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  1. Have some faith brother..they're hiring through the end of next year.
  2. I have a 10 year old felony and I work for transit as a train operator. Be truthful, have disposition papers for every conviction and you'll be fine. good luck
  3. Last day of school car for me. Time to pound the road and get through probation. Good luck to you all
  4. Unfortunately, the list will expire before they call you. Sorry. Usually within 2 weeks, but then again, this is transit. Congrats!
  5. This monday I'll be on my final week of posting. The following week consists of the final exam and road practical. Lord willing I'll be out of school car 12/22. My advice to all the recent inductees is as follows. Study Signals, read your induction book through and thoroughly. Study signals, don't be nervous or get intimidated, YOU are the train operator, you control the train don't let it control you! Study signals, study rule book and memorize the rules that pertains to your title, study signals, and most importantly, pay attention! Get enough rest. It sucks when you're tired and locked in that cab with nothing but clanking steel to listen to and no one to talk to. Good luck everyone!
  6. Actually, A Division training is 7 months and the B Division is 9 months
  7. You hand it in at the very end to your interviewer.
  8. F#©*ing A!!! Your the man RTO. Couldn't gave said it better myself.
  9. On situations like this, the event recorders on the train as well as on the signals well save you. It's the brighter side of ATS
  10. You can pretty much count on 8 hour days until you start posting, but I wouldn't count on the 0730 start, they're doing night schoolcar as well.
  11. ATS can either with for you or against you. If you go out and know what you're doing and be attentive then you should not fear ATS. Hit a signal? Overran a station? Be truthful and consider it to be lube.
  12. Yes, you get to pick, given that there is still room in the division you want when called upon to pick. Promotionals get first pick then they call the OC guys in seniority order. The A Division has fewer equipment than the B. Training is 3 months less also. You have to learn the same, rules, signals, etc. Operation is relatively the same, you just have to learn the technical part for each equipment.
  13. September 2016 Alright!! Moves me up in seniority..lol. Seriously though, I'm happy more people are coming in. Congrats to those who made the June class.
  14. In TA-28 we have TSS's Smith & Richardson and they're great. On top of that we have a small group of 7 and we all get along well. Good luck to all in schoolcar.
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