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  1. how does picking terminals work out? For example..would crees working out of New lots have more seniority than crews working out of 148 on the 3 line?
  2. so which line is higher in seniority..the A or the C?
  3. I was wondering..are the T/O’s and C/R’s on the C train just ppl who couldn’t pick the A train or just ppl that prefer the C train?
  4. Which terminal is more senior? Parkchester or Pelham Bay Park?
  5. How about the 7 line..it’s not that long for one round trip..is that a rookie line too?
  6. Lol I️ kno I️ just put it in the right section this time
  7. I’ve seen ppl say in some of these forums that the 6 train is a rookie line..but I’ve seen some veterans on there..why is that?and why do ppl pick to work the 6?
  8. Oh ok..I️ had a feeling it would be because of that too
  9. Oh ok.. i thought maybe it was for the rookies or something
  10. But why do c/r’s and t/o’s wear them when operating a train?
  11. What is the most veteran line and the most rookie line in both the A division and B division and why?
  12. I’ve noticed to some subway c/r’s and t/o’s wear an orange and neon vests and some don’t..why is that and what is this vest required for?
  13. Like the b15,the b82 has runs that interline with other ENY routes as well..I would like to know which routes does it interline with and how many of those runs are straight?
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