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  1. A zoom-ins lens would been an alternative from their cameras. But, scenario would've been the same plus social distancing is ignored.
  2. R42 farewell units 4826-4827 are the new "work" service cars, currently out of C.I.
  3. 9668-9672. Saw it the other day on the Anyways, just a pointer that seeing the and lines, the R160 pool for each line is about 3-4 each. The is random as it can rotated from the at Astoria terminal. The , it's shared with Coney Island Yard, few days ago, saw about 4 4-car trains each (2 8-car trains).
  4. 7454 LGA link wrap removed and sent back to regular local service
  5. It was sitting at Harway Av with UP stickers attached few hours ago.
  6. There are 10 8-car trains at ENY, R32 class cars. Prepped for tomorrow. However, there will be security on the front of each train.
  7. 7659, 7660, 7661 and 7662 are used on the B82-SBS. Still has the aqua blue paint.
  8. The back door boarding for local routes won't be forever.
  9. 8993-8997 w/ 9003-9007: at Jamaica Yard from Coney Island.
  10. Does the parking on streets get affected if a standard route is converted to an artic? Like the B38 on Onderdonk and Seneca Avs
  11. KB gained 2 smartbus LFSAs. However, the total is enough to cover service with spares on their articulated routes. GH lost 12 buses. Although, 5 remained and kept as they are spares from the pool. If anything, they can move like 2-4 out to either KB or GH from TU or WF. LFSAs that is.
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