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  1. I actually learned what it was a few days ago. The Luminator Titan is a bus sign produced by Luminator. Extra info: It's a 24x200 display for the front rollsign (16x120 for the side rollsign), so it's pretty detailed. It used to be marketed and sold as the Titan (hence the TITAN in the video), but later on, it became marketed under the Luminator Horizon name. I'm not exactly sure why that change was made though.
  2. I have no words, that is terrifying. Thankfully the B/O (and everyone else) is alive. I do wonder how the bus will be removed from the overhang, now that I think about it, that task to me seems possibly dangerous...
  3. Yeah, I remember that tweet. To this day, I don't know why I supported it back in 2019. Trump helping finish phase 2 of SAS would be rarer than getting struck by lightning for sure, he'd have no benefit in it besides it being a political stunt (and a tiny one at that). Besides me, he fooled nearly no one with that tweet, I believe Cuomo short after tweeted he had no idea what Trump was saying in regards to SAS. Probably just laughed it off for all I care.
  4. I honestly forgot the Cedarhurst Q111 even existed until recently, never seen it all the times I've been driven down Peninsula. I thought it ran more often actually, just one a day SB and NB is basically nothing and the route probably won't even touch Nassau in due time. Kinda sad though since I haven't been able to find any video of the route on Cedarhurst over all these years. I do understand the waiting around fear, especially SB on the 111 since there's a stop light and store at the end of the route which plenty of cars stop at. But NB near the first few houses (next to the red gas station), most drivers are moving and likely care less about someone waiting for a bus, the area is pretty dead pedestrian wise beyond the cars tbh.
  5. Never say never man, a northern extension to Jamaica would literally make foamers go wild.
  6. Many R46's are now assigned to a yard that doesn't typically operate them, and the above comments on spare factor also apply. These are older trains and making them run well takes time and some experience. R46's on broadway will likely fail less with time and experience. Also, R46's on the were not flawless either, they broke down decently often as well when they dominated the line.
  7. Penn station and all its underground lines are still standing ever since it was built, but the above ground head-house structure was demolished in the 60's and Penn Station became mostly underground after renovations were made.
  8. The vast majority of businesses go out under those two situations, especially the first one, bad planning kills a surprising number of them even if they have extensive funding. I'm a novice here, I know almost nothing about filing the IRS at this stage (considering most of my income is low and filed on my parents account), but Garibaldi's advice seems good to me. Definitely ask a preparer if you have one. I'm not sure if the IRS lets you put no revenue or assets as an option, but that seems like the safest bet to me if you are truly worried, and there is no money behind the place. And yeah, I don't get good vibes from that startup you're at either, everything said makes it seem shaky at best to me...
  9. Hard to believe this last ran 10 years ago, the pre-renovated elevated stations and Coke window ads make this feel even older. My recollections of this model are faint to say the least, but great video nonetheless!
  10. 1. By time (and likely distance): The Q35 when I rode it from Brooklyn College to 116th in Rockaway, the ride typically took me around 30-50 minutes to complete. Though last year on one instance, it took over 2 hours. Traffic near the Aviators had the bus completely stalled for nearly an hour, and the rest of the trip was sluggish to go along with that. 2. Most amount is six. It was the to Franklin to to (which ended at Broad Channel due to issues at South Channel) to Q53+ to Q22
  11. Here's a readable version of that message: https://www.reddit.com/r/nycrail/comments/g7rc8p/r32_officially_retired_i_always_hated_seeing_one/ I personally am glad the R32's will meet their end now, since ridership has declined, the R179's have been getting more reliable and R211's will be rolling through city tunnels in just a couple of years. R32's will be missed, but times must go on; and I imagine the agency would be relieved at not having to maintain them ever again (at least for revenue service).
  12. No The was rerouted to the Lexington and the ran on the line to 137th street from 96th street I believe. With every regular stop after 96th street being served by shuttle buses. 86th and 96th street were also closed briefly for FDNY investigation https://mymtaalerts.com/m?D8D32
  13. Possibly, I feel the picture would not have been taken if they did know about it, and I do also feel it should be removed. Putting that aside, the T/O's response in such a tragedy must be commended, he helped out even at a time when less and less people are riding the system. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, as well as the people affected. @B35 via Church Me and my AP Physics teacher actually talked about the possibility of the system getting shut down (when talking about the coronavirus, before it closed schools), we both agreed it's basically impossible. The public would want the system shut down, without considering the people and workers it still continues to serve. People are instinctively anti-subway when tragedy hits, and it's usually not necessitated.
  14. With the AP classes and extracurriculars I'm in, I could never! 🤣 The is a very excellent route for fan railing, right next to the bay and also traversing many different station types and surroundings.It's also where the R40's retired around 10 years ago, so it'll be nice for many to relive those times. The current reality of the MTA hasn't been met with mass fortunes or plain stability as it had in the past, I expect the NTT generation of cars to outlive the R32's if the agency doesn't get itself together.
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