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  1. You don't have to believe it's an major improvement, but that still does not address the "worst service again". The all had OTPs worse than the and . Many of them were using NTTs (or strictly NTTs) during that time period. If you think that paying Ubers and waiting for train sets that are not R46s, wasting time and money is a rational way of thinking, then I have a bridge to sell to you. You can have your resentments about the R46, but they certainly do not merit such exaggerating measures. The R46s on the and happened rather recently, and even when they showed up, it was a few sets only until later on. If after one year, the line's weekday OTP increased by 0.7%, running mainly R160s (along with R68s and R46s) then perhaps you should look at why that's the case. Look no further to what you stated in your post. Yes, dispatching is an issue on that line, and remains so. An I was on was held at 36th Street for several minutes (R68). So it doesn't matter what car type it is, they're still gonna be late because of operational policies.
  2. OTP on the and went up from January 2019 to January 2020. Read it again.
  3. Taking cars out of trains just for a service change which may affect the for several hours, just to place them back at most is just unrealistic. Its labor intensive and a waste of time (and money). You don't even have the space to take trains out on the spot. Even if such a thing was done (which would never be considered), you also potentially changed the conductors position on the train. Also, R46s can't use Nassau Street. Getting creative with service patterns is one thing, but they also need to be doable.
  4. Doing everything as if it all happened at once misses the point. I never actually stated that the two incidents occurred one after the other. For consistency too, that's why I mentioned to have a plan for the signal repair, and then using that plan, reroute trains under the Broadway Line incident. With power cut, you can't use Times Square either. Whenever NYPD request a cut in power, large swaths of the line affected go. Don't know how you're terminating trains at 49th. You can't reroute trains via Nassau Street, because the platforms cannot hold a 600' long train. You need to specify whether NB and/or SB trains run via 8th Avenue local. NB trains cannot do so because West 4th is impassible from the 6th Ave tracks , and any SB trains would end up having to go via the into Brooklyn, so it's not like it can resume its regular route after West 4th Street.
  5. Check my above post. Sorry about the confusion.
  6. It should have read "trains routed down 6th Avenue needed to be rerouted". For that scenario, you would need to reroute all trains using 6th Avenue first, taking into account everything mentioned previously up to that point. Using the reroutes you have for that, then reroute again, accounting for the Broadway Line closure.
  7. CI, JAM, Piktin, 207 train sets can be used on the as needed. Train sets would be stored at CI (4): Service would operate every 8 minutes during the AM and PM rush, every 10 minutes during midday hours, and every 12 minutes during evening and weekend hours from Woodlawn to 125th Street. (4): Additional service will be provided between 149th Street - GC and Utica Ave during the AM and PM rush, every 8 minutes. If really necessary: Weekdays : Service will operate to/from 168th Street, via CPW local. Weekdays: Service will operate to/from 145th Street. (B): Service will operate to/from 205th Street, via CPW express. Service operates every 6 minutes during AM and PM hours. There's no Bronx express during this time period. trains run between Bedford Ave and Canarsie only. trains get full length cars. trains will operate to 145th Street, evenings and weekends. Obviously have the shuttle buses but with a tweak: L1: Bedford Ave - Marcy - Essex Street - Broadway Lafayette . L2: Metropolitan Ave - Marcy - Prince Street -------------------------------------- Here's one: It is Sunday at 2:00 AM. The Broadway Line express tracks is closed for track replacement. The 53rd Street tracks are closed for signal modernization. An urgent signal repair is needed at West 4th Street (6 Ave level only), meaning trains being rerouted down 6th Avenue needed to be rerouted. However, someone was struck by a train in the tunnel between Herald Square and Times Square. NYPD has requested power be cut. Two things: 1. You must first reroute all trains affected by the West 4th Street signal repair. 2. Using the reroutes from the first part, now reroute trains as a result of the NYPDs request.
  8. Stuff from the recent few weeks: 1969 St. Louis Car Company R42 Car 4826 on the at Inwood-207 Street by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 1969 St. Louis Car Company R42 Car 4790 on the at 14 Street by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr Old R42 Stylized Sign by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 1969-1970 St. Louis Car Company R42 Car 4810 on the at Marcy Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 1969-1970 St. Louis Car Company R42 Car 4813 on the at Marcy Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 1969-1970 St. Louis Car Company R42 Car 4830 on the at Marcy Avenue by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 1986-1988 Westinghouse R68 Car 2840 on the at Canal Street by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr 1969 St. Louis Car Company R42 Car 4790 on the at 14 Street by BM5 Photos 2019-2020, on Flickr Enjoy!
