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  1. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The thing that sucks is you have to take the local bus or subway first. It doesn't automatically credit you the first $2.75. If I'm not in a hurry and have a local unlimited I'll jump on any local bus up Richmond Avenue before taking the X17 but it usually ends up with me taking a bus a few minutes later than I would'be otherwise. Coming back I come from West Harlem, so the transfer gets added in without hassle. Oh well at least it's better than the setup before where local passes weren't accepted at all.
  2. Staten Island Bus Proposal Thread 2012-2013

    Let me put it to you this way: I've lived out here for years and this is the first time I'm hearing of Slayton Avenue. It's a little residential street (that's basically an extension of Merrymount Street), so that's a no-go for sending buses down. In any case, CSI isn't a small campus (area-wise) like say, CCNY or Baruch. The S93's official terminal (it's basically been temporarily cut back to its old terminal at the front gate because of construction, which I love because it means westbound passengers actually have access to the front gate stop and the shuttle bus for those heading to the northern part of the campus, and passengers living in the vicinity of the front gate can actually walk like they used to). Anyway, that stop is almost a mile away from the front gate stop, and there's still parts of the campus to the south of the 1N building. Having the bus go to the front gate and letting passengers transfer to the shuttle bus to get around the campus should be sufficient. If you want the bus to go to the SI Mall via Richmond Avenue, that's fine. I do agree that a West Shore Light Rail/BRT shouldn't be going up the West Shore Expressway, but rather go in the vicinity of Richmond Avenue (if it is to exist at all) Then more service needs to be run. MTA guidelines call for service to run every 5-6 minutes before artics are introduced to a line. Artics are a non-starter when the S93 still runs every 20-30 minutes off-peak. Maybe on the S79 during rush hour, they could use them, but that's about it. Also, lines being long doesn't necessarily mean there's not enough buses. There's times the line for the S93 goes around the corner in the PM rush, but when people actually get on the bus, you'll see a few people standing and that's it (of course, more people get on at 92nd Street, so the bus is pretty crowded going over the bridge). A bus can seat what, like 30-35 people? Plus maybe 20-25 standees. All those people waiting on the sidewalk looks like a long line, but that's to be expected at any major bus terminal (Flushing, Jamaica, etc) I disagree on a couple of points: Travis definitely needs some east-west service connecting to a major hub (either St. George or Bay Ridge). Even if you beefed up express service (so they have an option to reach Manhattan), I don't agree with isolating them like that local service-wise. A shuttle to Richmond Avenue (which is what I assume you would leave them with) would likely perform even worse than the S55/56. Aside from Manhattan-bound and cross-island commuters, there's also a lot of schoolkids using it to reach the S54/57 to/from Wagner High School, who would have to transfer twice. I'd be curious to see how you would serve them all with one route. Would you have it run up the West Shore Expressway, have a stop in Travis, a stop at the West Shore Plaza, and then continue via South Avenue (with the diversion to the Teleport), to Arlington or Port Richmond? Or would you have it start at Richmond Avenue, take Travis Avenue to South, and then serve the Teleport, backtrack to the West Shore Plaza, and then jump on the West Shore Expressway for one exit to terminate at Victory & Glen (or maybe run as a continuous loop down Victory back to Richmond Avenue) In any case, I really don't like the idea of any S62s short-turning at CSI period (whether it runs to the SI Mall or Travis or the Teleport afterwards). CSI has its own shuttle to the ferry, and the S93 already covers a good chunk of Victory and offers connections to most of the same routes as the S62 (for those in the Stapleton/Park Hill area, the travel time is comparable or slightly quicker. For most of those heading south, the S93 is definitely quicker and more direct). For those CSI students who need the S62 specifically (which is really just people who don't want to take the S93 to the S61/66), they can hop on a bus coming from points west. There aren't crowds of CSI students waiting at that stop like there were before the CSI-ferry shuttle started running. As for his proposed route, it wouldn't be any longer than the present-day S44 (which I know you don't like). In any case, as I mentioned to him, I really don't think BRT/LRT is necessary down the West Shore Expressway (not sure if I think it's necessary at all). I'd rather see a West Shore Line built as an extension of the HBLR from Bayonne (with a free transfer available to those seeking to reach the North Shore Rail/BRT).
  3. Staten Island Bus Proposal Thread 2012-2013

    Absolutely not. I will personally fight tooth-and-nail against bringing artics to Staten Island and have the community board back me up. Artics = reduced frequencies, and with the low frequencies we have on a lot of the lines out here, we can't afford to lose anymore frequency. And if the lines are longest at the two terminals (which I'm not denying they are), that's an argument against +SBS+, not for it. If the line is at the first stop, you simply have the B/O start loading a minute or two before the departure time and call it a day. By that logic, all the routes in St. George see heavy crowds at the first stop, so we should put +SBS+ on all of them. Not sure what you mean by "flip it with the S53". My S83 would run from Port Richmond to Bay Ridge via Castleton, Broadway, Clove, and Narrows. The idea I was toying with on the S53 was to have it start at Broadway & Richmond Terrace, and take Broadway, Clove, and Hylan to New Dorp (or in any case, if it still runs it to Brooklyn, still start it from West Brighton) And having the S53 take Clove to Castleton would bypass the West Brighton Houses, so that's a non-starter. And a bus lane on Narrows can easily be done approaching Hylan. Is for the governors, I really don't see why they aren't governed at speeds of higher than 40 mph. It's not like express buses don't travel that speed with standees.
  4. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Shift change times it gets busy.
  5. Assuming an 8 hour shift, $1 per hour is $8 per day * 355 workers = $2840 per day which is $1,036,600 per year. I mean, if the information they provide helps bring riders back into the system, it might be worth it.
  6. MTA ridership dropping as New Yorkers find other ways to travel

