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  1. Wasn't some of the MCIs >2250 rejected? They were sold to NJT?
  2. MTA NovaBus RTS 9207 for sale on PropertyRoom <a href="https://www.propertyroom.com/l/1996-nova-rts-brooklyn-ny-11214/11926092#"> NovaBus 9207</a>
  3. I must have missed when the NOVAs got bike racks on the S53. I thought they only had them on certain 7000 series Orion VIIs.
  4. Anyone see how Yukon was using the outside lot again to store express buses along Forest Hill Road? Are they overcrowded again?
  5. Who's bright idea to put the temporary plate on the actual outside of the bus?
  6. We had RTS for many years on Staten Island. They can definitely handle here. Last round of RTS were the 93XX-95XXs we had for a while.
  7. Bus 2527 on the X2. Since when is there a "TO" on the destination sign (if it does say TO)?
  8. I saw 2146 ass up on a tow heading towards Manhattan on the Gowanus. Looks like it had some parts removed.
  9. What was the reason they were rejected in the first place?
  10. What are those Ex-NYBS MCI's going to be renumbered to? (7423-7428)?
  11. Any chance they would send RTS back to Staten Island for now so they can kill off the Orion Vs? The older RTSs being retired I think are in better shape than the younger Orion Vs.
  12. 2400 I believe is repainted since I saw it now with a Blue Stripe on the front on the Belt Pkwy.
  13. I would agree scrap. 6311 is sitting outside under Yukon across from Costco. The fire appears to have been in the engine - a/c area. I passed by there before and also appears to have a bent frame from the rear to the roof.
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