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  1. By tonight, all MCIs/Prevost will cover up the coin section on the farebox.
  2. I apologize but the already mentioned is stuck on my head knowing what time to get pancakes from Ihop
  3. 7802, 7803, 7804, 7805, 7806: Fresh Pond
  4. It's inside the depot but visible in the walking street. *If you don't mind gates in the picture
  5. Not to go off-topic, 121 is still at KB but not used with the words through the window "Do not use".
  6. For the standards, after 7365, that was it.. They stop making new pages in a book.
  7. For those who use Express buses on commutes, this is a reminder that starting the 21st (Easter), coins will not be accepted on-board the coach bus (according to paper statement)
  8. That may change with the incoming 7800s on its way. The remainders are on their way to the finish line.
  9. Starting the 27th (Saturdays), trains will have the headways to 4 minutes from 5-6 minutes. Maybe, Sunday will change as well for the . An add on for the METS fans. -- Also, with the upcoming train: there will only be 10-12 trains total on weekends.
  10. 7556 has TV advertisements on-board the car besides 7848.

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