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  1. To add on, the R32s doesn't support social distancing as there can be passengers surrounding the cabs hence the going to sleep (suspended). -Shortage of crews meaning loss so, the is filling in. However, Alpha's trip one-way is over 2 hours. Hopefully, things would be better soon.
  2. Speaking of the , if CBTC is in effect on the QBL line, can the cars 8313-8376 be coupled to 8377-8652? Except 8376 is on bypass or having the QBL CBTC option.
  3. Not to be rude on this, but, currently, the loans aren't known as transfers. Currently, units currently from other depots will rotate b.c of the outbreak (details on the outbreak is on EastFlatbushLarry's reponse).
  4. The resume button won't be active till this situation clears up but yes.
  5. It was there few months ago with UP stickers attached.
  6. Currently, the and are running normally on the essential plan (weekend headways).
  7. Currently, the B100 is running every 20 minutes between the Kings Hwy Station and E.66 St / Strickland Av. The peak 5 min headways aren't running till the situation is resolved.
  8. Not really. Just a few color circles on some 46s (not every one). Yellow = Jamaica, Blue Diamond = Pitkin -> That was before.
  9. trains are running 8-car trains to address social distancing, seen on video .
  10. I heard the 42nd St Shuttle is suspended tomorrow by 9:30 PM. However, the website sites the next phase in work on Monday, April 6th. Is the shuttle next phase cancelled then? https://new.mta.info/system_modernization/42ndstreet/shuttleservice
  11. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-transit-tests-11-car-train-means-alleviating-f-line-overcrowding-article-1.361516
  12. From the updates by mta.info, this is what I've looked at by headway measure of essential travel: - every 15 minutes. : both 15 minutes. However, during the day: The runs via the after E.180 St to Brooklyn College. During overnights, the and switch places. and : Approx. 10 minutes : Every 20 minutes. : 10 minutes between Inwood-207 St to Rock Blvd, long trip as it'll make local stops. : 10 minutes Queens Blvd --> and : 20 minutes per line. The is 15 minutes. Crosstown is every 20 minutes. The Canarsie-14 St is every 10 minutes. : Every 20 minutes. : Every 20 minutes And the being 10-15 minute headways. , and , and : 0 minutes.
  13. Has the Express routes picked up some passengers during the weekday even though most of Manhattan is empty?
  14. Bypassing the station until a given date is updated .
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