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SouthRiderz!!! Coming Soon? My Book Update.


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This is a little update about my upcoming book. It's now due by the first quarter 2009 and it's exactly 132 Pages. The book's cover stay the same! All Black with the Southriderz logo in white.


Background Leading To The Book:

Southriderz started as a joke short story staring me and my friend Alex as the couple. The short story later gave way to my first official short story called "Perky Marta." Perky Marta was about a girl who came to the realization that she is gay and she had to come out. That led way to another SouthRiderz prequel called "Someone So Unforgettable" staring the first SouthRider character, Stacy McDowell and her boyfriend Trent who met riding the (6) train to school. The writting of Southriderz started in May 2006 and finished in September that same year. It was published in March 2008 and now is setting for it's final check-up.


About The Book:

A new high school opens up in the south side of Chicago in the fall of 2009. Ely and Drip Guyardo (Chicago Natives) feel the school is a bit much from their old school. Now seniors in HS they meet Neil Azorez, a new kid from Queens who like cars just like them. Ely's crush and best friend Stacy McDowell is girl from The South Bronx but lived in Chicago for awhile. She helps out her new friends Lady Giovanni (Colorado Native) and Lisa Maione (Flushing Queens Native) get use to Chicago. In order to become friends and couples, the group will en dour the only emotional roller coaster. Will they handle it?


Subway Content:

Lot of CTA content on the Pink, Red and Green Line.

A flashback to the Metra Station.

A scene under the (6) el at Elder Avenue.

And a short scene on a R160 (R) Train during a trip to Queens.



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