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  1. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Select Bus Service Planning

    My opinion: Im not so sure about a Q113/114 SBS. I don't know if residents on Guy Brewer. want to give up parking spaces for bus lanes since many parts of the Brewer don't have a lot of driving lanes (especially in Southern Queens, where a great number of people drive). The plan may also cripple local bus service if done, specifically on the Q111 and maybe the Q114 (this has happened to prior SBS routes). And I don't really see how it may be able to speed up other sections of the route beyond Guy Brewer, though i'll look into that further later on. I feel the route needs more buses that are better managed, some times I've waited over 20 minutes late for a Q113 or Q114 that already has lackluster headway's to begin with. I'll say it's not the easiest thing to do considering the traffic both routes run through (and the $$$), but it seems more logical and benefical to me than putting SBS on the route, only to cripple local service many need later on.
  2. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Often times, that's no joke either. Literally the other day both an and train were at 42nd street, so I decided to take the . Turns out the became delayed in Manhattan and Brooklyn as usual, and I didn't see that again until the passed Shepherd Avenue where the already went to Euclid and was running in the opposite direction (I kid you not!). Only in New York City lol...
  3. What's more alarming is that this takes out, and/or puts extreme pressure on the agency's buses and LIRR/ Metro-North too. This could expand the issue to transit desserts, and the entire NY metropolitan area as well (largest in the US). Which, without any service, makes the outer regions greatly useless as part of the area in the first place. Less varieties of transportation (let alone any at all) is a bigger threat to metro areas than people think. Too sad that the MTA has been neglected by the city and state for many years in terms of funding, combine that with all the past events of this century that hurt the MTA hard (2008 fiscal crisis, Hurricane Sandy) and it's pretty clear the agency is getting more and more fragile. Needing more money that still isn't enough.
  4. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Goes to show that doing these stations on the cheap doesn't solve much, I feel it actually almost creates a mirage instead that the MTA continually brags about. This leaking certainly is minor in a way, though generally, im sure many of these new ESI stations won't last as long as their older brothers they're replacing under this current state. Smh...
  5. NoHacksJustKhaks

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Some trains are already being arranged, like the R160 's going to the . And currently, im sure they already have a plan as to where there going to go, and a plan of rearranging the fleet before the shutdown. If so, there probably keeping it isolated since changes happen, and the public really can't influence the matters that much, nor care about which specific NTT or SMEE is going to a line. If your latter point is true, the MTA could waiting until the last minute since Bombardier hasn't delivered all the sets yet and the agency still is testing them. Just my (mostly unproven) thoughts.
  6. NoHacksJustKhaks

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    That's the one good thing I really like about the Q53 and Q52 SBS (and most SBS routes in general). Pay before boarding really helps speed up the buses during school and rush hours (at least from where I live in the Rockaway's). The reason every bus can't be SBS is since many routes don't warrant the ridership for bus lanes, staff to check for fare evasion, pay before boarding, not to mention the MTA's budget. Aren't they being (or already are) retired? I'd assume they'll be scrapped or moved again soon? Just my opinion.
  7. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Adding more lanes to Utica doesn't make a difference in my opinion, it'll only take a few months or so for car demand to meet back up over the supply. And next thing you know, traffic again just like before. More lanes always creates more traffic, that's not how you solve this type of issue.
  8. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Not currently by the members of this forum, of whom a decent amount question the idea of the train going to NJ in the first place, let alone the costs that could arguably go towards something more important.
  9. NoHacksJustKhaks

    The Mobile/Smartphone Thread

    Saddens me that there are less options for phones these days without headphone jacks. Sooner or later, all of them wont have it, it's why im holding onto my iphone 6s at this point. My sister has the iphone 8 and she has no other real option but to use wireless headphones, which I (and she) currently despises...
  10. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Ads are popping up in the middle of a paragraph

    Me too:
  11. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I presume they have better and more plentiful equipment and staff at the sight than some of the other... more questionable yards (looking at you, Pitkin!)
  12. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    Can you like stop please, get over it. There is no reason for you to start personally threatening others on a public forum over this, and taking a random thread off topic. Quit whining over something so petty!
  13. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Just saw a “not in service” R68 at Broad Channel on the southbound tracks. I wonder why, it went back northbound afterwards. The only number I saw on the train was 2668.
  14. NoHacksJustKhaks

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    It's getting worse, especially now that school is starting back too (for me tomorrow). The traffic is going to become a nightmare, and those buses and trippers are gonna be way overcrowded as well. As you said however, the traffic is mostly to blame, (from my experience) people cant seem to know how to drive properly without blocking or nearly hitting the bus, makes me wonder how they even got a license in the first place!
  15. NoHacksJustKhaks

    History of fare evasion

    It has been (by intuition) illegal from since day one, the policies have changed over the years regarding the punishments; but there has never been a time when the operators of the system see it as acceptable (today, im pretty sure people are fined $100 if done).


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