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  1. #3977,#3976 and #3980 was all loans today for Eny Depot, currently all of them is back at Pond.
  2. Interesting I thought amazing #4790 and #4791 would be perserved or something guess not.
  3. Does anyone knows the update on those transfers GA got recently from Eny Depot or they getting worked on from Grand.
  4. This should be fun, a work service R42.
  5. You have the R160s and some R143s to help with that issue.
  6. #7659-#7684 those 4 units they recently got is for the B82 SBS with increased service this summer.
  7. Yes it was pronounced that they will see service for this Wednesday.
  8. #7138 from Ulmer to FB currently tracking on the B46 rn.
  9. The R32s are stacked at ENY yard rn man it felt like 2017 again, if they do come into revenue service I hope everyone enjoys them one last time.
  10. So #7178 went to FP then it got sent back to Ulmer idk why but yeah.
  11. #7108,#7109,#7138 and #7178 is now at FP Depot from Ulmer.
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