    Yes and no. What happens is that there's a critical speed at which you have the maximum number of cars per hour going through, so as long as the speed limit isn't set below that critical speed it has no real impact on traffic jams. There's an equation flow = density * speed, but at the same time higher speeds mean lower density because cars need more time to safely stop.
  7. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah, but what problem does your proposal solve? Who wants to get from 66th Street to 42nd Street via the West Side Highway or FDR Drive instead of a direct north-south route?
  8. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    At least they get some overtime out of it. There's no S99. The S89 is considered the limited-stop version of the S59, and as somebody who lives near both the S59/89 and S62/92, I can tell you that SBS on either corridor is completely unnecessary. The eastbound Q38 teleports from Junction & 57th to 99th & 60th. 59th Avenue is shown as running westbound instead of eastbound.
  9. Staten Island Bus Proposal Thread 2012-2013

    The Holland Tunnel has no bus lanes leading up to it. I don't commute through the Holland Tunnel, but from what I hear, it's worse than the Lincoln Tunnel (especially since it's pretty much a bunch of surface streets leading up to it), and with no bus/HOV lane leading up to it, it's pretty much a non-starter.
  10. Staten Island Bus Proposal Thread 2012-2013

    I've been thinking (and I wonder if the MTA's been thinking the same thing): What if the S62 & S93 were combined? There would still be the two service patterns we discussed before (CSI-Bay Ridge via Victory/Narrows and CSI-Bay Ridge via SI Expwy), but the primary route would be from Travis to Bay Ridge. I do believe there should be some sort of a Teleport-Victory Blvd connection, so some buses would run to the Teleport instead of Travis. Personally, if there's no problems on the VZN Bridge, I prefer taking the S93 to the rather than take the S44 or S62 to the ferry. The train runs more frequently, covers more areas Downtown compared to the ferry, and offers a cross-platform transfer to the for those looking for Midtown service. Within Staten Island, the S93 offers connections to most of the same routes the S62 does. And for those seeking St. George itself, they can transfer to the S61/91. The only issue is that the bridge (and the routes heading towards it, like Clove Road) is very traffic-prone. In the AM rush, sadly, I'd trust the bus-ferry over bus- train for that very reason. Once you get past Clove Road on the S92, you're usually good, but on the S93, once you turn onto Clove, you usually hit even more traffic. One accident on the bridge, and you're screwed. And unfortunately, the local buses aren't allowed to use the HOV lane. The other issue is I'd be worried about having those extra buses taking Clove to Narrows potentially cutting into limited-stop service towards Port Richmond. I've thought about having the main S53 route run from West Brighton (S54 terminal) to New Dorp via Broadway, Clove, and Hylan (and having the S83 be the main Port Richmond-Bay Ridge route. It could work, but you'd need to combine them overnight). A local branch of the S79 would cover the McClean Avenue portion (both the S53 portion and S52 portion) Thoughts? I know one of the things we discussed in the other thread is how cheap the MTA was being with regards to adding service to the S93, but with the proper amount of service (and figuring out how to use the bus lane on the bridge), could this work? Since right turns are permitted from bus lanes (but most of the traffic is headed straight towards the bridge), perhaps some bus lanes could reasonably be added to parts of Narrows Road (I'm thinking of Narrows Road South approaching Hylan Blvd, and Clove Road approaching Howard Avenue northbound, which is presently a right turn-only lane)
  11. Anchorage Bus Restructuring

    I made a blog post regarding this topic: https://checkmatechamp1.blogspot.com/2017/11/anchorage-bus-restructuring-and-why.html
  12. Help With Map Creation

    Question: Does anybody happen to have an Excel file (or know where I can find one) that shows the route length of each route? The file I'm using has a length for each shapefile, but it doesn't give me the units (so I don't know what to multiply it by to convert it to miles)
  13. MTA takes political correctness to new heights

    A lot of construction contracts have requirements that the contractor try to hire a certain number of women (and/or minority workers). Most jobs I'be been on haf at least one woman working (even if she was just a flagger for the traffic). I do agree that it would be stupid to change the sign. After all, aren't humans often referred to as mankind? Or are the PC idiots going to change that too? In any case, if I were a conductor, I'd begin the announcement "What's up y'all" since that''s not forbidden.
  14. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I guess that means they drop back and take another bus, and another driver takes their bus.
  15. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    BTW, did anybody hear about the major traffic jams that happened on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning as a result of the West Street incident? People were talking about 3-4 hour commutes on Wednesday morning. (Of course, my condolences go out to the friends and relatives of those who died, and I'm not saying it wasn't necessary to close down the street)


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