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Stalled (6) delays service 1 hour

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A stalled (6) train at Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall completely messed up Brooklyn-bound service. What made it even worse was that this happened during morning rush hour.


All (6) trains were sent to the express track and terminated at Bowling Green instead where they would have to quickly turn around because there were (4)/(5) trains going the same way. (5) trains were extended to Brooklyn because there would be too much of a hold up at Bowling Green. The alternative was to take the (2)/(3) or (M).


It took me 50 minutes to go from Lexington Ave. 59th St. to Borough Hall.

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I was going to take some pics since I had my camera, but as of the past 3 weeks, the station has been loaded with cops and it might look a little suspicious...especially since I didn't get to school at the normal time.

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There was a time (6) trains were sent to Brooklyn, back in the 80s. And the (6) went to Bowling Green in the 70s. Interesting to know that the (6) went to Bowling Green, a plast from the past.

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