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  1. For refresh in details at MHV, removed units are 6604-6606, 6631-6636, 6638-6642, 6644-6651, 6653-6654, 6656, 6658-6659, 6661-6669, 6671-6689. Some gaps on the list are at LGA, MTA Bus with 6637 at Zerega. *6689 made its last run on Friday, August 17th on the M10.
  2. in Manhattan, most at Manhattanville with a few at Mother Clara Hale.
  3. 6675 is at MHV but with the words "Do not use" with no farebox
  4. 4245-4278 are all off SBS S79 service at Manhattanville to refresh the details here 8719-8729 all at Yukon 6097 at Michael J Quill
  5. https://www.amny.com/transit/mta-bus-schedule-1.35151835?fbclid=IwAR09wIrgTq5sXQ5YSBpoGJABP1YsXrIKLdbXqnuWjudyNGFb76uQtTIqHT4 A link to note: maps being removed at bus stops
  6. Has the Central Park West and Queens Blvd line pick up a lot of passengers during the late night hours going Express? such as 2 AM. Previously, the used to be an all Express service in Manhattan but that was a long time ago. Also, with the , when the Clark St tube construction is in-effect, the route goes Express during the weekends instead of Local in Manhattan. Is there an increase to ridership for Express service overnight?
  7. 1284 unwrapped but shows SBS in the front edit: unit was mentioned on the list. 1280 was unwrapped.
  8. https://new.mta.info/system_modernization/servicechanges/gunhillrdsouth?fbclid=IwAR15oKYKlqSqCOawHIZxvbtu32VWRRKhQpS969jLfk91NcontBNPkTI-gfU trains are bypassing Gun Hill, this time going south starting September 13.
  9. An went over the line at Bway-Layfayette St at 6PM to Coney Island. With a on the line tracks ending at 2nd Av as well today.
  10. Dropback = meal/rest (taking a break) at the terminal of the route
  11. The next few days may be interesting to see a refurbished R62A to be in-service on the
  12. Tuskegee has 4: 1236, 1239, 1244, 1247 but that could change

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