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  1. So your option 2 is screw everyone going northeast of Bruckner interchange, just make your way to the Bx5? Lmao. (transfer is definitely seamless too) And Marble-Hill is definitely where everyone is trying to go. Some people really let their imagination run wild....😂🙄.
  2. Nah, the Q20 trippers are still there. Just the past week, I saw one ending at Flushing but there are videos of QV or Jamaica doing runs down to Jamaica.
  3. Just out of curiosity, for the KBCC rush, do students storm the buses (w/o paying fare)?
  4. For the PJ Sperry Rail testing tmrw, there will be local bus service and buses running to and from Huntington. Anyone know if this is express buses from the MTA or some other agency they contract it out to?
  5. Someone bring him up to speed on whats going on with the Grand Central Shuttle.
  6. M9’s do show up on the PW branch although more rare compared to all the other ones.
  7. I think as long as it has a looped stanchion, it's alright in my book. No need to chip the yellow paint for the sake of fleet uniformity. After all, the yellow ones kept getting chipped and vandalized anyways so... The exit mats were another failure too so they're just going to do LED lights and looped stanchion which serve a more practical purpose than exit mats.
  8. and they're all from different depots LOL
  9. I just realized New Hyde Park is one of those special stations where in some cases the Peak Fare is cheaper than the Off Peak fare. LOL
  10. Nah we were on the same wavelength LOL. Still a stupid policy even for the first stop, cuz u could force open the back door.
  11. I totally understand why you should do it mid-route but when I read his post, I assume he meant that it was the first stop so the B/O isn’t carrying anyone because after all, the Q12 originates in Flushing. If it’s the first stop, just the front door should be unlocked because there isn’t a need to accommodate anyone.
  12. Why did the driver unlock his back doors too? I mean still no excuse but simple steps could've prevented rampant farebeating.
  13. Yea, I noticed that recently, perhaps they just flat out ignore tweets for where certain equipment is. It does get annoying on their end, I'll admit.
  14. The whole practice of skip-stop isn't even all that efficient since the same trackage is still shared. Those tight ass turns aren't helping matters either...
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