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  1. NoHacksJustKhaks

    MTA Snowmaggadon!

    I can only guess horrible seeing the SIM's current track record, as if matters on Staten Island couldn't be made worse. I'm just glad this was more or less an afternoon thing, otherwise the effects would be more disastrous.
  2. NoHacksJustKhaks

    MTA Snowmaggadon!

    Yup, the could've prepared a lot better for this event... In the Rockaways, some buses took nearly twice as long as they normally do (even in snow) to make their stops, thankfully the drivers drove mostly well so props to them! Many buses were delayed badly and I heard a school tripper service (the Q21) was even cancelled, so slightly more crowds piled onto the Q53 which already ran with troubled artics (ouch). Sad to think other parts of the city handled the snow much worse. I mean, just look at the issues on the GWB and in the Port Authority especially, how on Earth was nothing done when predictions clearly leaned towards chances of snow many days prior?!
  3. NoHacksJustKhaks

    If Kawasaki is gone who will we go to?

    You mean the Budd car company? Even as a joke, these days I can't imagine the horror watching a bankrupt company like them struggle to produce deem-ably lackluster equipment for the . Actually, I can...
  4. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Should be, yes...
  5. NoHacksJustKhaks

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I don't think anyone knows for now... Personally, I'd prefer burn in since the individual R179 cars themselves have already been in service for a while now. But again, we'll have to see once future time comes closer.
  6. NoHacksJustKhaks

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I have given thumbs down before, though I'd much rather explain what I feel is wrong with something instead of mass dislike everything relating to it on a thread. A little funny to watch this happen since these thumbs down does nothing to your reputation but I digress. You can personally block people IIRC, or the moderator can lift his/her "hammer" down on them as well, though @Copper456 isn't much of a threat in this state so I'd just move on.
  7. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I wouldn't use the word "popular" to describe it, any train line (not just the ) that experiences car change in this city is bound to get attention for some time by railfans. Now, the has had numerous changes in cars over it's history. Though as with other lines, people (and the fans) typically get used to it after sometime of seeing it. Besides when the changes happen (which i'll agree with you on) I've barely ever seen any fans during all other times.
  8. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    These "finishing touches" are most likely things that should've been completed before the official opening of the stations. Guess that it's a top priority to get the stations done on time, though as I've said with a lot of the ESI'd CPW stations, it does mean the work is still pretty sloppy in many areas.
  9. NoHacksJustKhaks

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    If only the couldn't set expectations so low for car cleanliness across the entire fleet in the first place...
  10. NoHacksJustKhaks

    R32 and R46 going to the B Line???

    Pretty hypo-critical to state regular people like @R32 3838 and @Dj Hammers deserve to get the boot for anything wrong they say, since they speculated as humans normally do. And then you proceed to paint over the original point you tried to make by telling everyone else you're superior since you managed to speculate and guess it right whenever you could (also, with pure speculation and little evidence). I don't understand why you're trying to downplay everyone else's freedoms like this. It's just the internet and whether or not you delve into speculating things further. Time will tell in the end what happens so complaining over something like this is somewhat silly... TLDR: There usually isn't a reward for guessing right in the end, but if you find interest in it, take everything with a grain of salt , especially on these forums.
  11. NoHacksJustKhaks

    R32 and R46 going to the B Line???

    No need to shout about it, calm down...
  12. NoHacksJustKhaks

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Would've been nice if they could've done this on the , a line that hasn't had NTT trains in regularly scheduled service for over +10 years. I'm sure they might soon however, seeing as the already is undergoing testing with them. @Coney Island Av Amazing shots, especially the last one!
  13. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Bee Line Advocacy Group

    Will this be getting a more formal "home" like a Facebook group or website?
  14. NoHacksJustKhaks

    Which line is the fastest in general?

    I wasn't (and still am) not entirely sure what exactly this discussion's concerning, since "fastest" lines could mean both fastest trains in speed or also fastest trains in overall runtime. It isn't clearly specified in the original post so I chose to give my take on both sides.


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