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  1. NoHacksJustKhaks

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Especially since the signage tells you where the bus is going to specifically. Getting rid of that and expecting every single person to perfectly get on their identical bus routes (especially from Manhattan) is trouble waiting to happen.
  2. NoHacksJustKhaks

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Honestly, the day the gets signage 100% right is likely the day this world ends, damn shame I won’t be alive to see that moment come in my life...
  3. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Rockaway Beach Branch

    Absolutely, I emailed my local politicians on this matter and they gave me no real response in change, even after giving them around 6 months and some time to respond (they are humans after all). That’s a pretty big hurdle to this restructuring of RBB and transit in general around this section of Queens. The city seems focused more on other fish to fry and the current analogy put on this project is just extra HW (or credit), for lack of a better word. Itll take years for such a plan to meet fruition at this stage, if they even start tomorrow (obviously not), it’s going to take another 5 years at least with a lot of drive that still needs more on top of that to get it right. For good or bad...
  4. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Rockaway Beach Branch

    @MrQuesada Bewitching argument you brought up, definitely a unique perspective from someone who mostly panned the project! I will say that subway service in general needs to improve. And the importance of a North - South connector is important, just look at the Q53 (one of the most ridden on buses in the city, where subways don’t run). The can be a complete joke and I think that three factors will need to be addressed before it improves. 1. Improving fleet and infrastructure such as the south channel bridge and timers 2. Getting trains to run faster and more reliably (relies on 1) 3. Increased capacity through Fulton St, especially with rising demands, CBTC isn’t the only deciding factor in this. Can’t say much for the , but I do feel any improvement to the line lessens the number of people transferring at Sutphin to the . And with an idea of bringing up a new connector to the subway system directly impacting QBL, balancing passengers matter, since the QBL is beyond capacity for any leniency. I just hope that such a plan like this (if done) isn’t done on the cheap. This line pushes vast impacts that may yield good in the long run. But cheaping out when restoring stations and signals, harms its ability to mediate service needs on Fulton and Jamaica, and attract passengers. As well as not fit well onto QBL with concerns like crowding and reliability as mentioned before and in others posts. I also don’t want this project to be milked upon by politicians when concerns like obtaining funding are still high, even if the infastructure is there already, it’s NY and anything happens. My 5 cents though...
  5. NoHacksJustKhaks

    R179 Discussion Thread

    In a way, yes. These are two different issues entirely, the fact that their late isn’t obviously good in any way and I don’t respect Bombardier for these mistakes they’ve failed to adapt upon lately (not just in NY). But honestly, all trains have kinks that need to be worked with time, being perfect out of the gate can almost be classified as luck . So with that, it isn’t exactly the end of the world at all.
  6. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    That plan involves getting more trains and accessibility into the system, as well as redesigning existing bus networks IIRC. Cuomo could delay the plan to death or really harm its production. But I’m not sure if he has any technology that could replace it. He’d be harming the personal interests of riders and Byford for seemingly no reason or benefit on his part. Fast Forward is widely supported as well so it wouldnt look good for him if he shut it down. My opinion though, who knows?
  7. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    That’s basically exactly what some people do and it’s normal across both American parties. They put no research into who they’re supporting and go off of what the party basically is. Cuomo can retain a ton of support by characterizing the Rublicans as devils, which is what he may have done in the latest elections. This works vice versa but it’s safe to say Cuomo has a good leach on those type of people he needs to stay in office. Even after this event goes down, some people might not care about it or even see it as positive if Cuomo plays his chips right (long term). I honestly wish his support would dwindle since this really was handled disastrously, but he likely will remain alright, his support will fall but it won’t do “lethal” harm to him.
  8. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Is that to be used back before the Archer Ave. extensions took effect, and ’s terminated at the stop? If so, I’m surprised they still have it.
  9. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Emails and Following threads.

    For your first question, go to account settings and then notification settings, where you should be able to edit your email permissions. Check if you’re also following anybody on the forums since IIRC you may get emails if they post new content, usually that could also cause the spam. Not sure exactly about that second one, I’d presume it has something to do with the device you’re on but im sure a mod like @Harry can go into more detail about it. Hoped that helped!
  10. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Shoutouts to the NYPD here since some people really do have no shame. Of all the days this crazy man picks to cause a scene, of course he picks the first day of the year where police alert is higher than normal.
  11. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Off-topic Random Thoughts Thread

    Happy new years to all transit forum posters in NY and the United States east coast!
  12. NoHacksJustKhaks

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    From my perspective, people should start to get photos while they can, the R-42 on the and to a lesser extent, . Are the last SMEE's on the line with nothing but numbered days ahead before Canarsie.
  13. Lol at this story! And who stole the bus... Darius?! Probably not, seems like something he’d do.
  14. NoHacksJustKhaks

    A Breakdown of How and Why Farebeating Is So Prevalent

    The last time I rode the subway and didn’t catch someone attempting to farebeat, seemed like 6 months ago (granted, I don’t ride the system every day, but enough to see it get worse and worse). The agency really needs something like higher turnstiles installed on more stations or else I suspect this issue will become bigger, rising fares and troubled financial woes aren’t going to slow the problem down either so it’s best time to find a solution now.
  15. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I understand people like and hate certain fleets over others (I myself) and honestly it's healthy for most to an extent, but never to a level where I'd not take a specific model, or tear someone's skin apart over it for crying out loud. That's a pretty petty reason to butcher your commute and lifestyle, my opinion though.


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