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  1. Funny thing because GA finally decided to runn it on the B32 a route that hasn't touched a prottera since last 2018 and #0020 magically did 2 runs on it by the time I reached Williamsburg that danm bus was not in service I actually got a pic too
  2. Soo ummm there is a OG that has got its #rechanged to #9790 its currently on the B25 and it left downtown bk I'm not sure what was the original # tho but it might be a 2007 or 06 unit pretty interesting
  3. So I heard something about the B54 using Artics... but it would slightly make since but then again FP sadly cannot handle artics unless if they somehow enhance the depo to expand it to make it handle it but that probably will never happen if anything I would say the B54 might get moved from FP or get shared with a depo like Grand since that depo is getting Artics but I can be wrong about this so I would need to look further on these routes getting artics
  4. It makes sense because Ik of Eny being short on buses rn plus with there OGs retiring soon it totally makes it effective for them to have the next gens and to loan off on that XD40
  5. Funny thing is I'm looking at it rn its turned off near Tillary St along the B67 area I guess it will start service on the B54
  6. Yep that's the one I should of token it while I rode it on the B57 but oh well
  7. #7265 was spotted on the B20 with the Announcements. And #4520 has the Screens which is on but that's it...
  8. Today's Run of #8703 on the S93 along Bay Ridge Av.
  9. Hmmm so another interesting thing FP huh now that's somewhat interesting including the fact they got replacements which was those Next gens.
  10. 7279 has the screens now but it has no announcements yet it was doing a run on my B20 while I was going home today.

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