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  1. They believe Cody Winters is the guy that took em.
  2. Its signed up as the C and the number is #3610 from the back I would go to the front but theres foamers well kids that's at the front and theres many of them.
  3. Theres a R32 layed up by chambers on the line rn.
  4. Are you sure on the R32 part on eny getting them ?
  5. Question if the R179s getting taken off the A,C and J does that mean the R160s will touch the C again ? and does that mean the R32s will touch the J as well just curious that's all cause I was just wondering.
  6. Welp #3976,3977 and #3978 made it to FP for the night then made it back to FB for today it's on the B41 and B46 rn. Also #3973 and #3974 is still at FB.
  7. #7174 and #7171 to FB from UP Depot RN there both doing the B41 and to mention #7620 is operating on it as well.
  8. Nahh #3979 and #3980 is not at FP. Its operating on the B41 as we speak so we gotta wait on those transferring. And those units I mention there at Base.
  9. #3966,#3972 and #3975 to ENY from FB Depot. #3976,#3977 and #3978 is back home to FP from FB Depot #4601 to CS from FB and #4601 is doing a run on the Q44 as we speak.
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