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  1. What's the best way for express buses to beat traffic (somewhat) during rush hours heading to the Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn?
  2. EXACTLY! they will never live as long as the RTS's and Orion V's
  3. the M100 gets crowded going up Amsterdam Avenue as well
  4. Bx9 Limited Stops (Rush Hours Only) All Stops to 242nd Street uses Bailey Avenue between Van Cortlandt Pk South & 225th St/Kingsbridge Road 238th Street 231st Street 225th Street/Kingsbridge Road University Avenue Jerome Avenue Grand Concourse Fordham Plaza-3rd Avenue Southern Blvd East 180th Street all stops to West Frams Square
  5. a man robbed a train late at night at Broadway Junction, and has driven it all over the place on the Nassau St line in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Police shut down the line to investigate, along with the Montague Street Tunnel. Reroute Away
  6. All of you know many buses get jam packed today, with barely any standing room left, let alone seating. Do you think adding artics to more routes would solve some of the problems? Which routes in your mind need them the most?
  7. Routes that deserve LTD's imo. Bx9, Bx16, Bx22, Bx26, Bx28, Bx39, Bx40, M100, Q66, Q12, Q28, Q88, Q40, B3, B4, B8, B15
  8. so what's going on with Broadway traffic here?
  9. okay, why should the 2 get more artics than the 1? They are the same route between 242nd St & Getty Square, which is the only reason they would get artics in the first place. And the 60 can not fun 40 footers. I used to take that bus to school every day and I rode 40 footers on it quite often. They were JAM PACKED! The 40 could use more 40 footers than the 60. The 62 can definitely do without artics, but the 3, 21 and even the 41 need them. And I take back artics on the 61. It doesnt need 'em. The 61 is pretty much the 60's little brother.
  10. the 9 still uses them. so the others could as well. And the 32 could use a few as well
  11. I agree with VG8 here. traffic in inwood is a nightmare, and now the drivers have to get stuck in more traffic on Dyckman, where before they could beat it on 204th St. And there will be very few riders from those poor minority neighborhoods. Yes, its the truth, they will be taking the subway which they can hardly afford already.
  12. here's a list of what routes should be running artics and not. 1/2: artics only in rush hours peak direction, and maybe on weekday/saturday evenings. 3: most trips in both directions 4: all rush hour trips and select trips outside rush hour 5: all rush hour trips/select trips outside rush hour 6: with the new proposed route, almost every trip should run artics 7: every trip except morning short turns to Mt Vernon 8: select rush hour and mid day trips 14: rush hours only 20/21: every trip no matter the destination, except for late night 20X trips. 25: select rush hour trips 40/41: rush hour trips/select trips outside rush hour, but cut down on them. 42: rush hours peak direction 45: rush hours both directions 60: rush hours/ most trips outside rush hours. (non artic 60's are too jam packed) cut all artics on the 62 61: rush hours only 12/26/63/66/78 and all commuter trips need to use some mini Orion V's on a few trips.
  13. on another thought. send the 5 down Riverdale Ave to the City Line to help out the 8
  14. the 78 could use Nepperhan Ave down to New Main St which would be faster than Ashburton. And the 1X/3 should at least use North Broadway to Ashburton in the AM because Palisade Ave has too much traffic

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