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If it makes u feel better, no it's not base off a P42, however it is a "repaint" using what I felt was a better model P32. However the time and detail in this project will be definitely worth it until someone actually makes a DE30AC. This will be the realest looking model you will find online. I have someone I may work with for custom sounds, but that may also be the choice of the user. This will all be available as soon as I finish the C3/CR coaches.


If u have a talent for cab design or custom sound and want to be apart of this project, e-mail me @ kingrepaint@gmail.com


Thanks guys!


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yes you made the repaint but you didnt have permission to do so and if you did NALW would of had you put it on the trainsim file library. And yes i do know whats going on you didnt build the model only changed the textures.

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