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Comet IIIs Wasted

R44 5278

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When NJT ordered the Comet IIIs with the ALP-44s back in the early 90s for the Midtown Direct, its sole purpose was to decrease idling time during the rush. The Comet IIIs are the first push/pulls to feature center doors, which had been carried on with the Comet IVs and Comet Vs. Currently they are placed on lines in which low level platforms are dominant such as the Bay Head Shuttle, Main/Bergen Lines, and Booton locals from Hoboken to Hackettstown. Only a few are intermixed in electric sets for the Midtown Direct, and Northwast Corridor where high level platforms are dominant. I personally feel that NJT is defeating the purpose of the majority of these cars and that they only want new cars to run on these high level platform lines. I mean what's the point of putting Comet IIMs all over Midtown Direct sets and have them as a majority on some trains for the Northeast Corridor. It is them that should be running on the lines, which the Comet IIIs are running on right now. A good example is the Comet IIM dominance on the Raritan line. Also, the Atlantic City Line should swap its Comet IVs (except cab cars) with the Comet IIMs on the electric lines since most of the line is low level platforms. All these are based on what I've experienced in the past years. What do you all think?

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I've spoken to train crews about this, and mostly the reasoning i get is they wanna squeeze every last drop of usefulness out of the comet 2's before they are sold/retired/scrapped with the massive influx of MLV. Comet 3 cabs are to be retired/converted soon... I mean they have their plans, but i still see comet 1 consists here and there at hoboken, so like they said, just trying to get every last ounce of life before they are moved off somewhere else. That's all i've been told, but there might be more behind that if anyone knows please do share.


- A

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