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  1. (**checks proposal which splits the route east of Paul Avenue**) Looks broken up to me. You said it yourself, splitting it in half would end up cutting off people on both sides, both those in Riverdale seeking to reach Montefiore Hospital (and Lehman College/Bronx HS of Science), and those in the Norwood area seeking to reach Riverdale. OK, so they want the Bx1 extended instead of ending at the bottom of the hill....so I missed one proposal...doesn't make what I said incorrect...
  2. The S89 had an issue with the detour around the Bayonne Bridge construction so they gave some runs (especially the last run) MCIs/Prevosts There used to be some runs that did a piece on the S55/56/78 trippers and then an express piece, so those often used coach buses as well
  3. OK...and this would give them the "more" that they expected by actually straightening the route while maintaining access to those destinations.
  4. Regarding this particular route, the position is that the connection between Riverdale and those destinations is important and should be maintained. The current Bx10 maintains it in one way. My proposal maintains it in a different way. The Bx10 would also still serve Tracey Towers (and maintain the connection to Fordham Plaza currently provided by the Bx28)
  5. Good, and the routing I am suggesting is consistent with both the MTA's position and that of the community. It maintains access to the destinations the community has been emphasising (Montefiore, Bronx HS of Science, Lehman College, etc)
  6. Re-read my proposal. Does it remove any connections to those destinations on the Bx10? No, it maintains them. And those people at the Kingsbridge meeting were coming for the Bx34 reroute which would move it further away from the senior center at Bainbridge & 198th (and again, those people are covered by my proposal). I was at the meeting.
  7. @Future ENY OP The meandering of the routes in Norwood (mostly the Bx10 & Bx28) benefits a few but is detrimental to riders on the route overall. They should've straightened those routes out. I would've had the Bx10 branch (one to the Bx34 terminal via Valentine/Bainbridge and the other to Gun Hill/WPR via Montefiore). Then straighten out the Bx28 as planned by running straight down to Bedford Park Blvd instead of up Mosholu Parkway.
  8. Some changes took place in the network last week. Most notably the 114 (which serves the Amtrak station) is getting Sunday service.
  9. They recently had a public hearing and more frequent/later S66 service was up for discussion. I would imagine it would be a few months before it is actually implemented though.
  10. M42 was supposed to be over the summer. I know the 21st is still technically the summer but I was expecting it much earlier
  11. The question is, which direction do you time the connections for? On the Q27, I think the frequency of the route makes up for it, but on a less-frequent route those connections make a big difference. If a bus route starts or ends at the station that helps (look at all the SI routes that are timed with the ferry). But a midpoint connection is pretty difficult, especially when you're timing it with trains in both directions What covers the eastern end of 147th under your plan then?
  12. A bus route can have coverage and frequency (e.g. S79, B46, etc). It's on a network level and neighborhood by neighborhood where the choice has to be made between the two
  13. @B35 via Church Another thing to consider is that the Q79 had a 3-legged transfer (subway-any bus-Q79). I'm not sure if that's the case with the Q36. So for example, someone living towards the northern end wouldn't be able to take the Q43 or Q46 to reach it, they have to loop down and back up on the Q36. Having to pay 2 fares is definitely a disincentive for riders. Though on the other hand, I'm not sure if other bus lines (e.g. In Flushing & Jamaica) were included in the 3-legged transfer so if that's the case, the Q36 actually helps a bit in that case, since it directly connects to other lines in Jamaica. For the record I think 3-legged transfers should be more widespread than they are now. You shouldn't have to pay 2 fares to make a local trip
  14. They didn't have the coverage vs. frequency discussion out here. That was one of the lessons they learned from the SI express redesign, is that they have to make sure the public understands the trade-offs
  15. Restructuring routes in the Bayside area: Q34 extended to Fort Totten via Willets Point Blvd. Weekend service added between Flushing & Fort Totten. Q31 rerouted to travel via Utopia Parkway-32nd Avenue to terminate at Bayside High School Q28 rerouted to travel down Crocheron Avenue-35th Avenue-Corporal Kennedy Street (that stretch of 35th Avenue has a lot of garden apartments that could use the service). Q16 rerouted via Utopia Parkway-CIP service road-166th Street to terminate at the LeHavre Apartments (I'm debating between that, and just ending it at Willets Point Blvd) Q65 rerouted via Parsons & 46th (instead of via Bowne & 45th) as recommended in the initial NE Queens bus study. I'm trying to debate as to whether it is worth splitting the Q27 (e.g. Springfield/HHE - Flushing, and Bayside High School-Cambria Heights via Corporal Kennedy Street-35th Avenue-Bell Blvd-48th Avenue, and then the Q27 route to Cambria Heights. Part of me thinks that the current connection to SE Queens is useful (since the Q27 seems to be more frequent/reliable than a lot of the other north-south routes).

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