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  1. I find the express bus network between Riverdale and Manhattan is pretty unique. The BxM1 to East Midtown, the BxM2 to West Midtown and the BxM18 to Downtown (rush hours only). Who knows what the could do to this and the rest of The Bronx's express bus network.
  2. I'm just wondering... As the New York bus network is being revamped, will the keep or change the local route prefixes (B, Bx, M, Q, S) currently being used?
  3. I managed to track bus #5205 on BusTime and see it operate on the B54 route this morning from my apartment window. It's been a long while since I've seen an RTS bus on the B54, but it was great to see one (and one from the 1998-99 group, at that) operating along Myrtle Avenue again.
  4. I haven't posted anything on these forums in a very long time. So with that said... I always enjoy watching express trains rush past local stations. My favorite viewing areas include the 59th Street-Columbus Circle station on the line in Manhattan and the Woodhaven Boulevard station on the and lines in Queens.
  5. Oh, okay. Thank you for clearing that up. After I saw the "MTA New York City Bus" label on some of MTABC's buses, my thinking was that NYCT and MTABC were going to share the same label while remaining separate agencies of the MTA.
  6. Is it just me, or are buses operated by MTA Bus Company beginning to use the "MTA New York City Bus" label that New York City Transit buses use? I've already seen a few MTABC buses with the label on the sides and rear. Is the "MTA Bus" label about to be phased out?
  7. I saw Nova Bus LFS articulated bus #5351 yesterday on Flatbush Avenue Extension at Myrtle Avenue heading south towards Flatbush Depot.
  8. These are some very interesting bus transfers by the MTA. I have yet to see the New Flyer XD40 "Xcelsior" buses operate on an East New York Depot route (namely the B25). Also, I'm looking forward to the transfer of the B7 bus route to the Fresh Pond Depot. I can't wait to see the Orion VII Next Generation hybrid buses operating on that route!
  9. All I have to say is that I wish Joe Lhota the best of luck in his mayoral run.
  10. I must say the IND Eighth Avenue Line is pretty diverse when it comes to the subway car types currently used on the line.
  11. Here's a SATA bus route: #346. It operates between Fort Carson, SA and the Redsands section of Las Venturas, SA via Julius Thruway West. Communities served: Fort Carson Redsands West Redsands East
  12. Yes, B35 fam, but only one. Known as the #56, the route operates between Los Santos City Hall and the Los Santos Forum, serving El Corona, Willowfield, Playa del Seville and East Beach.
  13. The Q46 route because it doesn't operate out of a Brooklyn Division depot.
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