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  1. if he did IF being the key word obviously then definitely would be very bad on the t/o part. According to my friend the T/O is a class act family man with kids of his own including a daughter so it's highly unlikely that he would have that reaction to hearing such an atrocity being reported.
  2. Whatever happened to hearing both sides of the story before bashing someone? I know by face the T/O that's being talked about and one of my friends knows the T/O first hand since they were in the same schoolcar class when they started. My friend saw the G2 submitted to supervision and I won't go into details on that since those are privacy issues but based on what I heard from my friend the T/O followed protocol 100%. I feel for the victim because no woman should have to go through such a disgusting ordeal but by the same token I don't get the part that she's not upset at the guy that commited the act but she's upset at the crew/mta because of her perception that supposedly he T/O rolled his eyes and thought that he was annoyed. Never assume anything. Facts are what and should be the only thing that matter.
  3. When you get called back for final processing they will be hanging on one of the walls in the waiting area. At least they were when I went for final processing. If not just ask one of the workers there.
  4. Congratulations success. TA18 & 19 up next. Exactly 3 more weeks to go. Looking forward to sign in sheet that day.
  5. Good job on your part. This way your conscience is clear and you don't have that thought in your head constantly. Regarding picking divisions this is my point of view from a rookie's standpoint which I am (Nov 2012 induction). Not knowing the ropes and being naive I initially wanted and if would've been allowed, I would've picked into the B division. My reason for that was I thought since the B division has more lines I'd get more opportunity for work there. So during orientation when they started calling people up to the table to pick the div that they wanted to work in I was fully ready to say B div. Fortunately by the time they got to me the B div was full and the TSS said "OK everyone else that's left is going to the A div". That day I was bummed out but today I can truly say its been a blessing for two reasons. The first and most important reason is the commute. I live in the Bronx and believe me the crew office has cooperated with me and kept me close to home I'll say 98% of the times. Believe me, there's nothing worse than looking at the assignment sheets to find out where you have to report the next day and seeing that it says somewhere in Brooklyn when you live in the Bx. There are many days where you are working for 10, 11 and 12 hours and the last thing you need is another hour plus to get home after a long day at work. That extra hour that you don't have to commute is time that you get to spend with the family and that is priceless since you don't get to do alot of that other than on your RDO's. The second reason is that it's an easier div and there's no question about that. Less equipment, less possibility of taking a wrong lineup. True, its a quicker turnaround in schoolcar than the B div but as far as getting your feet wet and learning to operate, the A div is definitely the way to go. Eventually I want to do the B div just for the experience but that'll be whenever I decide that I want to and more importantly can do it since you can only transfer when there's a job available for you to pick. So that being said if you're fortunate and can pick your div during orientation (unlike me that I was forced into the A div "blessing") you might want to think about the two reasons that I just detailed and take it into consideration and make a decision. Ultimately its your own decision and one that you'll have to live with for a while.
  6. A day, a week, a month or a year were in the same title with no difference except time in title. So I agree. Let's move it along my fellow "T/O".
  7. Trust me on this. I don't give a rats you know what about what anyone does. My concern is getting from point A to point B safely and on time. You on the other hand do seem to be worrying about what others do since you're the one that's seeing the incident reports that are meant for supervision ;-). And just a FYI I've been out of Schoolcar for a year now.
  8. Yeah I figured that part out when you said that you were still moving trains. I believe you've been around long enough to know that those reports are for supervision "only" since it contains full names of all involved in any incident that may have occurred. When I was in Schoolcar our TSS' would read 1 of those reports per week as a form of opening up our eyes to different things that could go wrong and to try to avoid it in the future. But the most important thing that our TSS' did were to make sure to protect the privacy of whomever was involved T/O, C/R, responding TSS or anybody else for that matter. Obviously you have some special privilege or "connection" that allows you to be informed of all incidents and more importantly who was involved in such incidents in RTO.
  9. Move trains? Thought you were supervision since you "look at the incident reports".
  10. Yes Sir it changed indeed. Tour and RDO's changed. I got what I wanted thought with my tour. Wont complain at all about RDO's. I cared more about the tour change. Thank you crew office.
  11. Agree completely with your post. The "myth" as you say is the sticking point. No where in writing does it say that the trainer will not be held accountable. There were 2 reasons that the T/O's didn't want to take students 5% of the times they just didn't want to deal with it. The other 95% of the times was because there were a bunch of times were something happened and they wanted to hold the trainer accountable. Many times trainers even apologized and told me don't take it personal but the 2 hours that they get paid weren't worth the risk of what could happen if something happened during the training. If there's something in writing stating that we won't be held accountable then ill take students as soon as the opportunity arises again. But if not ill wait to be off probation. Nothing personal. Just looking to make probation right now.
  12. I to have been out of Schoolcar almost 3 months now. No incidents and I've been told by all the TSS and conductors that I've worked with that my operation is outstanding. That being said no way I would take a student while on probation. Now the first say I'm off probation ill take all students that come my way. I hated when I was road posting and saw some of these guys act as if we just called their mother something when they were asked if they wanted a student. And the most idiotic statement of all "you're from the streets". Yeah and so are you. Nobody was born in TA. At some point in time we all came from the streets. The only difference is that some of us were lucky enough to come off the streets and straight to T/O. Ill never forget we're I came from and will take all students. As soon as I'm off probation.
  13. I don't know about color helmet's restrictions regarding electronic devices but I and everyone in RTO knows that electronic devices are strictly prohibited while on duty for T/O's & C/R's. As we were told by many TSS' "not even in sight". Having it in sight while on duty are grounds for immediate termination. My class "Nov 12" inquired about having the rule book on our devices in order to have less weight to carry around and we were shot down immediately. TSS Leonard told us like this. "If I board your train and come in your cab and ask you for your rule book and you pull out your phone to show it to me can I take you out of service?" Needless to say it wasn't brought up again. Personally I wish it were allowed this way we would have less to carry around. If You observe closely, out of 10 operators 9 have huge backpacks.
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