  9. Two articles: https://nypost.com/2020/02/15/queens-bus-riders-upset-over-mta-shuffling-routes/ https://gothamist.com/news/astoria-residents-worry-over-mta-bus-changes-nobody-wants-go-williamsburg
  10. While do agree with you on the QT87, I believe that the QT86 can catch on, particularly because getting to Flushing can be difficult from points south of Queens Boulevard. It's not the most direct route, but there people trying to get to Flushing (and other NE Queens destinations) without having to backtrack on the subway. Plus, it also connects some of the high schools that people from Forest Hills/Kew Gardens attend (Townsend Harris in particular, and John Bowne to a much lesser extent) and Queens College. The QT87 to me looks like it would be a big failure the way it currently is routed, because it runs in residential areas for large portions of its route, and hits very few commercial areas or places of interest. The section from Main Street to 71st Ave may do better simply because people will consider it a supplement to the QT14. People around the 73rd Avenue area, especially those east of Utopia Parkway, will most likely make their way to the QT11 or the QT32 to the QBL at Kew Gardens, because those would be much more frequent than the QT87. What I feel should be modified in that general area is: QT86: More frequent service (22 min headways during the AM peak, and 15 min headways in the PM peak is not cutting it, especially for the Main Street local), preferably every 10 minutes (if not better) during the rush hours, and every 12 minutes during midday hours. QT87: Originates at Kew Gardens, via Union Turnpike to Main Street, then Main Street to 73rd Avenue. Takes 73rd Avenue to 188th Street, then 188th Street to Horace Harding Expressway (then use the current proposed route to Little Neck). Frequency wise, AM peak service can be every 9 minutes west of 188th Street. QT11 (108th Street segment): Existing route from the north to Forest Hills, then via the existing Q23 route to Crescent Apartments QT11 (Union Turnpike Segment): Operates between Queens Boulevard/Union Turnpike and Fresh Meadows Shopping Center. Retain the Q10 and Q64 as is.
  11. There's adequately serving residential areas with bus service, and then there's meandering all over the place for the sake of doing so. Virtually all of these fall under the latter. Lots of people in the residential areas would also be unhappy with all these bus (unnecessarily) running through those narrow streets. While I am of the belief that a Forest Hills/Rego Park express route (if marketed correctly) could perform well during off peak periods, such a route is not time competitive with either the QM12 or QM15. Overnight service is not warranted for such a service. Also, you cannot make the left turn from Metropolitan Avenue to Woodhaven Boulevard. Your QT98 is duplicative to multiple bus routes, and wouldn't do well east of Atlas Park Mall. I wouldn't want the Eliot Avenue portion of the Q38 to be sent up Junction Boulevard and to LGA, that's just asking for major reliability issues. The Q72 currently is unreliable during the day. There's no need for all these routes by Juniper Valley Park. All that's needed is the Q38 Rego Park segment. The QT4L would be carrying air, and is not an adequate replacement for the Q38. Same goes for the QT64.
  12. It's most certainly not lightly ridden. In fact, they added short-turns on weekdays between Crescent Apartments and Queens Boulevard last year to help with overcrowding. Yellowstone to 69th Avenue is not a cake walk, and the QT87 avoids 71st Avenue by going via Ascan. So people along 69th Ave and 70th Ave would have quite a walk to the bus, in either direction.
  13. If simply not being long enough (or a route you despise for X reason) is your metric for eliminating bus routes, then it's a good thing you are not a route planner. Completely out of touch with not only ridership patterns, demographics, and geography.
  14. Just because the streets are rather narrow, doesn't mean that they should be streamlined away. 69th Avenue is in the "middle" and can get some people from the west, and most of the people from points east. There's also the public school there (PS 144). People in Forest Hills Gardens are not going to use the buses, so it does not make sense to just route the bus completely down 71st Avenue. Ascan Ave is even worse because it's within the private community, benefiting much of no one and creating so many issues. The Q23 and and Yellowstone Boulevard route in that area can co-exist together. Even if some ridership is lost to a Yellowstone Boulevard route, there's also the catchment area from the west on the Yellowstone Boulevard route plus from whatever other areas it connects to (which in the case of the QT86, would be Glendale).
  15. The QT87 section south of Queens Boulevard appears particularly useless, because not only have they connected portions with the least of ridership on that section of the Q23, but they're also rerouting away from where people are getting on. With that said, the QT86 south of Roosevelt Avenue can stay as it is, because that route pattern looks more beneficial than the existing Q20A/B (the Q44 basically has Jamaica ridership on lock). I've also mentioned it before, but the area around Yellowstone Boulevard should have a local bus route. The Q11/21 and the Q23 are way too far from people living just west of Yellowstone, and the walk to the train is also quite a bit (to 67th Avenue or 71st Avenue). I remember when I lived in that area over 10 years ago, it was difficult to to navigate in the winters because of the hills (both up and down) on the way to the subway. Someone like might be physically able to do so, but an elderly person doing that, absolutely not. Another thing that I was also concerned about was the Q60 diversion to Hunters Point instead of Midtown. Yes, the QT61 covers some existing Q32 riders and all Q60 riders from Sunnyside, but there are also quite a number of people using the Q60 to go into Manhattan from points east of Sunnyside. It's incredibly vitable since for many, that's the only direct option into Manhattan, and the sections which it runs above the QBL, lots of people use the bus because the stations aren't ADA accessible. The QT61 would be absolutely useless for all those people. Perssonally, I think the Q60 should remain going to 2nd Avenue, while the QT75 and QT61 route switched in Queens. Anyone going to Court Square or Hunters Point from Sunnyside will most likely be taking the anyway. The QT87 as it is is bound to fail because the only notable location it goes to is the 71st Ave station, everything else on the route is mainly residential areas. The QT86 already is running via Yellowstone, so that's not necessary. Forest Hills Gardens extends to portions of 71st Avenue, so it may or may not be problematic if buses are placed on 71st Avenue (which is much wider than Ascan Avenue). However, having a route on 71st Avenue is also counterproductive. The QT87 should serve 69th Avenue as the Q23 currently does, and either use Exeter/Fleet Streets to 71st Avenue, or use the entire existing Q23 route south of Queens Boulevard.
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