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  1. I know exactly where this tragedy happened. It's a dangerous curve where the TO can't see until he or she comes around it. It is very sad!
  2. MCI got an order to stop production. http://www.nj.com/traffic/index.ssf/2016/07/stop_building_our_new_buses_nj_transit_tells_supplier.html
  3. With it's now about 5-6 years to top pay in tier 6. You will pay more into your pension capping at 15K OT per year. I have no info on NJT.
  4. I don't see removing them... Can i assume has more money to spare???
  5. Does anyone know why the rear L.E.D route displays have been removed from all the new CNGs?
  6. Just saw a brand new one; 16001 on the HELIX for the second time. Has (NJT) changed their numbering scheme?
  7. All buses are allowed, no restrictions! A bus is a bus, there are less than cars; let them ride the BL...
  8. Same thing! Why not take the provisional, you should've taken it. Does your letter have a list number? If not when you go in ask them and what where the results of your test. You are one of the few that is trying to hire now, there are open slots that need to be filled ASAP. I'm going to assume you passed or else they wouldn't be calling you. Good Luck!
  9. You are starting to see less 62As on the . CBTC is still pushed back until...
  10. OMG...Finally got my question answered, I've spoken to a few T/Os, dispatchers and CIs at Westchester & Corona could not get a solid answer. Makes sense, I saw a 5 set at Broad Channel testing while I was in flag training about over 2 years ago then at Jay St (same set) with the plastic still on the seats heading north on the line. Just a few months ago I saw an R188 set in the Concourse Yard just sitting pretty waiting to be moved. Thanks for the info!
  11. Question??? How are trains moved from Corona to Westchester yard vise versa?
  12. Does anyone know why there are MTA Staten Island buses, 4 to be exact I saw this morning. It's the Academy garage alongside the NJ TPKE south behind the service plaza close to exit 16E.

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