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CSX Jacket by Jelsma Graphics

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In need of a new winter jacket, at this year’s annual Amherst Railway Society’s big meet in West Springfield, MA, I purchased a CSX jacket from Jelsma Graphics, a respected railroad embroidery firm. In addition to providing items of interest to the hobbyist community, I believe Jelsma provides merchandise to the railroads for their employees as well.


Jelsma offers a full line of railroad apparel including shirts, hats and jackets. The item I purchased is a navy blue G.A.M.E. brand jacket. It has an exterior satin finish and the lining is made of fleece type material which keeps me very warm even in bitterly cold temperatures. The jacket features adjustable cuffs, a zipper up the front and on both pockets. It is a very well made garment.


From the railfan perspective, the jacket’s best feature is the outstanding embroidery. On the left front breast is the official CSX Transportation herald. On either side is a head-on image of a hood unit road switcher complete with “CSX” on the nose and safety striping on the pilot. On the back is the real treat. It is a fully embroidered, not screened, finely detailed, full color image of CSX AC6000CW 603 in the “Bright Future” paint scheme. The locomotive is accurately detailed down to its trucks, access doors and the characteristic lightning stripes on the cab which CSX uses to denote units with alternating current traction motors. Underneath the locomotive’s picture is the CSX Transportation herald buffered by the same head-on diesel images as described on the garment’s front. It is a most impressive effort.


I had seen Jelsma’s display at a number of meets but hadn’t bought anything previously. Some specials were featured at January’s meet. The CSX jacket was on sale for $80 so I finally broke down and bought it. A jacket of this quality, without graphics, normally sells at any of the major retailers in the $175 range so my purchase represented a superb value. I have worn it frequently since then and it stands up magnificently to the daily trials and tribulations of a very busy schedule.


I highly recommend the jacket to my fellow railfans. The website is http://www.jelsma.com. Jelsma usually has a display at the West Springfield show which is very popular with New York City Metropolitan Area hobbyists representing a good opportunity to inspect and try things on before purchasing. I receive frequent compliments about the jacket. It’s a nice way to let the world know I support railroading.





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Nice looking stuff. I always liked the color and logo for Burlington Northern. I wonder if they made and still stock that as a jacket.


The manufacturing pics are interesting too.




He's making quite a fashion statement there. :(


These are funny too:



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