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  1. But they're performance is top notch, averaging 500k for distance between failures. Impressive.
  2. Heard that conductors will start scanning LIRR e-tickets on the regular very soon
  3. you don't need a signal to activate the ticket but you need a signal to buy a ticket.... But if you didn't buy it yet and the conductor comes around, then you gotta pay the onboard fare.
  4. This refers to the model year and not the actual year the buses are built. It's similar to how car manufacturers start calling their units the succeeding year. The practice was started because farmers would harvest their crops and sell them in the fall so they had enough money to go buy cars. To distinguish between older models and newer models, car manufacturers slapped a new year on them.
  5. It probably isolates the problem to only so don't get delayed by having 3 services all on 1 track. That's my guess.
  6. I have a question so a MTA transfer can get you onto 2 NICE connecting buses, but does the reverse hold true as well? If I take the N20H to the N20G, is there still a transfer on my card for an MTA bus?
  7. It's their way of speeding up bus service LOL. I can imagine riding the bus and seeing seniors wave their canes as the bus speeds through their stop on the median (a bit of a stretch...). LESS PEOPLE GET ON...THE BETTER. It's the MTA's new way of deterring ridership. JK
  8. Anyone seen a local XD60 (Q12 artic) on the Q44 SBS line yet? Just curious lol. I know the vice versa already happened.
  9. This is not a move or transfer. They took an SBS and used it on a local route. GH does the same thing “occasionally”.
  10. I'm pretty sure it was Kingsbridge but I thought they said that the bedbugs weren't true or they didn't really find any. Either Kingsbridge got them last minute before transferring over to CS or they didn't inspect those buses thoroughly enough. CS should just return them, this is absolutely ridiculous having to clean up other ppl's shit.
  11. Did they run the 10-car set today?
  12. This better be a standalone incident and not a sign of things to come...

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