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  1. 8041 was a fine bus! I drove it out of Flatbush depot on the B46 and it was the fastest bus in the depot in 1989. Fond memories from an old bus operator.
  2. is it possible to give us a list of buses that have been scrapped this year?
  3. just two questions if I may.........why are the nova's coming in so slowly and why does eny only run a few on any given day out of the 16 they have?
  4. 7305,7310,7311,& 7315 all spotted in service at kings plaza this afternoon. most of ulmer's rts's will probably go to scrap when all is said and done due to the poor maintainence in my former depot. trust me,i know.
  5. rumor has it that flatbush will eventually go all artic and the 2 & 31 would both go to ulmer pk. the run ons and offs to e16 st would be easy enough,probably taking only 12-15 minutes.
  6. well said! i can recall one day on the b1. i was pulling into the bus stop on 86 street & 18 av and some jackass was standing in the street on his cell phone with his back to the bus. i gave him a good horn honk and scared the s##t out of him. then he had the balls to complain to the dispatcher on the corner about the way i drive! the dispatcher laughed him to scorn of course. far as im concerned,cell phones are one of the worst inventions of our time and a major cause of accidents today. i dont have one myself,dont need it,and cell phones was one of the reasons i got off the road 6 years ago to work drill tricks until my recent retirerment.
  7. driving summer b46 service to riis park driving the b31 when the route was on av u driving buses from the 1960s & 1970s out of flatbush depot working with guys who had actually operated streetcars my first year in ulmer park depot on the b5 driving the last 1977 flexible ( 9178 ) in1993 driving the last original 1972 gm ( 6313 ) on a school xtra in 1993 one more thought for now: i never imagined the rts would outlast me on the job,but somehow they did. i drove the first ones ( 1200s ) and i drove the last ones ( 5000s ). andy/ulmer pk
  8. drove brooklyn bus routes for 32 years. people have always played chicken with buses. also,todays bus models have a severe blind spot in the left corner,especialy on the orion. that said,bus operators today need to use extra caution when executing turns,especialy in light of the fact that they are being arrested ( insane ). makes me so thankful that i hit 55 this year and was able to retire!
  9. azA

    Rts 5223

    © andy/ulmer pk

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    Rts 5222

    © andy/ulmer pk

  11. azA

    Rts 5221

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    Rts 5219

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    Rts 5211

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