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  1. I tend to determine which stops become expresses based on potential ridership as opposed to distance. Kinda like how the determines LTD and SBS stops along busy bus routes.
  2. If you take a look at my train map (https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1xxOviuFLs1P8LiFK-DurKk2yPp54nKbV&ll=40.755252902715426%2C-73.886925&z=10), the line would extend as a fully local service from Bell Boulevard to the Hudson Yards station, with the latter end terminating at a lower level platform below the existing one. Though I do have a third track included in my plan (between the Broadway intersection and 164th Street next to the LIRR Broadway station), I haven't considered introducing express service as the stations along the are more widely spaced than those on the . On the other hand, the following stations would be provisional express stops: 54 St-Broadway, Junction Blvd, Main-Union Sts, 164 St, 192 St, and Bell Blvd. The rest of the stations along the route would be all-train stops.
  3. Then it would've been "logical" for the IND to build a Northern Boulevard subway parallel to the if their primary goal was to push the IRT and BMT out of business. After all, no other subway line serves Queens north of the Queens Boulevard Line except the to Astoria and the to Flushing.
  4. It's too late to extend the past Main Street; the stubs that would've been used for such an extension are now blocked by a new entrance that got built when the station was renovated in the mid-1990s. Gotta admit that it would've been much, much better if a Northern Boulevard subway was included in the blueprints for the original IND subway of the 1930s. Feels puzzling that a Concourse Line parallel to the on Jerome was included but not an adjacent line to the , especially taking into account that some parts of the original IND are overbuilt.
  5. I plan to build the tracks at the same level as the express tracks along Northern Boulevard between 36th Street and Broadway; I'll post track maps soon.
  6. Thoughts? https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1xxOviuFLs1P8LiFK-DurKk2yPp54nKbV&ll=40.75917812494056%2C-73.9353563574515&z=13
  7. After noticing a lot of support for a Northern Boulevard/50th Street subway, these are the stations I plan to include for the route: Queens: Bayside-Bell Blvd* (LIRR at Bayside) Auburndale-192 St* (LIRR at Auburndale) Murray Hill-162 St (LIRR at Broadway) 154 St 147 St Main-Union Sts Mets-Willets Point (at Seaver Way between 126th and 127th Streets) 108 St Junction Blvd 83 St 73 St 54 St-Broadway 43 St 36 St Queens Plaza (lower level) Court Sq-23 St (at 45th Avenue and 23rd Street) Manhattan: Lexington Av-50 St 6 Av-Rockefeller Center ( via transfer passageway to Seventh Avenue) 8 Av 42 St-11 Av 34 St-Hudson Yards (lower level) *Stations with an asterisk not finalized in my proposal yet (Route and track maps will come later)
  8. I would have the line under 21st Street go above the tunnel and relocate the current station to the other side of the corridor. One reason why I'm not so cool on an extension to LGA is because there was immense community opposition against this proposal when the first envisioned it in 1999. When it comes to building a new el in any neighborhood these days, it's guaranteed to get struck down by NIMBYs, believe it or not.
  9. Included in my LaGuardia subway proposal is a connection to the 63rd Street Line for a potential SAS service to Manhattan and possibly Brooklyn (via Fulton Street Local). Note that this would require relocating the Queensbridge station to the other side of 21st Street:
  10. This is how I made the track map for the Franklin connection:
  11. Note that the at Whitehall only uses one track, and that train already operates at approximately every 10-12 minutes on weekdays.
  12. But it does connect to various subway lines serving Manhattan: at Astoria Blvd at 40 Av at Court Sq-44 Dr at Metropolitan Av (I haven't included transfer points further south because they're too far) LIRR customers can use the Q70 bus at Woodside to get to the airport.
  13. Eliminated the Brighton extension of the X train. Better? https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=13I9vecZGJDpc7SIpyjtbMZdPGwJW3OaY&ll=40.717339572080135%2C-73.91711000000002&z=12 Approximate fleet size: 13 trains (same as ) Planned frequencies in minutes: AM rush: 10 Middays: 10 PM rush: 10 Evenings: 10-12 Weekends: 10-12 Late nights: 20
  14. If Rikers does close, it's very likely the PANYNJ will buy the island from the city to expand LaGuardia Airport.
  15. Definitely not a good idea to build a station on Rikers Island. That's a jail complex and the DOC is very touchy about outsiders traveling there. Security is tight and a subway station there would surely be opposed by the department, given its propensity to worsen already dangerous conditions at the facilities.
  16. It was me who posted a Northern Boulevard crosstown route under the designation via Google Maps last month, but deleted it afterwards. While I do agree that this corridor is great for a new subway line to alleviate pressure on the , 50th Street doesn't sit well with me because of the corridor's status as a mostly local-only street, a drawback which could inconvenience some riders transferring to north-south services in Manhattan. Rockefeller Center on Sixth Avenue is pretty much the only express station serving 50th Street.
  17. It's true. The line has too many high ridership stations to justify an express service. Local stops along Jerome became more crowded along with the locals serving them when the express used to run, not to mention longer waiting times heading toward Manhattan. Expresses, on the other hand, were flying past those stations half empty. It was a recipe for disaster which led to its demise after just a few months.
  18. and train service will remain unchanged in my plan.
  19. Better yet, have the H routed up 21st Street and the GCP to LaGuardia, and combine it with an underground Franklin Avenue branch for a new through Crosstown service between Queens and Brooklyn. Will certainly help make service along most of the Crosstown Line more frequent without having to sacrifice service along the four-tracked segment of the Culver Line to make way for more frequent service.
  20. And my X proposal is aimed at making the Franklin corridor more useful in addition to providing a one-seat subway ride to LaGuardia Airport. If NIMBYs in Astoria didn't want the extension because they rejected an el outside their homes, an underground line via 21st Street and the Grand Central Parkway would likely alleviate their complaints. I admit that it won't come cheap, given how ridiculously expensive it was to build Phase 1 of the SAS. If it were to be built after WWII, that's a different story.
  21. I get your point there, but wouldn't that be inconvenient for passengers? There would be confusion as to which platform to board at if you'll have trains terminating at both of the outermost tracks.
  22. I suppose the crossover reconfiguration could be better presented graphically as opposed to words.
  23. In that case you'll need to use the layups at Bedford-Nostrand to build them, and even then it'll lead to a bottleneck between locals and expresses at that station. Realistically speaking, I don't see sufficient demand along the Crosstown Line to warrant an express service. It would be more logical for trains via Franklin Avenue to run local and supplement the , given that it's not possible to increase service along this route alone. This is due to the sharing of track space with the more popular train south of Bergen Street, which means the gets more priority since it serves Manhattan. I can see that his H proposal closely mirrors my X proposal with a couple of differences. Another thing to note, however, is that Prospect Park can only handle up to 6 TPH when used as a terminal from Franklin Avenue, given the design of the track layout at that station. Same with the at Whitehall which also has only one track for terminating trains.
  24. But the Crosstown Line doesn't have express tracks...
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