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  1. That was temporary (they extended them to Tysens with a stop at Lincoln). They're gone the next pick. If I had to guess, they would just convert those SIM3 trips to SIM3C trips (a saavy rider can take the SIM10 to Fingerboard and catch the SIM3C there. Or the BM1/2/3/4 to Battery Place). I think they wanted to match the span with the X14 (which had its last bus out of 5th & 40th at 6:31pm). The X10B was a few minutes earlier at 6:22pm. I say 5th & 40th because that's a common timepoint, since all the terminals are different. Also keep in mind that they're adding service earlier in the rush hour (between like 5-6pm from what I understand) so it balances out. I assume the last SIM3 will be at say, 6:15pm so it's still a little early, but not too unreasonable considering that it's basically the X42 (which ended really early) if you consider the SIM3C the X12. Travis has the SIM25/26 (the old X22/22A) to Midtown. They're going to have to make another change for January. From what I heard, this pick was hastily thrown together and the pick in January will (supposedly) address all of the span and frequency issues. (So far none of the changes listed from August 19th until now have improved weekend service, and that span issue on the SIM4C and to a lesser extent, the SIM2 is a big issue)
  2. checkmatechamp13

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    The one thing I'll say is that they haven't come close to addressing all of the issues (so maybe they don't want to hear a bunch of complaints about the weekend spans or other issues which they haven't gotten to, since I heard the main change is coming in January) But yes, I agree with you, they should've released drafts of the schedules this time around, since that was the mistake they made the first time.
  3. checkmatechamp13

    Bronx Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    The Bx19 is closer to subway lines than the Bx6 for most of its route so that's likely why the Bx6 received it first even though the Bx19 is slower. The problem is that it's just a little shuttle. If it was a branch of the Bx6, or even the Bx19 or something, it would likely get more riders because it connects to more places.
  4. Has anybody taken a look at this study for Waterbury? http://www.waterburybusstudy.com/img/documents/Long Term Concepts 1-10-r2.pdf
  5. checkmatechamp13

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Bus stops are a NYCDOT issue, not an MTA issue. For more information, you may contact Bus Stop Management by phone at (646) 892-1242, or by e-mail at ICBPSAdmin@dot.nyc.gov.
  6. checkmatechamp13

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    At the workshops, I recall specifically bringing it up (It wouldn't personally affect me, but I wanted to make sure it was considered, since it seemed like they were trying to pull a fast one in that regard). What annoyed me was he said something like "We don't want people thinking it's OK to take the bus all the way from that far west", but the thing is that if they have to take the M57/31 to catch that same bus anyway, what's the difference? He said it was related to flexibility (some buses had a midday layover at Quill, but others returned back for second trips and whatnot). Cutting them back to Columbus Circle instead of 11th Avenue would be reasonable (but there's barely any space over there) I'll give a counterpoint on that 42nd & 9th stop: While it definitely did see decent usage, the issue is that there is congestion along 42nd Street (once you come out of the Lincoln Tunnel) that is somewhat avoided by using the left lane. So the buses often turn into the left lane, maneuver around all of those cars making the right turn onto 9th Avenue, and then ease their way back into the right lane to get to the next stop at 8th Avenue (and the good thing about that stop is that at least it's before the light, so you don't have people crossing any extra streets to get back to 9th Avenue). The other thing of course, is that 9th Avenue is one-way (so the M11 might help those headed to 34th Street, but I doubt anybody's going to want to backtrack to 10th Avenue to catch a bus up to 57th Street). If there were bus lanes along 42nd (the bright red ones like on 34th), that would definitely help, but at the same time, it wouldn't completely solve the issue since you can still turn right from a bus lane.
  7. checkmatechamp13

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    Re-read my post. I never said there weren't options available (Since you bring that up, I could also take the or to the and catch the S93 from Brooklyn. I could also take an express bus. Heck, I could even move to another borough and not have to deal with it at all. I could do a lot of things). Nor did I say that it was a bad idea. Time is money for everybody. Speeding up the construction process saves the MTA money, but if it costs the commuters time, that needs to be taken into consideration. I didn't say whether it was a good idea or a bad idea to do things the way they did, but both ideas had their logic. It's not the craziest idea in the world to shut the line down so that workers have full access, and it's not the craziest idea to keep the line running and try to work around it.
  8. checkmatechamp13

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    The old X12/14/30/42 (which are basically the SIM3/30) terminated at 57th & 11th. I think serious consideration should be given to restoring that terminal (given that it was a straight shot to Quill Depot with more space to layover at). Also, with their emphasis on transferring, the SIM3 doesn't connect to the 7th & 8th Avenue Lines, since it comes from the FDR Drive. There's still a lot of offices by Columbus Circle, and then further west, you have John Jay College. I agree that at the minimum, the SIM4C should terminate at 57th & 3rd like the old X10/17 used to (Honestly, I think the SIM30 should terminate there as well, since it offers a connection to the Lexington Avenue Line at Lexington & 59th)
  9. checkmatechamp13

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I thought the reason for the backtrack was because it was a more convenient turnaround (as opposed to say, going up Utica dropping off people and then making a left on Eastern Parkway to come back around (which is what that L5 shuttle will presumably do, since it's nonstop after Remsen/Flatlands)
  10. checkmatechamp13

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    The question is, where do you terminate the trains? Do you bring back the (1) to New Lots and terminate the (3) at 14th (which affects Brooklyn-bound riders too)? The issue is that they would've had to shut down the whole line south of Chambers. And personally, I find the (1) more frequent than the (R)(W), and also the (1) travels to the UWS & points north directly (and offers a quick, cross-platform transfer to the (2)(3)). As a Staten Island commuter, I would've understood why they had to close it, but it still would negatively impact those who take the ferry. Obviously, I would understand it, since it saves time and money, but a cost-benefit analysis would have to be done to see if the savings are worth the inconvenience.
  11. checkmatechamp13

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    There's still a bunch of peak/off-peak gaps both at the beginning and end of the PM rush on the SIM routes. The SIM4C/31, SIM4/4C/32, SIM3C/34/35, and even the SIM1C/7 aren't properly coordinated and there's giant gaps between peak buses and off-peak buses. They're starting to address them (I think they're going to add an earlier SIM34 as part of those changes), but much more needs to be done.
  12. checkmatechamp13

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    It seems that was their "compromise" of providing West Midtown service (Since the SIM3 replaces the X12/14/42, and the SIM30 replaces the X30). I agree they should've just left it at 11th Avenue (though personally, I think the SIM30 should actually continue east to connect with the Lexington Avenue Line). A lot of buses layover at Quill during middays, and even if they don't, the West Side Highway is right there to deadhead back. I know it's not as big of an issue off-peak, but I don't see why the SIM4C terminates at Central Park South, especially since it heads over to Madison Avenue. They should've just had that terminate at 57th & Lexington.
  13. checkmatechamp13

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    At that point, you might as well just have all B42 buses end at East 108th Street. There's no point in all of that backtracking just to serve the Canarsie Pier which is a few blocks south of Seaview anyway.
  14. That's not the main issue. The main issue is the lack of frequency on some routes (e.g. SIM4C and SIM7) that I took one look at the schedule and said "every bus will be overcrowded" The other issue is the gaps between peak and off-peak service. Try getting home from Downtown between 7pm and 8:30pm and see how limited your options are.
  15. ...except on the 60/61/62 on Boston Road...


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