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Bumped at the system pick


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I wonder how many operators were bumped at the system pick? On 01/04/09, I will be going to my third depot. I have been at UP, FB and now I will be at MJQ.

I am looking at it as a positive though. It gives the operator a well rounded look at different depots and the routes they handle. I am currently doing a run on the B44 and it serves several several neighborhoods with their own diverse cultures.

The next challenge will be at MJQ where I picked a run on the M50. It goes from 12th Ave to 1st ave on 49th & 50 streets. It also interlines the M27 on every other trip.

Anyone with similar experiences please reply.(also anyone who is currently at MJQ with some advice would be more than welcome)(MTA)

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Hey Rob, when I was working out of B'klyn, I worked all the depots except for Ulmer Pk, and now the new 1 Grand ave, but it was by choice, you see being born and raised in the Bx I never went to B'klyn unless I went to Coney Island...lol So when I took the exam I didnt know there was a TA and OA, and I took the TA one..lol so I told myself right then and there that I was gonna work all the depots and learn all the lines, plus the fact that I get bored of doing the same thing over and over, I think its fun when you go to a new depot, its like starting the job over and its fun for me. Thats my opinion.

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