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  1. 😥 I realized I was wrong when I saw the old SubChat discussion from 2013 where you replied. LOL Link: http://www.subchat.com/readflat.asp?Id=1232539 And, no the conductor is in the B division but she didn't tell me the full story I guess. So I just assumed the R32/42 were operated in the same manner from just pure observations. Had no idea they had different door controls. So let me get this straight, R42's DO NOT have door controls in the operators position and they utilize an MDC system but R32's on the other hand have door controls in every cab and utilize drum switches. So, whats the difference between an MDC and a drum switch? And, maybe we shld edit the wiki pages with this info?
  2. Curious, what's preventing them from operating in the 4x4 position then? Oops looks like R42's don't have drum switches
  3. I was told by a conductor that there aren't door controls in the operator cabs. Ideally, I would think if they could operate in the 4x4 position, they would. There are drum switches on the R32 (and R42) that signify which half cabs the master door controller will work. It has On/off/thru. Off at the ends of the trains, thru at the conductors positions, and on at the two conductor zones. There aren't any seats in the middle of the married pair sets which is probably the reason why conductors hate them.
  4. Sorry if my reading comprehension isn't up to par, but this doesn't exactly sound like I want the crew area to be roped off... Social distancing and masks are key, if we can increase the amount of space for the C/R without blocking off an entire car like other posters have suggested, they can perform their jobs in an effective manner without having to pay extra people to complete the same task. Currently, it's not 6 feet, increasing the distance between passengers and conductors greatly reduces the risk (exponentially)... Not gonna carry this on any further.
  5. I don't know which R32 you've been on but the ones I've seen have considerable gaps between the door and cab wall (around 2-3cm). Saying that T/O's are at virtually no risk with someone pressed against the RFW is flat out wrong so yea it should be roped off. What's preventing that person from going up to the cab door and exhaling into the cab and this applies to your 2 conductor idea because you seem to think that the steel door is enough. NY is full of loonies after all. You would rather have more workers potentially being exposed to COVID-19 and pay more money than rope out a few more feet to increase social distancing for transit workers, let's be real, the ridership isn't even close to that level.
  6. Okay, that's still a gross over-exaggeration (how does it occupy 99% of the space yet allow for finger-width), the T/O and C/R are both at high risk. It should be roped off near all crew controls PERIOD. Two C/R's is completely ridiculous especially when crews may still be calling out sick left and right amid mounting financial troubles. If it's possible to cut out doors, perhaps the C/R should lock the doors closest to them in both cabs and on both sides so they can extend the chain to the start of the next seating area. And then place a sign saying use the next available door with arrows pointing to it.
  7. To be fair, the steel door doesn't make the cab airtight and most of the cab doors have a gaping hole that make the door seem flimsy. Security would be completely nonsensical but roping it off is better and safer in general.
  8. For the n79 schedule, clicking on the PDF schedule, that last abbreviated timing point is South Huntington which according to the legend is EM but the map has it as SH labelled. Then the table also has it listed as SH, thanks for not being confusing. The n79 would be much quicker if they let it continue along Woodbury Rd instead of turning onto Manetto Hill and via Old Country but the ridership patterns probably don't support it. I'm kinda curious why they bother to keep the n78 around, the thing is more or less a n79 short-turn and for such light ridership levels like they state, why bother having short-turns? On the n88, if you click the map pdf, it brings up an outdated schedule from 2013 which doesn't have the correct timing points and still has the n87 listed as a transfer. I'm sure there are countless more errors but just wanted to point out a few examples.
  9. Any idea why they can't just send the buses from FB to LGA?
  10. OP was asking about the Cuomo scheme on the buses, not the screens. FWIW, I don't really care if the scheme goes on the older buses, it's too flashy and I prefer the normal white and blue.
  11. Anyone have any pics of bus#8421, the LFS that was recently damaged?
  12. Well if you recorded him doing it, it might blow up like Fan Railer's M9 video LOL
  13. Does anyone know why when the M7/M9 doors close, it's moves into a slightly ajar position and still unlocked as the indication is still red, and then the doors click into the closed position and the indication shuts off?
  14. Mileage purposes I'm assuming or beefing up summer service? Kinda weird how they shift over every few months. 6128 and 6130 transferred awhile back but their screens weren't on. Speaking of which, when are they installing screens for the 44? In a semi-related note, 6002 is on the Q12, rarely one of the 47XX's appear on the Q44 but the spare ratio is higher for the 44 I guess...
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