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  1. With those claims I'm assuming you're an RCI at Westchester right?
  2. RTOMan & Andrew great posts.
  3. Does anyone know when this exam expires?
  4. Well if folks really cared so much about that then they should go ride a tour bus or something... I don't get the big hoobla about tech trains, but whatever ©harlie riders will get their techs soon enough... "The customer is always right"
  5. Welcome to the Mafia! I mean RTO family lol.
  6. We dump when coming into the terminal from the layup too, it that's what he meant.
  7. Looks like Snowblock forgot to change the signs, take him OOS!
  8. Tell that to the TA, I wouldn't be surprised if once this shit is system wide the amount of motormen suddenly decreases.
  9. Lol dan you're crazy... and all B div trains are shitcans
  10. Would've been cool if the MTA installed cbtc equipment while they're rebuilding but it wouldent have been cost effective... Anyways great news for you queens riders
  11. Random... The suspension in the r142as are incredible compared to the 62/s but the trains buck hard whenever you come to a break
  12. Haven't posted here in a while... Anyways for the b div T/0 s do the r46's have door enablers??

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