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  1. Umm there is a bus #976 and it was on the B69 a few hours ago, must be a glitch or something.
  2. #4426 is back at FP Depot from being loaned to ENY Depot Earlier today.
  3. For the TTMG Roster it's showing that the Old Gens that was mentioned as loans is actually SC Now.
  4. #3780 from BP is loaned to SC & #7477 from LGA is loaned to CP Depot for today.
  5. #3509,#3520 & #3720 is loaned to SC Depot from BP,JFK & LGA Depot. #3546 and #4502 is loaned to CP Depot from LGA Depot.
  6. The Bus is Retired but not Scrapped it's still sitting in Eastchester.
  7. The bus was there but like I said idk what they was going to do with the bus, the wasn't in service or anything like that, and the bus isn't there any more it's at ENY Depot now.
  8. Hmm oh yeah that's what I meant I typed it the wrong way lol thanks for the clarification.
  9. #9510 and #9560 is still assigned to ENY Depot from the Updated Roster.
  10. Quick Update from the Roster but it appears FP is still holding on to #6819,#6824-#6825,#6834-#6835.
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