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  1. I think I know what depot you talking about. Is it a queens depot cuz I'm in queens too. & they always say on the radio for divers to pull they bus in and not swing with they bus.
  2. Yes I am in. Gotta learn for the mistakes you make on the 1st road test.
  3. Damn they really didn't want the job if they failed twice.
  4. damn. Did they 2 chances to take the road test? Or they only had 1 chance cuz they went to day 10?
  5. You don't get hired till you pass the 10 day training.
  6. You don't the rts training out of jamaica. Ppl that want to come to queens get sent to Casey Stangle. And u have to wait till ya transfer to jamaica or queens village goes thru. I'll currently waiting for mines to jamaica.
  7. You have to go back 10 years for work history & it can't show no breaks in between.
  8. Hard to explain u have to b on the bus to know it.
  9. It's the same once u learn ya pivot points for the turns
  10. Cuz I wasn't used to driving with the front tires behind me. & I'm not used to keeping 4 feet from parked cats while driving
  11. I drove a school bus b4 mta. Driving the bus wasn't the problem. It was the turns and keeping the 4ft to my right.
  12. Day 4. But I make a wide right heading to the bronx to the Thing under the train tracks. On days 5,6,&7 I got a clean sheet. No mistakes. It's street parking. U should b able to find parking.
  13. Almost all the buses was in the bronx today.

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