him submitting a urine sample.
  3. What if they had an n20X (during rush/peak hours only), makes all stops that the n20H does up till Glen Cove Rd (there aren't many anyways and it's usually 1 passenger or two), I'll even throw in the stops until the car dealership, then it goes via Roslyn viaduct, making stops at Manhasset mall, Plandome/Shelter Rock Rd, Schenck Dr and S Middle Neck Rd/Lakeville Rd, and makes all drop-off stops in Queens? While the n20X is running, I would have a local variant (n20) that ends at Glen Cove Rd and makes all stops west that the n20G/H currently do and does not go via Roslyn viaduct. Any rider who needs a local n20 stop between Glen Cove Rd and Great Neck can transfer free of charge at Glen Cove Rd? I think it's a good balance of ridership and the n20 local picks up any slack that's left behind. Basically, this is just an extended Roslyn n20 idea and I'm not directly screwing over any intermediate ridership by keeping a free transfer (no Metrocard is dipped).
  4. My thinking was, I paid $6.75 in total, is there a transfer included on top of that? LOL But I totally see how the transfer is an extended courtesy as it is and that's the fare at the end of the day.
  5. Does anyone know if I were to pay to get onboard a local bus, transfer to an express bus, is there still a transfer valid for another express bus ride after that? This is using pay-per-ride btw. I think the breakdown is as follows: So when I first board the local bus ($2.75), transfer to an express bus (+$4.00), is there still another express bus transfer left?
  6. I'm not entirely sure how they work, I've seen buses with Not In Service signs up but the OMNY reader is on and I've also seen in-service buses with Not In Service OMNY readers.
  7. If I remember correctly, this happened on #1763 as well. Sheesh, whole thing was beeping the entire time on the n20G to Flushing. Bus was packed to the gills, I think the bus operator did another trip after that, poor operator putting up with that nonsense.
  8. I don't know about 0023, it might just be a demo model so they don't want to go through the hassle of installing them. That bus is at Far Rockaway Depot now.
  9. I just saw 1302 and 1303 roaming around Mitchell-Linden for training purposes. The OMNY reader on 1302 at least say NOT IN SERVICE with red lights around it but they're not in revenue service so it doesn't matter.
  10. All of the red light cameras are reviewed independently by an actual traffic agent sitting at a desk. Therefore, I would assume the chances of you getting ticketed for no reason are pretty low as those traffic agents would probably be scrutinized if they wrongfully issued you a ticket having signed off on it. They also print a code on the ticket that comes in the mail and you can review video footage of the infraction. Speeding tickets from cameras work the same way.
  11. Thanks for letting me know! Do you happen to know when those buses are expected to hit the streets?
  12. Do you know if the new Prevost's have OMNY readers? I was walking past 0023 in Manhattan and I didn't see any reader inside. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place or maybe because it's a demonstrator and they don't want to go through the hassle of installing one?
  13. That's what the OMNY readers should say when they're in working order. OMNY is active on all MTA-operated buses and subway stations. There's a few buses roaming around with non-working OMNY readers that say "Not In Service" or "Coming Soon" but they should be active on all for the most part. In the instances of a broken OMNY reader, treat it like a broken farebox and keep walking.
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