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  1. Relay/Termination Procedures

    Maybe the cops font know this info
  2. R179 Discussion Thread

    I've riden the R179 enough times to say. Something about the interior frame looks more appealing to me than the R160 from the front of the car to the back of the car
  3. R211 Discussion Thread

    I didn't say that we shouldn't upgrade our signals, they Need to be upgraded. What I was trying to say is that our method of doing it and the system were using to make this upgrade is not the answer. It only increases capacity by 1, 2, maybe 3 TPH. Hopefully there's a system out there that can achieve a higher number (say 10 or 20 TPH increase)
  4. Rockaway Beach Branch

    At the very least it's being stidied. And you have potential to create a new trunk south of liberty, apparently the noise issue was the same case with the Laguardia Extension which never came to be because of NIMBY's. RBB is different. It'll supplement to Q52/53 SBS and (hopefully) takes cars off the road. And who cares if it's right in front of their back yards. The LIRR is literally a block away from where I live and the noise doesn't bother me at all. Same case with the and the entire line. So yes, that's BS ? My brain is being a little child after having to take 5 tests today. So what you're saying is that @bobtehpanda's statement is incorrect or something?
  5. New NYC Transit president Andy Byford takes subway to work

    At Least it wasn't as bad as the Canarsie Thread even though we were able to get back on topic (which did happen)
  6. Speaking of the I got on it just now and there's like at least 2-3 homeless people per car and the train remains with its normal amount of passengers I don't usually get this problem with the Cuomo's
  7. (M) to 179 St

    Well , there's one file that the can always pull up and it's from 1968
  8. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Well they saw what happened with the Second Avenue Subway so all of that is just how they view it and how I view as BS
  9. R179 Discussion Thread

    Speaking of CBTC. I don't get why is slow with this (to me it's not the answer to improving our signals.) Not sure about Ultra Wideband though.
  10. Museum Car Discussion Thread

    Welp, we have these trains. So might as well put them to good use
  11. Museum Car Discussion Thread

  12. (M) to 179 St

    That I can agree with, come to think of it would a Jamaica Center bound train work
  13. I remember this one time I was on my way home from school (even though there was a summer program my High School offered to freshmen's). I was on the (R32 by the way) with a friend of mine and this drunk girl was dancing on the poles and saying just a bunch of random shit. Me, my friend, and the T/O were just like ".............." Then the T/O said something I can't remember and from there I just continued with my commute home. I started High School and I'm taking my finals this week lol. Anyway's you're right, Having money in your pocket is a good thing. Despite having to ask my parents from time to time (or if i'm just doing them a favor) I have a coffee jar at home which I use to store money and when that thing gets full, I'm gonna get another one (good thing I don't have to pay bills yet). I usually see those people with their cups asking for money and I usually Ignore them, though this one guy asked me for money while I was waiting for the at Forest Hills one morning (think it was a week ago). I told him I didn't have Any change when CLEARLY I had money in my pocket, but being asked for money or asking for money trigger's me (especially with someone I don't trust or don't know) That reminds me of this one weekend, I was out of town on a school trip at Yale University (in which only 11 people went including me, it was during the week of the R211 mockup and I had to miss my sister's birthday) This one homeless dude on the campus asked me for money 3 times saying that he couldn't find a job (which was BS in my opinion and a few other people's opinion). I had to tell him THREE TIMES that I was tight on money and that I couldn't spare anything, good thing I didn't I've been tricked into group 3 a few times. I agree with group 2 (no denial there) And I guess I could classify myself in group 1 (part of me feel's bad for these people but I must fend for myself and help out my family) STRONG UPVOTE HERE. @Via Garibaldi 8 I'm with you on this one 1000% The race card is useless to me (coming from a family of mostly Brazillians) To Be Honest, you're not gonna gain anything out of pulling the race card, like who cares what race or nationality you are we're ALL just trying to get from point A to point B. and it's funny how your stories all happened at Jay Street whenever I pass there (which is only on certain occasions - mainly whenever I have an event to attend in Downtown Brooklyn) I don't see any homeless around, just a conveniently wide platform (except for the ) I wish I could say this is simple but with a corrupted leadership that we have, it's not. Enforce Police presence in EVERY STATION. Amount of cops could depend on ridership levels Which is really sad to be honest. I know because this one time, I was on the headed to Forest Hills to transfer to the / and there was this one homeless lady whom did not have a shirt on (to say nothing for a bra), she looked like she did not care and just wanted money (like most homeless people), to make matters worse, Forest Hills was SCORCHING in the middle of fall and I was wearing a sweater, I jumped into the and continued my trip while getting away from the woman. Another time on the , the train arrived to Forest Hills from the relay and the minute I step into one of the cars, a homeless man Stank up the whole whole car. It was so bad that I had to move to the next car (and a majority of these stories were on my way home from school). And this morning I got on the on my way to school and there was 2 homeless dude's sleeping on the train (it just feels disturbing to watch). Worst of all, the station I live closest to (63 Drive-Rego Park) has i think 3 homeless people there. One dude sleeps in the same bench and every morning I have to maneuver my way around him cause he asks people for coffee, some change, and even a few newspapers. I was only generous to him twice and ONLY twice. but yeah, the subway has gotten more homeless then from what I remember as a kid. For some of these people I feel bad for these people but the rest can all just go **** themselves, yup. I love riding the subway and I love being a railfan. but homelessness just ruins the experience (at least it doesn't bother me that much like most New Yorkers here would probably say) Welp, that was a Long post. Now I must get back to finishing my homework and studying for my finals tomorrow and friday (I don't wanna fail at all)
  14. New NYC Transit president Andy Byford takes subway to work

    and that something is leadership, which we all hope Bryford will make up for (somebody correct me if I used the wrong term) On average, our system should've been upgraded within 5, 10 years or so (maybe less depending on complexity) I'm just gonna sit back .... and study for my finals tomorrow.
  15. Greetings from a new member

    Welcome to the forums


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