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  1. LGA Link N train

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    That's brilliant and I agree with this. Say, what did you and @bobtehpanda use to make this? I'm quite interested to know
  2. Perhaps itd be good to send those 2 trains up Astoria and maybe send 2 trains up SAS to avoid the merging delay.
  3. LGA Link N train

    Weekend Lex Service has been a disaster.

    Last week I was in the and it ran local in Manhattan but I couldn’t bear the crowds. And to make things worse I was sitting on one of those flip seats and because of the fact that it was crowded, I couldn’t even look up. I was glad when I finally got out at 59 Street.
  4. LGA Link N train

    R179 Discussion Thread

    It’s about time they started doing that. I’m kinda getting tired of seeing the same sets coupled up to one another
  5. Is it me or will the addition of service on the and lines help out with the train shutdown?
  6. LGA Link N train

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    No, I ride the and every school day and R32's are still running in regular service. Maybe like 6 or 7 Sets from my observations
  7. LGA Link N train

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    Maybe I didn't Elaborate enough on what I said, but since you and @MNR Beacon Line both have good points, I'm not going to waste my time arguing
  8. LGA Link N train

    L shutdown M issues (Voice article)

    Speaking of Fumigation process at Forest HIlls, It's Actually quite horrendous. ESPECIALLY during the hours of 3-8PM. Trains get bunched up from 63 Drive or before that, and it makes NO Sense. Want good flexible service? Send 2 or 3 's to Jamaica-179 Street and DON'T fumigate unless a train is going to the yards. If that was the case, then maybe Forest Hills could handle more than 20 TPH. Back on topic. and service needs to improve. Timers on the Williamsburg bridges need to go. B39 needs better service and be a part of the shuttle bus system.
  9. LGA Link N train

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    ...... and that's EXACTLY what I'm saying. and there's only going to be 16 Sets of 8 car R179's! The rest of the R179's are ALL 10 car sets. Apologies if my choice of words confuses you.
  10. LGA Link N train

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Here's an idea that could be a consideration. Since Forest Hills is a bad terminal, why not make it a local station for normal times (unless there's a G.O.) and do the same for Parsons Blvd so the and could be extended to Jamaica-179 Street. Ofor course, riders and crew would not like this, but this would only be good to give trains a Proper Terminal. Any thoughts??
  11. LGA Link N train

    R179 Discussion Thread

  12. LGA Link N train

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    While the and share the same yard (East New York) thereis no way that the would put strip maps for the and considering the fact that R179's are going to be on the . What I'd do is assign All 16 8 CAR R179's to the and with 9 or 10 additional R160's. Keep all R143's on the with 8 or 10 additional 8 car R160's. All remaining 8 car R160's go to the
  13. LGA Link N train

    Off-topic Random Thoughts Thread

    How many regents are there in high school in a total amount. I know there's a Living Environment, Algebra 1, abd ELA For 9th grade. Then there's 2-4 more for 10th grade and so on.
  14. LGA Link N train

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Yes. Not that many but they do appear. ......ok R143'so are not assigned to the but are rather used as supplements. I also wonder why they're on the


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