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  1. Off topic but is it possible for ENY to convert the B15 to a full X equipment route I been noticing lots of XD40s on the line coming back and not one OG popin out on it. Like for Example I see tons of them popin up on the B15 at mother Gaston then get on My B35 and check the tracker and check to see what's on the route but surprisingly it was nuthing but all XD40s and its rn too lol Not one OG on the B15.
  2. Last photo of 5241 and the Amazing 5249 in Action with a nice M15 Codebreak to top it off for the day.
  3. R.I.P Orion 7 CNGs 2002-2019
  4. Looks like 7814 is transferred to pond and is doing a run on the B91 rn
  5. Ummmm ima let ya know rn but 5240 is doing a run on the M72 rn as we speak...
  6. Does anyone know if 7817 is done cause A person mention 7815 being scraped and I saw it in the back of the depo earlier sitting there same with 7817 too.
  7. That's odd I'm looking at it rn at WFs that's crazy
  8. Its funny cause Quill ranned the last ones on the M57 and M66 and M72 yesterday I rode 5241 on M66 and man did it rode off good they stayed out all day too. Then I go to downtown Brooklyn to see 5174 alive and running on the B41 and then the other units were off tracker... me and my freind caught 5171 doing a last en run on the B41 then I didnt see it after that... I swear the mTa messed up the plan in the long run they said dead line by May 10th not May 1st... Now You got depo's struggling with stortage and what not it pains me to see and know that and the MTA just screwed up everything the orders are messed up and they wasnt prepared right smh.
  9. It was announced by Trevor that 5240 was the last one to do service yesterday but didnt make it last night.... so all of the rtses are pulled oos including Ulmer
  10. 7816 did some runs Saturday and sunday but for today not really. 7818 ran on the 36 last last week and the other day I seen it up in Wfs. 7817 is still holding on and caught it last friday too and rode 7819 on the 36 which ofc 17 and 19 did runs on that route on that friday too. 7815 is still active too but I always see up at west farms as a swing. And not to mention 7818 isnt trackable you have to hunt it down the old fashion way that's what I did with my freind and we saw it as a swing up at west farms.
  11. Again as I stated.... Just because your a FB Daily Rider or anything else to FB means nuthing... in this situation rn with them needing buses and just because you think FB riders need more buses then your wrong... you keep sayingthat you still dont understand the process of what the mTA is doing as I keep saying and everyone else your not getting it how much buses you need them to get there not like WFs where they need a danm bus to fill in all the time it dosent work that way. The local riders have something to ride it's just local buses that dont have USB chargers or Wifi so what... when the time comes for them to push there XD40s from the B46 sbs to local routes then the local riders can enjoy them self until then that's how its gonna be...
  12. I checked but it seems that it is still at Grand and is doing a run on the Q58

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