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  1. @B35 via Church On the subway service guide (it used to be on the map itself but now I believe it is a separate document...or at least it was last I checked) it classified overnight as 12:00am - 6:30pm daily. Funny enough when I was little my mother and I got screwed by that. The was listed as operating evenings (8pm -12am) but actually ran until 9pm. We ended up backtracking from West 4th to Herald Square for a (we weren't familiar with Atlantic/Pacific back then)
  2. Maybe by hiring more people for the Eagle Team to check people's cards and see who tapped on.
  3. @BM5 via Woodhaven Also the SIM2 has had its 7:30pm trip split back up to a 7:20pm and 7:45pm trip (similar to back in 2018) And the SIM34 runs from Mariners Harbor not Port Richmond.
  4. Also keep in mind that the Bx11 will be using more of the road under the bus redesign (and the bus lane will make it a bit easier to get into the left turn lane at 170th) @P3F I think part of it may be to reduce off-peak speeding (the same reason the Richmond Avenue bus lane is 24/7 even though none of the routes along it are 24/7). Though obviously Richmond Avenue is much wider than EL Grant Highway.
  5. @BM5 via Woodhaven Summer Pick schedules are out (it looks like they are making the changes they planned to implement in April. On Staten Island the big improvement is better coordination between the SIM3C & SIM33C, as well as a slight span extension for North Shore service overall)
  6. Neither the B49 nor Q49 officially runs overnight. (But the gap between the first and last bus is like 2-3 hours). That's probably why they didn't mention the B49, though depending on the exact time the overnight rider is traveling, it may be an option.
  7. They should've listed the full alternatives. For the BxM1/2, the BxM4 connects to the Bx10. For the BxM11, the Bx39 connects to the BxM7 (which is making stops on Bruckner Blvd overnight) For the X28, the B6/82 connect to the BM2 (though the B82 is a super backtrack). As crazy as it sounds, for those near the last pickup stop, the best bet might be to backtrack with the S53 to the SIM1C. (Supposedly the BM2 is making a stop by the Prospect Avenue station, which you can come close to with the B63 but my understanding is the buses are bypassing it in practice).
  8. The difference with that is that eastbound cars are still allowed (also I forget offhand, is there a bus lane in the eastbound direction or do buses just move in the general traffic?) I've seen talks about it on some blogs (Streetsblog, Transit Center, etc) that they are considering a 2-way busway (similar to 14th Street) but then the obvious question is, what happens to the buses on Madison if that's the case?
  9. @B35 via Church That photo is when they added the second bus lane. This busway would make it purely for buses.
  10. @B35 via Church Bouncing some ideas off the wall, what do you think of having it take Springfield-Conduit and ending at Rockaway Blvd?
  11. @jaf0519 The difference between the current Q76/77 split at Hillside and my proposed split at Northern is that with the Q76/77 you must transfer at Hillside if you want to continue north-south, period. With my proposed split at Northern, you only have to transfer at Northern if you are trying to travel specifically within the Francis Lewis corridor. If you want general north-south travel, you can use the QT64. The problem with transferring to/from those coverage crosstown routes is that the headways are very high (frequencies are low). Coming from the residential neighborhood (where you can time yourself for the bus) is one thing, but outbound is completely different. (Transferring from an infrequent route to a frequent route is much easier than the reverse) @B35 via Church Yes, I forgot about that. I would also switch the QT41 & QT73 terminals, definitely. The QT73 is long enough as-is. (Slightly shorter than the present-day Q27 but much less frequent) I think the QT71 terminal is decent. It allows the route to connect to the QT13 (to Far Rockaway) as well as the QT62 (in both directions). Makes it a little bit easier to get towards South Ozone Park/Ozone Park for those who aren't near the QT7 (not that I really think that there's too much demand, but it does help "complete" the connectivity). Plus it's by JFK Depot so it makes for easy pull-ins/pull-outs (plus helps whatever B/Os live along the route) @Gotham Bus Co I would tend to agree. You get a connection (via a short walk) to the QT17/49/51 running eastbound, as well as the LIRR.
  12. @jaf0519 I definitely don't see the need for the QT49, QT65, and QT73 to all serve Beechhurst. Even though it's a dense pocket at the "top" of NE Queens, it's not going to generate that much demand to have routes running in all directions from there. As I mentioned before, I'd have the QT64 run up Utopia-Northern-Francis Lewis and that would be the main crosstown route in that part of NE Queens. (With the way you have the QT65 running down Clintonville, 163rd, etc, it's basically covering the same area I'm proposing to cover with the QT64). Since the QT64 is moved off Utopia, the QT49 can become a 7-day route (maintaining service for current Q16 Utopia Parkway riders and Q15 Beechhurst riders). Off-peak I would try to coordinate it with the QT51 (which would also run 7 days a week) to provide 15 minute headways (or better) on Crocheron Avenue. I agree with having the QT73 run to Flushing. For riders on Francis Lewis Blvd I think there's more demand for Flushing than for areas north of Northern Blvd. (Plus with the QT64 covering the northern portion you basically have the connections to the same east-west routes, the connection to Jamaica, plus you might get a bit of ridership from College Point) For the QT65, I see no need to run it south of the 165th Street Bus Terminal. I believe Addesleigh Park would be much better-served by a route running down Brinkerhoff Avenue to Sutphin Blvd and ending at the LIRR/subway station. On the northern end, I'd either run it to Flushing or stop it right at the Broadway LIRR station.
  13. Simple: The overall lack of "crosstown" service. Most of the routes in NE Queens feed into Flushing and most trips from SE Queens to other portions of Queens involve a transfer in Jamaica. So this is a way of avoiding giving some people an option that doesn't involve transferring in those 2 hubs. (As I mentioned, generally speaking I'd prefer to transfer at a relatively simple intersection instead of one of these hubs where the routes are all over the place) I'm not saying they did the right thing with this route, but I can see the general logic of what they were trying to accomplish. Me personally I think they got it right (as far as crosstown service goes) with the QT71 & QT73, but the QT64 & QT65 definitely need some work.
  14. The Q88 technically uses the service road not the highway itself (same for the Bx5 on weekdays, though of course on weekends it uses I-95 north of PBP) Technically some local streets are considered State Highways (e.g. Caton Avenue/Linden Blvd, Queens Blvd, Northern Blvd, etc) but I'm sure he meant actual expressways/parkways. Most of those routes were interborough routes that cross borough lines. B35 was asking for routes that stay within one borough.
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