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  1. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Whos paying for all of this? Certainly not the debt ridden MTA, I've said it before and might as well say it again, but I don't see how they'd want to invest time and money into building Reed's lane. It's in an area that would see little ridership for many years, and the MTA likely wouldn't make profit for these many years either. Far Rockaway ridership is growing somewhat noticeably, but to require trains at CBTC headway's? In an area where these trains are still frequently found empty or with 2-3 people in them? The costs of making the Rockaways CBTC would outweigh the positives for this in my opinon, so would making tail tracks, which would make the expansion more expensive and serve little means considering the amount of people who may actually benefit from it. The MTA sees greater potential making 8th av. or Fulton St. CBTC first since those areas are growing quicker than the Rockaways and crowd the line everyday, it would be a better investment. So why would they want to build a costly expansion into what is basically a suburb, with arguably meaningless tail tracks along with the cost of bringing CBTC to the Rockaways, all with little reward and high chance the MTA will further go into dept? I would instead (as @LGA) said, make the Q113/Q114 have lower headway's, and/or make service more reliable since its another (more practical) option you have, and I know how much of a hellhole it can be. Improving the route would benefit much more people than a costly subway expansion or CBTC, and it can certainly be done quicker and cheaper than the former, though that's a conversation for another thread.
  2. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I didn't go to it, but from what I saw on video, everyone looked to behave fine. That Q train surfer must've been different from the parade trains, since it was a Q.
  3. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Q22/Q35 Rockaways Open House

    I would honestly keep the Q35 terminating at 116 for the most part, extending it would be worse for the services reliability and frequency of buses in Brooklyn since it has to go all the way to Mott. Running a bus between 108th st and 75st on Bch. Channel would be air filled as most people who run through or live in the area already have cars. The Rockaway Ferry already has a shuttle bus service and I dont know who would benefit from a limited bus service east of 75st to Mott, seeing as the Q22 would only be a few minutes slower and serve much more people. The only people who would benefit from this are the people at Scholars' or Channel View since many ride the route to Brooklyn or Mott Av., but considering they mostly ride the bus for free with student metrocards, and only would populate the bus at school hours, the route would lose the MTA money by just running it and it wouldn't be for everyone's benefit either. Id rather improve service on the Q22 and make buses more frequent (especially during rush and school hours) before we can talk about extending the Q35.
  4. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Responses in Red
  5. NoHacksJustKhaks

    R188 Discussion Thread

    The R142A 6 trains have actually been in service on the line since 2000, that was back when they were still testing the trains. Making it almost 18 years of NTT service on the line...
  6. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Light Rail in NYC?

    Theres people who believe the BQX is a good idea and there is space to warrant it, but with it's completion date being at the very least 2024, its funding being questioned, and many thinking it would not be a good substitute for the subway to get around (instead made to spur developments and drive up land costs in the region, as an example: Portland Oregons trams, a lot people dont see it as a good idea at all. Of course, what you think of the BQX is solely up to you...
  7. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Light Rail in NYC?

    Well, we have to remember the MTA continues to make these projects like SAS way too expensive and long to make in the first place, and if we want to build an less costly extension to the SAS or any other corridor that needs a subway, it's likely too crowded for a light rail in the first place, so our only option is to make the train cheaper. I feel building light rails city wide will only ignore the issue of subway expansion in general, and why we need to fix it, and I dont feel light rails are good in this regard since building all future expansions with light rail wont give it the aforementioned capacity of an actual subway, speed or ability to last long either, and if your going to build a tunnel just for a light rail due to above ground crowds and traffic, why not just make it an actual subway. Lastly, light rails aren't avoiding being expensive projects that take forever either (just look at the D.C. streetcar), they are still prone to bad politics, becoming over budget and/or vanity projects that dont really need to exist, point is, they can cost tons as well, and it wont change anything about why the MTA is preforming poorly these days. I feel streetcars do have a place in the city, but using them to replace subways and high density areas sounds outlandish to me.
  8. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Meanwhile In Asia... And Practically Everywhere Else...
  9. NoHacksJustKhaks

    R179 Discussion Thread

    You can't send any R32's down on the Rockaway Park since R32's dont allow for one person train operation, at least in it's shorter shuttle form which the always runs on. It can be sent down when it is normal car length similar to the , which can happen in the summer and during other times sporadically, as evidenced by previous events, albeit I think some (if not many or all) of the cars will only have an instead of side sign which isn't super practical anyways for the service. The oldest train that can be sent down on the line when it usually runs is the R46 that allows for OPTO. Which already is happening on the shuttle and is much more simpler.
  10. NoHacksJustKhaks

    How do I edit a post?

    By clicking self explanatory button besides"quote", which you can only do for a short period of time after the post was submitted, once that time passes, you can no longer edit it.
  11. NoHacksJustKhaks

    NYC Subway dreams

    The detail in your dreams are more akin to being enveloped in crack cocaine and drugs, seriously, you know there's more to your life than trains and forums...
  12. NoHacksJustKhaks

    42nd Street Shuttle Update

    Today, I don't think the shuttle really needs it in the MTA's sense, it's only 2 stops long, not that complicated to run, and human beings can make sure the line is operating better at that point than automation, where nobody will likely control the train. Plus, if the operators have to supervise the line, similar to other CBTC lines today, it wouldn't be all that less difficult or different than without... The biggest reason however... MTA doesn't have $$$ to spare for stuff like this, at least today.
  13. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Editable NYC subway map?

    Enmodal is no longer running an online service, there is still a program you can download however, it'll allow you to work on your maps that you now cant online, it works for all three major OS's, this is the link to read more https://mailchi.mp/4bc73b7a4337/enmodal-is-going-offline-on-march-31, note however, it's not recommend to install now, the open source project is still likely in its early stages If that's not your thing, I can say MS Paint or similar edit programs are a solid option if you need to make simple edits or proposals to the existing map, theres also making it by paper, but thats slow and not really practical.
  14. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    They likely will not go back to the / or normal since those lines have to be NTT by the Canarsie shutdown, my guess is if they do, then it wouldn't be for long. It could be assigned to the or , like some people suggest/foam over, maybe even the or but, honestly, it's not too supportable and there's no definitive answer, where it goes is anyone guess. I'd also like to add on that they should be retired soon, once the R179's arrive, R42's aren't the best even to other old trains, so they might also be gone once all of Bombardiers lemons arrive, once again, gotta wait for the definitve answer(s).
  15. NoHacksJustKhaks

    MTA Next Gen 2.0

    As LGA said, this thread is similar to another thread on this forum called the Subway Proposals Thread, and that should be used mainly, but your thread is almost different enough and you're new anyways. If I were to build a new MTA, I would expand the subway close to the borders of Nassau County (Not counting the ) and make better use of Metropolitan NYC. Expanding out is practical and has been successful, examples include the which worked amazingly even if the stations were built in the middle of nowhere at the time. Cluttering a population near Manhattan does have numerous problems so expansion is an option. I would also modernize signals and tunnels, so people would be more comfy traveling these long distances reliably. I would also obtain trains and subway stations and/or expansions more efficiently, as NY changes quickly and we should be able to adapt respectively. Those are just a few, super general points, obviously the cant make dreams pop to life instantly, but it's still interesting to think about. Welcome btw! Hope you find the forums useful!


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