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Can Access a Ride buses handle 'extra' riders if the doomesday cuts occur citywide?

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I admit i dont know much about Access a Ride but i thought i create a thread topic on this important developement.


My question for those of you who either ride, have family members/friends or any of you work there? Can Access a Ride handle the dramtic extra demand of thousands of more riders in the disabled/senior citizen community if all of the planned doomesday NYC bus cuts occur?


I read on the papers and on tv news ie some horror stories in recent past about access a ride. Drivers accused of having bad driving records ie excess speeding to being rude to customers. Also buses sometimes breaking down, vans having no 'a/c or heat' during hot or cold days and even the wheelchair lifts not working.


Remember for those of you who support cuts on routes like the B37, BX4, Q56, B25 etc most of those stations are still not ada accessible yet.


By having this discussion lets see if the ADA customers are still being taken off if and when the doomesaday cuts occur.

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It depends, the AAR fleet is rather small. And I believe the service is a request service, meaning you call them to pick you up. Many of the displaced do not know about the service and thus will most likely find another bus service or use the subway.

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