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  1. checkmatechamp13

    January 2019 Bus Route & Schedule Changes

    I see the S48/98 schedule is also different in Trip Planner compared to the PDF
  2. checkmatechamp13

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    And it still lists a transfer to the B20 (not the B70) at 92nd & Fort Hamilton Parkway. 🤣
  3. checkmatechamp13

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yes they increased off-peak frequency so now buses run every 12 minutes or better for the entire day. It's a pilot program to see if they can boost off-peak ridership by increasing the service but the problem is they didn't advertise it (and if anything by not updating the schedule they did the opposite. People can't use the extra service if they don't know it exists)
  4. checkmatechamp13

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The thing with Arden Heights is that people were pretty much stranded. Literally, it wasn't even a matter of "they don't want to transfer to a local bus", there literally wasn't any local bus to take (unless you happened to live by Arthur Kill Road). And notice that they only restored the weekday evening service, and didn't add anything for the weekends (the SIM2 still ended earlier than the X17) I'll put it this way, I think one of the "lessons" learned by the MTA is don't make promises you can't keep (and I think at this point, they're hoping people don't remember that promise they made). At the meetings, when they mentioned that you'd still have service in the general area, we were all thinking that they would check the schedules to make sure that they were keeping that promise. Then all of a sudden the schedules come out and you see all the gaps and areas where even the rush hour service starts later or ends earlier than it used to (e.g. X5 riders on the SIM6, etc) I'll put it this way, express bus service definitely isn't a priority for Community Board 1 overall (the North Shore Community Board). For the Area Committee representing Port Richmond (they basically lump Port Richmond/Mariners Harbor/Arlington/Graniteville into one area committee), I honestly don't recall the last time express bus service was discussed, and the building is a couple of blocks from the Castleton Depot. So those meetings are pretty well-attended, but there's other issues that take priority. I went to the most recent CB1 meeting, and they literally said the only thing on the agenda was the Bay Street rezoning (and the room was jam-packed). I asked some of the board members if I could speak and let everybody know that there are going to be major changes to the express bus schedules and they said they would barely have time to get through everything with the Bay Street rezoning. In Port Richmond, the main topic was the hotel that a developer is proposing (that people are worried will become a welfare hotel) and again the meetings were full. For CB1, the transportation issues that tend to get attention are anything ferry-related, followed by local bus issues, and then way in the rear would be express bus issues. For Port Richmond, honestly those people never take the initiative on anything mass transit-related (local bus or express bus). Whenever I tell them anything it's always news to them and they don't get any MTA reps to come to their meetings or anything like that. If they channeled their energy into transportation issues even to the level that CB1 overall does, there would likely be a lot more positive changes.
  5. checkmatechamp13

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    MTA Trip Planner . That had the GTFS uploaded the last time I checked.
  6. checkmatechamp13

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I mentioned this to one of my friends in Port Richmond (and I believe I said it before here to when I first noticed they added the Narrows Road stops). I said the plan is likely to just eliminate the SIM3C and keep the SIM33C (in other words the X10 to Mariners Harbor) In a previous conversarion he said "they literally sit there and say "Who haven't we screwed in a while?" I reminded him of that and he said "Yeah it's Port Richmond's turn"
  7. checkmatechamp13

    January 2019 Bus Route & Schedule Changes

    @Lil 57 Thanks. What happened was that after 9pm, the first option it gave me was the S62 to the S53, so I figured it would only do that if the S93 wasn't running anymore (since the S93 is a one-seat ride and bypasses Grasmere/South Beach). But I double-checked, and the last bus was indeed 9:36pm out of CSI. It's going to be rather weird seeing the S93 run more frequently than the S53 & S79 (which both run every 15 minutes after 10pm) and then just stop running completely. At that time of the evening, the S93 isn't that busy (even running less frequently than the S53/79 buses are still generally emptier). What would be interesting to see is if some S61/62 riders shift to the S93 during middays and evenings, since the S93 would be much more frequent than the ferry during those hours.
  8. checkmatechamp13

    January 2019 Bus Route & Schedule Changes

    @BM5 via Woodhaven The S93 also gets 12 minute off-peak headways starting Monday. Unfortunately, the PDF schedule isn't updated (it still shows April 1st, 2018), but if you look in Trip Planner you can see it. (Unfortunately, it appears the last Brooklyn-bound bus is 9pm out of CSI instead of 9:30pm). It's a shame, that pilot program (increase off-peak service to try and build ridership) isn't going to be as successful as it could be if they don't advertise it, and here they do the opposite and don't even update the schedule....SMH....
  9. There is likely an internal schedule (Google Maps shows the scheduled departure times). It's just that they allow operators to run ahead of schedule or hold them back a bit more compared to the current setup. (Similar to the subway. There's a lot of people who don't realize that there actually is a schedule for it).
  10. checkmatechamp13

