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  1. R179 Discussion Thread

    Maybe for short term cost reasons? Maybe they're too tired to fix it? Eh, im not sure Agreed, the needs better cars. Sadly, it's not likely many R179's are going to the as it'll come down to the 's needs first and foremost (and that's putting them on other lines), but I do hope at least more newer trains show up on the (especially with the Canarsie shutdown and increased ridership).
  2. R179 Discussion Thread

    Gotta blame the R44's/46's, they've been on the for gosh knows how long and I've seen it for years
  3. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    1.For now, yes, but it's still to know even someone as accurate as DJ hammers is not a physic predictor, he's a very reliable resource at the very least, mistakes or changes could still occur, we can't conclude yet on the topic so we'll have to wait and see for any updates. 2.When? Would this be after or before the Canarsie shutdown?
  4. Which subway car do you prefer?

    True, but i've never been on it before compared to the R32's and Redbirds, hopefully ill get to ride it one day.
  5. Some New, Some Old

    Pat yourself on the back, I think those shots are incredible!
  6. Which subway car do you prefer?

    If were talking the A divison, ^^^ If were talking B division, obviously the R32's, I also absolutely love the D- types
  7. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    We don't know much yet, my guess is the 8th avenue line, specifically the or , also maybe the since older R32's are likely to be displaced there? (Also yay, 50th post on my account!)
  8. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    Type properly and get back on topic, im starting to think you need to lay off the crack, it may be getting to you. @Dj Hammers would think god left this thread just looking at how youre acting. The definitely wont get large numbers of R68's (my opinon, im more unreliable than anyone else on this thread ), but it could pop up in small numbers just in case.
  9. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    What's with this forum and memes? It's funny but only a few times, not every other post! If this thread wont kill the damn forum, I might as well kill myself, for the love of god, lets get back on topic!
  10. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    That was funny! Albeit a little drastic and unnecessary, Can't wait for Bill, Jemorie and R32 3838 reaction's, im taking no sides in this I think since all of them are pretty reliable, might as well grab popcorn
  11. On the which runs dozens of local trains per hour?
  12. Im only 14, and almost never rode the subway until I was 12, so I haven't seen much unique stuff yet. The only thing I could classify as unique and rare for me was seeing and riding a Coney island bound on / tracks at Fulton St. last year in February, which im sure happens occasionally.
  13. R179 Discussion Thread

    Older fleets are more understandable for the , the has the oldest fleet's since it's ridership (especially in the Rockaway's) and station dwell times are very low and also since the Queens segment is above ground. The on the other hand totally does need NTT, it's ridership is increasing, and it's working with the R160's, but due to failed proposals to extend it's trains and potential NTT requirements for the , the R46's (and maybe R68's?) are likely to become more prevalent on the .
  14. B to 96 St, R68A D, and a Cuomo'd F

    Lol... the made a mistake with the at the top of "Service Change" Good compilation of photos, but it's so weird watching a make stops on the Upper East Side...
  15. Can there be a feature to delete posts within a certain time frame

    Im not sure if that's even possible to implement (then again I know nothing of how this forum's built), but for now im assuming it's not possible since if it was, some form of deleting probably would've already been implemented by now. Editing a post right after it's creation is still the best option, but if you can't edit a post, it's best to make another post afterwards that explains and/or fixes your mistake, I can't help anymore than that but I will say interesting question!


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