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Subway What if? Worst case Scenario edition

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If a "worst case scenario" event happened such as a catergory 5 hurricane that caused us to rebuild our subway system, how would rebuild it, 

(now i highly doubt that we'll fall into any events such as hurricane sandy or 9/11 anytime soon {which is tomorrow at the time typing this} or worse)


here are some examples:


rebuild East 180 St with 6-8 tracks and 3-4 island platforms 2-4 headed to dyre and 3 or 4 headed to white plains

rebuild QBL with 6 tracks 2 local, 2 express to Jamaica, and 2 super express to Rockaway 

SAS with express tracks underneath current tracks until 55 St

125 st on the (4)(5)(6) rebuilt 


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