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  1. To get an idea you have to multiply the ridership by 4, since the SIM9 only ran for about 1/4 of the year. (Even then, it takes some time to get the word out). So we have to wait until the 2019 stats are out to really get a good idea of the actual ridership
  2. @Jova42R Long story short, that S39 has too much dead mileage through areas with little ridership potential. I can possibly see a route running from say New Dorp to the Teleport via Rockland Avenue/Travis Avenue garnering some ridership as a crosstown route (maybe if it dipped down to the SI Mall that would help). But otherwise, I think those resources could be better used elsewhere.
  3. I get that, but I'm saying it's still better than nothing. Right now we literally have no choice except to take a car-based form of transportation across the bridge (unless we use that long-delayed bike/ped path that finally opened: http://statenislander.org/2020/03/04/new-twin-span-goethals-bridge-shared-use-pedestrian-and-bike-path-finally-opens/ ). Of course, at this point with the local redesign due to start in the Fall, hopefully that problem will be rectified soon. (So adding an express route as a stopgap solution might make things worse in the long run because the MTA would use that as an excuse to avoid adding a local route)
  4. This is blatantly incorrect. While I agree that service to EWR should be via local bus, an express bus is still cheaper than a taxi (especially with that $15 toll that they will charge in both directions even though the toll is only eastbound)
  5. The B4 is the quickest. What's faster between Walker & Morningstar and the St. George Ferry? S94 or S96?
  6. It actually stops there. I had a work party in December at a restaurant across the street, and myself and a few coworkers picked up the Q100 at that stop.
  7. Sure, I would agree with you if he were just some regular passenger, but he has been on this transit forum for years and should have no excuse as to why he didn't know about the meetings held in the Spring of 2019.
  8. Express bus changes in The Bronx have been postponed for a year while they reevaluate.
  9. I have to double-check but I am pretty sure the S48 has a tripper from either I.S.27 (Forest & Broadway) or I.S.51 (Forest & Willowbrook) heading west.
  10. The elementary school (P.S.14)? The S62 has a trip from Victory & Forest to Travis at 3pm to serve Notre Dame. I'm pretty sure the S51 has a trip from I.S.2 (Midland & Boundary) towards St. George.
  11. On the weekday portion of the schedule (usually at the bottom of the second direction, before the Saturday schedule is shown), you'll see a note that says "Supplemental service is provided on school days between X:XX and X:XX". Those are the school trippers. Off the top of my head, the only Staten Island local route that doesn't have any trippers is the S40/90. (The S42/52 count as one route in the MTA's eyes, and I know the S42 has trippers to/from I.S.61 at Castleton & Brighton, but I'm not sure if the S52 has any).
  12. Someone else can jump in with additional info, but I think the main thing is that they will add 8 extra tracks (and presumably some platforms) to the South of the existing station
  13. I would have the PM pattern be the same as the AM pattern. I get that you want to separate the 3 different groups of riders (riders heading to/from the subway, riders heading to Gravesend, and riders heading to Bensonhurst/Dyker Heights/Bay Ridge), but you also have to consider the local residents within Brighton Beach who need to travel further west.
  14. @B35 via Church A year-and-a-half into this redesign, and that isolated portion of SE Annadale will finally have express bus service. A new SIM23 stop at Hylan & Poillon will take effect January 21st (the signs are already up)
  15. Virtually every major cross-street has a direct bus to Jamaica (also the current Q77 only connects to the not the )
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