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  1. Scratch off 6829 from the scrap list for now. It's currently at Zerega facility.
  2. Images from the camera presented to this year, 2021. Enjoy! With extras
  3. At 74 St-Broadway, there are countdown clocks that's now in the voice of Bernie Wagenblast on the line, who announces minutes and arrival in stations in the IRT Division from 1 to 6 and 42nd St Shuttle.
  4. I'm wondering on the X28: The route in Brooklyn ends at Canal Av by the Shore Pkwy expressway on weekday middays. On weekends, it runs to W.37 St via Surf Av where the B36 ends. Is it because of reduced headways in transportation during weekends that the route extends south of Canal Av?
  5. To answer that, it's a no. After 265, it went to 320 a long time back (C40s)
  6. 2290: Charleston to Castleton 3203: Yonkers to Eastchester
  7. This affects the rush hour via Sea Beach, but, not a big one since it's 1-4 trains during the rush. They usually put the R160s exclusively on that routing, but, it's mixed with the R46s. Most times, it's put as "To 96 St/Manhattan". Nowadays, an R68/A gets thrown on there and signs are all over departing 96 St/2 Av to Coney Island. Plus, there's leftover R160s popping up more often on the due to the multiple terminals, minus the with 1 terminal each from A to B.
  8. About the R46s, when the had the "96 St/2 Av, via BRIGHTON and BROADWAY" codes added. Does it affect only the Coney Island group (5482-5877) or that it's out of all the R46s in the system (A/C lines with 5878-6258 group) ?
  9. There are specific number of trains that goes OOS during the night if that happens on Sunday. There's a reason why C.I, Concourse and Stillwell Yards have B's lined up in formation (affecting early morning put-ins). Trains cannot be organized and moved around at yards around 4 AM, that's when the starts passenger service.
  10. 42 St Shuttle service are suspended during weekdays to allow the connection project to be worked on. Except for weekends, as a link from Times Square to Grand Central as trains will not be running this month in Manhattan.
  11. I think it's b.c of the being moved to Coney Island Yard. It's easier space at Jamaica Yard or easy deadhead from Church Av to C.I Yard. And, the introduction of the Second Av Subway is how more R46s showed up on the line. Back in September 2019, on a Saturday, the had 1 R46 while the rest are tech train R160s.
  12. 8313-8376 are on the for CBTC and bypass for the , 8377-8608 are grouped units for the that'll be in the CBTC process tomorrow on Queens Blvd and 53 St, 8609-8652, 9943-9974 are on the at that time.
  13. At this time, the new subway cars on the line may only happen during the weekday rush hour as trippers only from the and lines. But, for the trains new cars, they were moved to the line and b.c of the new signaling process at Queens Blvd so far. Later on, 53 St in Manhattan. -- The swap went like this: the amount of old trains (R46s) that were on the were moved to the lines as the new techs did the exchange. This happened with the as some sets were switched to the vice-versa. Which then lead to the switching with the line. The leftover techs were left in amounts of 3-4 each on the and lines. However, they were placed on Astoria's lines in the end.
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