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  1. I mean they added back some n79 Saturday service and made shuttles in Port Washington and the Freeport/Merrick area.
  2. @BrooklynBus Are you sure you're talking about the B12?
  3. Because PABT has the M42 and M20 serving it while Javits Center only has half of the M34 buses serving it (since the other half are M34A)
  4. They've decreased the wait time for refunds. I had a few issues where they took a fare instead of a transfer and they mailed the card back in less than 2 weeks. Used to be much longer. (Andy Byford mentioned they made an effort ib that area specifically)
  5. Go to a token booth and ask for a prepaid envelope. You can mail it in for a pro-rated refund
  6. Not if you cut the SIM33 trips. The old X10B only ran from 6:10am - 8:15am out of Port Richmond (something like that. I don't feel like looking at the old schedule). Only issue is that riders heading north of Chambers have to take the subway or M55. Doesn't necessarily have to be all the trips. But for example you could create a 5:05am and 5:35am SIM32 out of Travis and have the first SIM33 be 5:30am out of Arlington (then normal service for both lines after 6am). Same thing for the end of the AM rush (combine the 8:35am and 8:55am SIM33 into an 8:45am SIM33 from Mariners Harbor and add a 9:05am SIM32 from Travis)
  7. @Lil 57 Agree with the 2pm SIM1C. The 7:25pm SIM32 is a good idea but of course it costs money. Only issue with having the SIM33C cover the early morning and late AM rush trips is that it stops on Narrows (and also goes all the way to Midtown). Those trips should be short-turn SIM33s that skip Narrows (or just make some of them them SIM32 trips with the 32/33 running every 30 minutes each). Or just make them all SIM32s since the X10B had a shorter span and the SIM32/34 cover Church Street service
  8. The and crawl through the yard. You would be better off getting off at 86th Street and catching the B1 there.
  9. @BM5 via Woodhaven They should've made the last SIM32 at 7:15pm to create (basically) even 30 minute headways from Broadway to Gannon as opposed to 20 minutes then 40 minutes
  10. Which should also help those south of Gun Hill Road. Less opportunity for buses to get delayed if they're only coming from Gun Hill Road. BTW the BxM7 also has super-express trips in the AM. Maybe it saves a little bit (since the super-express buses and short-turns both have shorter runtimes than full-length trips) BTW it looks like they're trying to shift some ridership to the North Shore routes (SIM3C/33C) from the SIM1C. Makes sense because a SIM1C rider in a hurry can take the SIM3C/33C to the S79 whereas a North Shore rider doesn't have as many options (the S93 is generally less frequent than the S79 and doesn't go as far north/west as the express buses do)
  11. If I had to guess it's nonstop Gun Hill-Manhattan.
  12. BTW they added a couple of 4C trips during that timeframe after April 28th. New schedules are posted on MTA website (since Monday)
  13. That was always the case for reduced weekday schedules. Reverse-peak service tends to be a bit better too (e.g. All S74s and S62s run the full route)
  14. Except some people work on the Far East Side (e.g. those hospitals along 1st Avenue). No need to have them run the combo route when the SIM34/35 are still running. Matter of fact, ironically enough I saw a SIM3C, SIM34, and SIM35 all back-to-back behind each other as my SIM32 entered the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. ....minus the 2 trips before 3pm. Would the ones from 4th & Shore run super-express after 86th Street?
  15. Including the above portion....smh....the M100 is one of the few growing Manhattan routes for a reason....

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