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  1. Interesting but it seems that ENY is short and is loaning off #7273 from FP rn it's running on the Q56 as we speak hopefully it's a loaner and not an actual transfer but we will shall see.
  2. #5441 was hasn't been in service since it touched KB Depot is finally on today some operator signed it as a Q1 rn in the depot.
  3. Also to keep this noted the tmg roster says #6624 is at FP Depot a ex Eny Depot unit. I cant remember if that unit was retired or got reactivated but it's at pond apparently.
  4. #6619 now trackable currently tracking the B84 as we speak.
  5. Welp another wish came true with pond getting 6800s finally.
  6. Looks like the TMG roster didnt update the roster for ENY depot but #6619 is back from the dead is at ENY Depot.
  7. So rn ENY Depot is running #4835 on the B82 SBS rn nicely done.
  8. That's odd but not to suprising they did reactivated the Rts and Orion VII CNG before but for this I'm assuming they did it because the situation with eny being short idk for sure I dont even know if the other units will get reactivated or just this one but for now its alive again... also this unit is like #7818 that one didnt track on the bus trackers at the time funny moment to me.
  9. The fleet runs all day but not the R32s as I should say which are running less now later on in the day more comes out on the line until late night sometimes I see some get taken oos at Euclid and 168th and a R179 would pop out and or a R46.
  10. Theres been a decreasing amount of R32s out on the and lately but this week I've seen them on the except in the morning I usually now see about 2 in service then later on more come out on the for rush hours at least 3 -4 come out. For the it's about one in the morning then another one comes out for the pm rush hour so there be about 2 one to lefferts and then the other to far rock which I mostly miss and instead end up catching the lefferts bound one. I didnt spot no R32 yesterday along 8th Ave even tho I wasnt along there for long I was shocked to say the least. I know usually see more R46s pop out there be 2 out on the I'm not sure how much the has now but ik its 2 when I do fan them along the line.
  11. #4449 is now at ENY Depot from Grand and also has got washed and looks really clean it was at ENY depot yesterday doing runs on the B14 and stayed overnight now today is tracking on the B12 I dont wanna fully say it's a transfer because recently ENY depot been loaning off buses from Grand so ima go on a bunch and say this is a loaner as well.
  12. Wow I literally just rode them sets even #3400 that was another good set smh.
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