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  1. Not yet, this was just placed in the 43 count from the first page
  2. 2018-2019 XD-40 structure list (7851-7905 TBD) Jamaica: 7484-7507, 7699-7705, 7753-7778, 7835-7838 = 61 Grand Av: 7520-7530, 7725-7733, 7821-7834 = 34 Fresh Pond: 7508-7519, 7706-7723, 7738-7752 , 7802-7820 = 65 Flatbush: 7615-7662 (48 for B46+) East New York: 7663-7684 (22 for B82+) + 7685-7693, 7779-7784 (7785-7787) 7788-7801 - 29/32 = 54 Michael J Quill: 7572 (at Jamaica for now), 7573-7614 (43) Ulmer Park: 7531-7545, 7552-7567, 7839-7848 (41) West Farms: 7546-7551, 7568-7571, 7694-7698, 7734-7737, *7849-7850 = 21
  3. Looking at Old Fulton St and Water St. Seeing it as a two way street by the Bridge. When the buses leave during the past festival, all the cars got to make that U-turn. Also, Surf Av by Stillwell Av, the streets were restored (happened a while back). The streets, however, the two way has a higher elevation (or a small hill) than it has before.
  4. The will be at 2nd Av with the nonstop weekends till 2020. 3 lines in one terminal is a problem.
  5. Was the weekend headways recently changed? Before, it used to be 8-10 minutes for each train arrival but ended up being a 15 min wait.
  6. I heard the 3rd set is now in-service.
  7. Cuomo customed cars are on the and . However, there are some trains with the pride marking with all the subway lines in one heart.
  8. 3263-3267 coming to 207 St, Pitkin Yard soon. 3rd set 3253-3262 still testing.
  9. I heard it was swapped with busfest that just happened this past Sunday.
  10. June 13th (tomorrow). Actually before the new season.
  11. https://www.nytransitmuseum.org/program/paradeoftrains2019/2019-09-28/?fbclid=IwAR1pKLKzeBldRK0V42FHbowXA1L6ADHvc3hI7sD670_Uq0s5j--m7vIEzSg The Parade of Trains will make its mark in the autumn season
  12. This summer, you can ride the Q70 for free (until September 2nd that is)
  13. I believe that was 3238-3247. It was at Metrotech to Lefferts Blvd at 6:50PM

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