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(N), (Q), (R) Switcharoo.


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(R) Trains Runs on (V) from Queens Plaza, To Broadway-Laffayette Sts, (Using On The (;)(D) on North Side Tracks. to Manhattan Bridge, Service Resumed to Dekalb Av. Weekends from Dec 1, From 12:01AM to 5AM. (Q) Trains Makes R Stops 57St/7Av to Dekalb Av. To go to Brooklyn, Take (N) or (Q) Instead. Transfer (R) @ Dekalb Av.

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Weekend Until to Dec 1. Track Work in Effect .

No Express on Broadway, All (Q) Trains Will Local Track on (N) and (R) Line. Replaces (N)(R) Trains By (Q) on Local Track By this Weekend.


There is express service via Broadway (N) train terminate @ Times Square-42nd Street making express stops while (Q) run local via Whitehall Street and Broadway replacing the (R) since Queens and Brooklyn bound (R) trains run via the 6th Avenue Line!

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Trains make R stops between 57 St and DeKalb Av

Weekends, Nov 22 – 24, and Nov 29 - Dec 1

12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon


How does this affect my trip?

~~ Please allow additional travel time.


Why is service being changed?

We are making track improvements to ensure that trains continue to

operate safely along the Q line.


No N trains between Queensboro Plaza and Times Sq

Q trains run local on the R

R trains rerouted between Queens Plaza and DeKalb Av

Weekends, until Dec 1, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon

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