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Running (random poem)

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poetry is not my strong suit but for some reason i couldn't help myself. Just somethin random I wrote...comments, thoughts, criticism...knock yourself out.




it starts with the first couple of steps

the momentum picks up and I'm taken with it

the heart beats with the anticipation

that in moments I'll feel like I'm soaring

the only sounds I hear are the sounds of my feet

as I'm taken by the feeling

and just like that I'm off running


the heart thrives off this feeling

in my mind, I have no idea where I will stop

I just know that I have to keep going

I'm hooked, like an addict who needs his fix

the wind pushes against me as I go

but it can't stop me for my spirit lives for this

every breath gives me the strength to keep running



I've reached my limit going as fast as I can go

but the mind says "No! Faster!" so I keep pushing

everything around me is a blur

suddenly it's like another world, one that exists for me

to keep pushing my feet

I can go on like this forever it feels like

in my mind I've left the ground soaring on wings of an angel

my heart beats fast, my face soaked in sweat

but I'm at peace just because I'm running



Others who see me try to keep up

I can hear them breathing

I can feel them coming

this brings another feeling...I'm getting excited

the urge to call the challenge comes

and I'm impulsed to dare them to catch me

the steely grin appears on my face just then

and I can't help myself

the running has taken over me and I feel untouchable



I can't tell how far I've gone

the thrill has blinded me of all sense of logic

but i know I've come a long way

it feels like I'm coming up on a finish line

the heart is beating in hyperdrive

so that I can take those steps to cross

i feel a pull on me as if my body is trying to stop all this

but I'm almost there and won't be averted

a few more steps and there...i feel the sensation

like i've reached the goal my mind unintentionally set for me



the sounds of my feet have ceased

i have to take in the surroundings and know where i am

i look for a moment and see where I've come

but no sooner have i stopped does the feeling come again

the burning sensation from deep inside coming to a boil

I realize my feet have a will of their own

I can't stop them and I don't want to

a deep breath is taken and it starts all over again

once again I've taken off....running

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