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  1. I would love to see him even address the situation to begin with! And if he did, he wouldn't last through it without being like...
  2. How long did it last on the express tracks? Just curious May have been a service change if it lasted beyond what was seen in the video
  3. Whiny vapid hipsters make an L train shutdown movie

    Considering many Williamsburg hipsters are becoming as chemically toxic as Chernobyl. Williamsburg will probably look like said area once a bulk of people freak the heck out and move. The thing is, people actually have a good reason to freak and move out of a destroyed soviet city, but Williamsburg, nahhhhhhhhh......
  4. Six years to resolve the subway problems?

    So were not allowed to have opinions? If we don't analyze these proposals, who knows if we'll have a better system or not? Not to mention, not all of us are engineers or people who participated in this plan, so all we can do is analyze how their plans go and affect our system that most of us ride frequently. These ideas are just ideas and who knows if they'll make our system any better, or will take forever, work little and just put the agency in more debt. Also, why do we need to be ahead of other transit systems? Don't we need to get out of the hole the MTA just keeps digging?
  5. R179 Discussion Thread

    Good point: So only less than or around a 1/3 usually even a 1/4 of the with 60ft cars during peak hours will be composed of 179’s. Also, Im not sure if the one R68 set on the line will stay, or go to other lines once the 179’s come. This question was probably already answered, so no need to be detailed.
  6. R179 Discussion Thread

    24 5 car sets, or roughly 120 individual cars, for reference, the has a bit above 300 individual cars in service. So R179s definitely are enough to cover a vast majority of the fleet. Many R46’s are leaving the so the fleet will consist of: -Roughly Half R179s -A majority of R32’s from and -Little to few R46s
  7. R179 Discussion Thread

    Yes, and it’ll get most if not all 5 car R179 sets, the first set will go in service likely soon or maybe in mid 2018 but there’s no specific date. All R179’s thatll eventually be on the will be on that line by the time of the Canarsie shutdown. Website I use for rolling stock: http://www.thejoekorner.com/carassignments/bmt-ind-2018-01-12.htm Hoped any of this helped.
  8. R179 Discussion Thread

    It's been a LONG while since that was the case! Most R44's/46's have been on that line for dinosaur years.
  9. Transit Transit newsmagazine/In transit NY1

    I usually don't talk about grammar, but good lord (dont take that offensively), if you mean keeping or eliminating tapes with transit related guff. In my opinion, sure, keep it, and try archiving or recording it to digital form if you can, tapes like VHS and BETAMAX (lol, nobody used Betamax) degrade pretty badly after lots of usage or just sitting around in dust for a while, if it's really important, and cant archive it after holding onto it for a while, you could like the above post mentioned, sell it.
  10. "The MTA said the audit made several critical mistakes, calling its sample size too small. The agency also said the refresher course has graded assessments to guide further training — but they’re not pass or fail tests like the audit described." Having a larger sample size certainly makes a difference, but when will the MTA learn it's point? Can't they just see their amount of well trained and refreshed employees are diminishing, and at an increasingly prevelant rate, just like the stability of the systems they run? Which may have a noticeable correlation with each other. Sure, the MTA has tons of employees, it's NYC, but none of them will get better or stay safe when the audit states a potentially large amount is getting worse, and the MTA shrugs it off or restate that they always focus upon safety and do little until another catastrophe occurs. Soon hopefully, Once the MTA realizes more and more employees are getting worse due to it's management, which im sure many inside the agency are already aware of, maybe it'll stop drinking Vodka over the audits and take notice.
  11. Good Evening

    Hope you find this forum interesting and useful, I personally came here the same way as you, welcome to the forums!
  12. This guy has some f**king balls...

    His dance was funny, but if he riskfully does that does that again, I swear it wont be long before, you know... He wont have a soft coffin either.
  13. A Sincere Apology

    You've been very controversial on the forums ever since you joined, why? Because you've never let go of the personal problems you spawned, but like what @RR503 said, it's not a matter of mourning over your mistakes and expressing your anger to others in a public environment. I agree with @RR503 in that moving on and making little fuss about something many people aren't even aware of is the best idea. Whether that involves leaving the forums for a while or not? It's not my choice I barely accept your apology (it's just rambling!) but have no anger or hate towards you, in my opinion, feeling less defensive (and being more chill) about topics in the future would be a true apology, your words with emotion are meaningless in this case. I know your young, but you're not a child either.
  14. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Not saying your statement is wrong, but the IRT clocks are quite a bit more reliable than B division countdown clocks. I wouldn't expect it since B division relies on Bluetooth, even half the time, the B division clocks display a plain white screen when im at at station. The IRT clocks can be skeptical at points but I can barely rely on B division clocks at any moment.
  15. R179 Discussion Thread

    My opinon and from what I read on the topic: I dont expect R42's to be removed until after the Canarsie shutdown, my guess of why is the expansion of fleet requirements. So eventually yes, the R179's will phase out the R42's from NYCT operation. I also heard that the might lose all it's R160's eventually from an earlier post, but dont quote me on that.


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