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Newark, Hoboken, Jersey City Feb. 25 2009


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So that's my plan. I'm going to look for PA5 at newark, look for some locos etc etc, then go to hoboken via PATH, do some more searching, then i'm going from hoboken to pavonia to see movie with my woman, then i'm gonna catch some HBLR action at exchange place, and possibly going to manhattan to get NTT at chambers (E) and slant on the (A)


I'm taking my iBook with me and checking my PM or such, but if you wanna join up with me simply text or call 215-666-3934. If i don't answer either i'm in the john or in a tunnel. :cool:


I am arriving at newark on the 9:45 am from trenton unless i have enough time to do some stuff and catch the 9:14 am.


If you want to join me just call or text in the morning!


- A

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