    New 2019 Winter Schedules

    https://www.nicebus.com/Passenger-Information/Summer-2018-Schedule-Changes?fbclid=IwAR0nXplnUavT5mBdgZhDPSBliv1ndemv_rjWRLG2zUJIZrxKmZjEro6QmF0 Effective January 20th, 2019 Port Washington-Roslyn shuttle created (basically an extended N28 from the LIB days) n22X ends at 179th Street and bypasses Mineola Transit Center n24 split at Roosevelt Field Mall from 6am-7pm weekdays n43 serves Babylon Turnpike (with the n41 being routed onto Main Street....in other words, n40 service gets doubled and the n41 gets eliminated) Headway-based schedules come to n6
  11. You mean they got back a direct Midtown route during rush hour. Remember the X14 used to bypass Downtown before 2010.
  12. checkmatechamp13

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Depends on the distribution of ridership along the line. If a bus has 57 seats and it has 15 stops, then you would pick up about 3-4 people per stop (on average). If a bus has 57 seats and it has 5 stops, then you would pick up 11-12 people per stop (on average) . If you put 2-3 lines together, it's easy how you can have a line of 25-30 people even when service is operating normally. But that's the thing, there's people posting pictures of lines after a delay, and then people posting normal-looking lines. At the World Financial Center (where there's 3 routes all of which get the bulk of their ridership at the financial center), I would expect such a line as was posted. Along 42nd Street I would expect such lines considering you have the SIM8/8X/22/25/26/30 all at the same stop (And it was the X17J/21/22/22A/30/31 over there before, so it's nothing new). Cortlandt & Broadway.....yeah lines around the corner for the SIM1 definitely wasn't planned....because they weren't expecting to have so many late/missing buses.
  13. checkmatechamp13

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Not sure if you're trying to "out" me or something by quoting me but yeah I'm going to stand by my statement that long lines were by design. Obviously the 30 minute waits weren't. That being said the SIM1 has issues between 5-7pm....before 5pm and after 7pm they run like wildfire. Hopefully the new strategy they're trying in January (anecdotally fewer drivers are having 2nd trips) and the extra deadhead time will help...
  14. So little subtle change in the SIM33C schedule: Buses now stop along Narrows Road (the original schedule had them running straight to Slosson Avenue). What does this mean? As far as I'm concerned, it means the SIM3C's days are numbered. Right now, most of the SIM3C's ridership comes from Arrochar/Concord and Graniteville. There's only a few people who use it in Westerleigh & Castleton Corners (and Castleton Corners is within walking distance of the SIM33C anyway). With the SIM3C being the only off-peak express route in Concord (and sharing the SIM1C's riders in Arrochar, which there are a lot of), it might've had a shot at getting a decent amount of ridership (especially if it was coordinated properly with the SIM33C which it wasn't, except maybe outbound service on the weekends to a certain extent). But with the SIM33C sharing the SIM3C's ridership base in Graniteville and Concord/Arrochar.....yeah, you can kiss the SIM3C good-bye in April....It'll be "What they had before" during off-peak hours, just the X1, X10, and X17 with no X12 service (except that Mariners Harbor gets swapped out for Port Richmond as far as receiving off-peak express service, which I do believe to be the area with slightly higher ridership potential anyway since it's a bit further from the ferry)
  15. checkmatechamp13

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    It's not about the loss of stops or the coverage. It's about how slow the route now is. Before, we had an off-peak route that went straight onto the highway. Then they replaced it with a route that made more stops before reaching the highway and didn't even run more frequently to compensate. The sad part is, Arden Heights riders now have the old problem back. They gained a route that went directly to the highway and Richmond Avenue riders lost a route that went directly to the highway. All they did was move the problem back to its original location. For the SIM1 I think it would work. Just run the SIM10 every 30 minutes and the SIM1C (from 14th Street or 23rd Street) every 20 minutes and both portions have reasonable frequency. I agree that doing so on the SIM3C/4C/33C is definitely infeasible (but as I've said before, cutting some of those routes to Downtown and using the savings to extend the span and run some more off-peak routes is always an option) Another option for the North Shore could be to have the SIM33C only run as far north as Chambers Street (or 14th/23rd Street) and have the SIM3 run off-peak, so the SIM3C covers Midtown-North Shore and the SIM33C covers Downtown-North Shore. Then at least you address some of the reliability issues (and still save some money that can be reinvested elsewhere in the Staten Island express bus network). One idea I had was running the SIM6 off-peak as opposed to the SIM10 (even though the SIM10 has higher ridership, the SIM6 covers more isolated areas, and would provide off-peak express service to Great Kills and South Beach/Midland Beach)


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