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Sad for the 7 LEDs...


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As more (7) trains are equipped with EXP/LCL LED indicators, passengers can tell them apart at first glance, which is very good. However today, I did notice some C/Rs still made wrong indications. I was on a lcl train and got off @ qnsboro plaza, met my gf there, and then waited together for the next train, which should be an exp. I was surprised to see train 1726 came in with the green light on all cars, so I thought it was a lcl. But, the C/R shouted “express to main street” as if he didn't notice the green light on the whole train at all...

This is kind of ironic, from my point of view, that we passengers are paying much higher prices to get inferior service. I was glad to hear the lcl train C/R announced "ladies and gentlemen pls notice train with diamond red light means express", and I thought they were telling more people about this to avoid confusion on the platforms. But C/R of train 1726 really disappointed me. How can passengers trust them if C/R don't even pay attentions to the LEDs themselves? :P

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