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  1. checkmatechamp13

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    The bus lane doesn't necessarily have to be curbside. That's one of the main reasons we're even discussing Avenue P: It's wider, so there's a better chance that offset bus lanes could be used. In any case, I do agree that it's probably better to just go with the current proposal (bus lane during rush hours, parking other times), but Avenue P should've at least been considered as an alternative during the earlier planning stages and not now at the point where it delays the whole project. On a side note, I noticed that part of the proposal entails converting Quentin Road between CI Avenue & East 12th Street to a one-way street and adding angled parking, so that already restores some parking spaces right there.
  2. What kind of logic is that? Nobody said anything about encouraging fare evasion. Obviously there would still be some method of payment enforcement (turnstiles, POP, etc).
  3. checkmatechamp13

    New Jersey Transit - Random Thoughts Thread

    Damn, how cheap can they get? Those trips that used to end at either Livingston or Maplewood were cut back to Dover Street instead of at least continuing to the South Orange NJT station (even though the Valley Road trips basically stopped a block from the NJT station) But yeah, they must've been in a really bad budget crunch if they had to cut that segment back.
  4. checkmatechamp13

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    You had 3 minutes. That's at least enough time to get her number and then you figure out what times you're both free.
  5. On weekdays too for that matter. I get it that they want to focus on the peak direction, but reverse-peak service is important, especially in isolated areas (the same thing happens on Staten Island. The X1 & X10 run like crap inbound in the evening, and the X17 stops running altogether).
  6. And they're willing to put up with less frequent service as a result of it?
  7. A little more background on the East 32nd Street situation: https://nyc.streetsblog.org/2018/03/30/will-the-mta-make-room-for-a-pedestrian-friendly-32nd-street/ Also, with the SI express plan, it looks like all the "via NJ" routes will use 42nd Street in both directions.
  8. Hey, I hope all the people who scream at the public hearings about how "Manhattan has all the service" and "the outer boroughs are forgotten" are happy. Doesn't mean service in the outer boroughs actually gets improved, though.
  9. Taking a closer look, I see they extended the SIM8 (basically the Richmond Avenue portion of the X17J) to Woodrow & Huguenot to maintain service along Woodrow Road between Arden & Arthur Kill and rerouted the SIM7 to run down Hylan instead of Father Capodanno Blvd, and rerouted the SIM3c to serve Concord (basically the current X10 setup. Get on the SIE at Slosson and get off at Clove).
  10. They could only have one route in the terminal, and the M4 was deemed to have more alternatives to Penn Station compared to the Q32, so that was the route that was removed. Having the Q32 cut back (to 52nd Street?) was considered but was ultimately rejected. And yes, it's planned to be permanent.
  11. http://web.mta.info/mta/news/books/pdf/180423_1000_Transit.pdf (Starting on page 186). No further details on the SI express plan (frequencies, spans, Manhattan stop locations, etc). Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as if they took into consideration some rather good suggestions (I suggested having the off-peak SIM2 run up Victory Blvd & Richmond Avenue so that it maintains the direct ride from the northern portion of the Richmond Avenue corridor to Manhattan instead of making extra stops along Gannon Avenue), and somebody on Subchat suggested having the SIM3c run down Victory Blvd & Clove Road to maintain off-peak service on Concord and add off-peak service in Sunnyside. So basically, no further changes compared to what they proposed at the March open houses. M4 gets truncated to 41st Street between 5th & Madison (funny how it saves $1.0 million, the exact amount that's going towards the SI express plan). Then some schedule changes. Some increases in X27 weekend service and some reductions in B41 weekend service.
  12. There's plenty of work to go around. If service is going to be increased, they can simply be promoted/reassigned as motormen (with the appropriate training of course).
  13. checkmatechamp13

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    So did you talk to those hot chicks? That and SI residents transferring from the ferry or express buses. It's North of Madison Square. North of Madison Avenue is the Harlem River. If somebody has a high-paying job it may very well make sense to get a place within walking distance of work so they don't have to deal with FastTrack or express buses/commuter rail lines running every 30-60 minutes.
  14. checkmatechamp13

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I was browsing this thread (Titled "What is the standard workday for a B/O?") trying to figure out how they actually calculate the run pay. This member hasn't posted in a while, but I'll give it a shot for the practice. Also @AlgorithmOfTruth this answers your post here . The spread is 8.5 hours, and the swing is 56 minutes, so the standard is 7 hours and 34 minutes. The swing is less than 60 minutes, so it is paid in full, There's no spread bonus (less than 11 hour spread) and there's no overtime bonus, as the standard is less than 8 hours. So the run pay is simply 8.5 hours.
  15. But that's the point: It's not just extra stops in the city but in the suburbs as well, which benefits not only suburb->city riders but also intra-suburban riders (For example, somebody going from Peekskill to Yonkers, or a prison guard working an odd shift at Sing Sing in Ossining).


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