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  1. Anyone seen a local XD60 (Q12 artic) on the Q44 SBS line yet? Just curious lol. I know the vice versa already happened.
  2. This is not a move or transfer. They took an SBS and used it on a local route. GH does the same thing “occasionally”.
  3. I'm pretty sure it was Kingsbridge but I thought they said that the bedbugs weren't true or they didn't really find any. Either Kingsbridge got them last minute before transferring over to CS or they didn't inspect those buses thoroughly enough. CS should just return them, this is absolutely ridiculous having to clean up other ppl's shit.
  4. Did they run the 10-car set today?
  5. This better be a standalone incident and not a sign of things to come...
  6. I gotta applaud Country Club residents on this one. They banned together and fought the MTA head on with petitions and it worked. They saw through the BS the MTA always spews and provided valid reasons/justification for their stance. They know full well that the MTA is implementing these changes to save money but they're not having any of it.
  7. LMFAO. You talking like we're in a budget crisis. Oh wait, we are.............
  8. Actually, there’s one going to Metro Ave right now that is an XD60. (4767) Edit: 2 now. (4754 is also en route to Metro Ave)
  9. Whenever there is a bus loaned from NYCT to BC, are the radios switched out like for 5987-5994?
  10. I think I've seen some Q12 buses go down Roosevelt and come back up as Q15's I'm pretty sure. Don't know if they changed it in the past few years.
  11. Isn’t the Q12 interlined with other routes? Won’t artics find their way onto other routes? That means they gotta edit all the runs?
  12. There are 4 or 5 2012-13 XD60’s in the CS lot. Too faraway to see the numbers but I can see someone already reported 4740.
  13. What does drpbk on the run sheet stand for?

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