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  1. Yea sorry about that everyone on the false tranfer....
  2. Ummm 7550 was not in service passing near Sutter Av and was spotted with ENY Decals...
  3. I could say the B60 was trash when Grand had it was never on time and always mad a problem for canarsie... but it's at FP and since it's my main home route and me taking it if the B82 dosent come or B6 the B60 will pop up before anyone of those two routes I can truly say that there would be 3 buses back to back which made me wonder how and which shows me the B60 did somewhat got better with time schedule when it's with FP but when it was with Grand it did hella bad I cant say to much when it was at ENY either but from the looks of it the B60 slightly got better in my opinion....
  4. I cant say so much about quill either that depo is still doing good with holding down there rtses even tho XDs been coming back in 4th But I cant wait to see which will last at holding rtses
  5. FP has 29 units 7508-7740 But either way WFs will get there batches... Plus ENY and Ulmer Still waiting for theres along with JA and MJQ Man The MTA is Rigged with Orders SMH. Also More Next Gens were topose to leave I'm surprised FP still got them at the moment.
  6. Ik this is a dumb Question but can another other Depos besides [MTA BUS Co] can They use XDE40s like FP,FB Ulmer and so on?
  7. Hmmm Iam super shocked with FP that would mean more next gens would be fully pushed out and some more Old gens at that. The order list just keeps getting better and better now lol
  8. Oh yes how could I forget the B15 it can also run from FB as well as a tripper but hopefully when mta bys and Nyct merge they can look into getting trippers like those routes

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