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  1. People that tend to annoy me are those closed off to outside ideas, and would rather complain aimlessly than critique objectively. I’m victim to it myself on some occasions. I could give a personal example, but there’s too many to list...
  2. Many people are still affected badly by it might I add... But yeah I agree, the will feed it down our throats while they can bluntly save cash in the process, I'm sure it'll get some positive or noteworthy press and some bus-fanners for a while too. The sad thing with this is, just like in Staten Island. There is potential in fixing and maintaining the network here if we actually put aside a good idea on the table, since I will say the current setup isn't even close to perfect at all.
  3. Indeed, it was a dumb idea to begin with ! Do you really think if everybody had a gun, especially in America, no controversy or trouble would occur when it's threatens/fires on people? Just one man used a gun back in 1984 to fend off pestering strap-hangers on this subway, and it sent the nation into a huge debate on the topic in general. It didn't stop anybody from riding the system though. Giving people guns may be a solution for some to a problem, but it is not a unanimous solution for all and never will stop some people as @GojiMet86 said.
  4. Cant wait to see someone post about that on r/thathappened lol.
  5. These recent hits seem more irritating to me regardless of the purpose. Least of our problems I suppose but still disappointing to see.
  6. That makes sense. I was always under the belief that this was the tight control of the city. The bridge still needs to be upgraded or replaced in my opinion, make it faster for both boats and trains to pass through.
  7. That's actually a really good point you brought up, parents can only go so far for their children sometimes. Even one little slip up as you and @ABOGbrooklyn pointed out can lead to a huge butterfly effect. I still encourage people to try hard in protecting children near the subway, since these events could be better prevented.
  8. Sometimes unfortunately, you can't question peoples instincts and luck into getting into and out of certain places, that may be beyond the point here. I do agree with you however that his parent's should've definitely kept a better eye on him, especially as the child's life isn't guaranteed on the subway seeing his state. Total applauds to Mr. Kiffin though, his natural instincts in saving the child show a true capability of T/O's to remain professional and act fast.
  9. Chopping down a few trees wont make climate change effects come any sooner frankly. It's a minuscule trade-off for a proposal with theoretical potential to work.
  10. That to Rosedale idea belongs somewhere else... Gimme a break with these proposals.
  11. I could see both the former option happening realistically and I support it, it has happened many times before and people deal with it good enough. The latter option may come a little bit later eventually since that bridge is fine. That sounds like a legal nightmare frankly between the and the city, it'll take years for that idea to pass in the area (if at all). I'd focus on making the raising and closing process of the bridge quicker and/or more reliable for now, or raising it higher.
  12. Theres a point reached where these dirty cars can affect reliability and viruses passing around. For the funds the has, they can certainly do better on this.
  13. IMO this is an issue people undermine when talking about problems. This bridge being raised can chain react train issues way down the longest line in the subway system by dozens of minutes at a time, and you better have some cojones riding the in bad weather when the bridge frequently breaks down. Not against boat movement, but the bridge needs to be upgraded or fixed for any train service along it to improve.
  14. Absolutley, I’ll see and try if I can make some maps as well somewhere down the road, though I do have limited time. Inkscape is another good alternative to Adobe Illustrator thats free also which may come in handy. Other than that, this is an amazing idea so far, cant wait to see where it goes @RR503. Keep it up!
  15. Saw one car of an R179, think it was 3226 or 3227 or something at Broad channels testing track.

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