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  1. They basically do the same thing, use whichever one you like. He definitely did in many ways, he flipped the state of Toronto’s transit system so I had no doubt he would do good for us. I do hope the gets better from here, at its current state though, that sounds like a hilarious thing to say.
  2. Everyone I know has been freaking out over the possible removal of the Q53 for a few days, and rightly so. The Q53 easily beats out the Rockaway in ridership and usually time during peak hours and properly serves the area. Keeping the 52, when riders in that area have the and Q22 (soon QT22) and prefer to use that, seems like an arrogant move to those on the west side, and those needing to go to work and schools in it. Reinstating the 53 in the summer is nothing but damage control. A lot of people going into the peninsula will clog westward 22's once they reach the Beach 90's, and the problem will get worse for new riders when it has delays, or the bridge goes up. Any way the slices it, they'll have a huge opposition with this plan, and I wouldn't be surprised if they scrapped it immediately, hopefully eventually...
  3. The is a public agency and it cannot go explicitly bankrupt in NYS. They would be well underfunded and changes within the agency would have to occur, but they cannot file for Chapter 7 or 11.
  4. Not at all, the extra MTAPD forces are intended to combat farebeating and homeless troubles to my knowledge in certain stations. They pretty much serve as assistance to the NYPD.
  5. There is no service in both directions between Broad Channel and Far Rockaway Mott Av because a customer was struck by a train at Beach 25 St. Use the Q22 or Q52 as ’s will run to 116, the LIRR will accommodate metrocard holders as well at Far Rockaway LIRR station. — Beach 25st seems to be a hotspot for these incidents in the past decade.
  6. Correct, (for wally) It lies on the former Rockaway Beach Branch track, but it never served any LIRR trains to my knowledge as it was built and opened alongside the racetracks renovation (around 1959). Which was after the LIRR line closed. Map below was before the RBB closed i believe. The MTA is the one to blame for not making the racetrack stop southbound after it was built, as they rejected the proposal to do so earlier in the decade.
  7. Haven't met anyone, but I saw @Around the Horn in early July taking photos of an R179 at Mott Av. (was when my profile picture was taken). I didn't realize it was him shooting the photos until now when I looked through his flikr and saw the photos were dated the same. Wish I'd known sooner, small world...
  8. Good, much newer member here but I also enjoy NYCT as well. hows Philly btw?
  9. You're cutting service basically to a portion of a line and not providing back any service in return, the cut would give less service south and north of 34 and be a bottleneck at the terminal which reduces tph on the . The can still run express, but cutting the line makes it harder for the and other IRT lines to run.
  10. Supplemental lines are part of the backbone of the system, simply put. Running most lines without them would leave a lot on the plate for primary lines to take care of. The would need to terminate at the 's northern terminal occasionally to not lose service there, and the wouldn't be able to scale services very easily without them. If the IRT turns into a mess as it often does, less service could make troubles more likely. The current setup isn't completely optimal, though i wouldn't encourage cutting the by any means. Do you know any current ways to increase off peak service (on any line), by chance? what a troll 😒, reported.
  11. More specifically, R160's have shorter dwell times at stops, and break down less than the R46's. Newer trains on the crowded line prove to work better than old ones so a plurality remains R160s. The is also slated to get CBTC soon, any SMEE (like the 46's) simply wont work on the soon. The 46's last frequently ran on the in the late 2000's
  12. How ridiculous, seems like Catherine got a little too🧂 over the article... must've revealed a bit too much eh? In all seriousness though, complete props to @Via Garibaldi 8 and others like @Union Tpke who protest and find broken cracks like these in the system, cant give you people enough credit. MTA is putting customers at risk through quiet and quick nonsense like this. Catherine barely attempted to cover up the service concerns in the note, and the rushed effort obviously shows. The cuts so far seem to be intended to be sporadic and random where they slip by us at whim, so far it hasn't happened one bit...
  13. It's about getting the power and holding it, the people are rarely first priority in such a race. It's a shame to see people like Byford and such getting silenced for keeping up a good fight through this.
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