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Lima, Peru Transit System Thread

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Two new major transit developments:

The line has opened from Via Evitamiento to El Mercado Santa Anita. This section is free for the first 3 months of operations (until March 21st). The full line is planned to operate from Ate on the eastern end all the way into Callao on the western end, with a branch to the airport: https://metrolima.net/linea-2/

The stations have platform screen doors and the trains are open-gangway.

On the northern end of the city, four new stations opened in the Comas District: https://elcomercio.pe/respuestas/cuando/metropolitano-en-comas-2023-cuando-iniciara-el-funcionamiento-las-4-estaciones-de-la-ampliacion-esto-dijo-la-atu-ampliacion-norte-del-metropolitano-tdpe-noticia/


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It seems like a transit forum for folks in Lima (or at least an 800+ page thread in a forum about transit in Lima). This is discussing their longest routes. A lot of them end up being 20+ miles long due to the minimal rail network present (and many corridors pretty much see a continuous stream of buses to various destinations...within those corridors, some routes in particular are very frequent...for example, going up and down the Pan-American Highway within the city limits is extremely easy). 


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