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  1. If anyone is wondering, Prevosts 1300 and 1304 are both trackable now. 1300 is on the QM35 and 1304 is on the QM2.
  2. Yeah, LGA link schemed buses show up on the Q53 once in a while. It's happen multiple times since April, and it used to happen almost every night during the summer.
  3. All Manhattan-bound QBL service is operating via 63rd Street because of signal problem in the 53rd Street tube. Fun.
  4. He's not trying to start a fight, he's asking you the reasoning behind it. Is there a group of people which would benefit from such a route (which refers to the "certain market" aspect), or did you not think about anybody in particular?
  5. So it looks with the new schedule, the 63 has been "temporarily" suspended. I do wonder though if the route will actually come back then. If it does, it'll probably be some time before that happens.
  6. Don't know why a whole thread was needed for this.
  7. I've actually been trying to get (photo+ video) footage of those Q111 buses in Nassau. I started back in the late spring of 2019, was only to do it a few times because of my schedule, and after I got my phone last year, I've been trying to get additional footage of it. It's hard to do it when it's one trip a day in each direction. Anyways covid basically hampered that, but even then, working from home and stuff has made me a bit lazy to even bother catching it. Also what doesn't help is that the bus tends to leave late, so you seem suspicious just waiting around in the street in those areas.
  8. And then there'll be some signal/switch issue first thing in the morning once the G.O. is done. Also to note, there are multiple NB trains operating via the from DeKalb to West 4th, then via the from West 4th to Queens Plaza
  9. Well buses were actually going to 145th Avenue, but they used South Conduit, 225th, and 145th Ave to get back to Springfield Boulevard. Going to Jamaica, they would originate at 145th Avenue instead. One thing that I just noticed looking at bustime, is that the route map is wrong on the new Q77 timetable, as it's outdated. The 145th Avenue stop is now eliminated, and buses towards Jamaica now turn north on 225th Street, and head back to Springfield Blvd via North Conduit Avenue. That's why the South Conduit Ave & 221st stop is now the new official terminal on the route.
  10. This evening, the following service change is in effect: trains are operating via the between Roosevelt Ave/36th Street and West 4th Street trains are operating via the between Roosevelt Ave & Canal Street, and via the between Canal Street and Jay Street Given this, what's the point in swapping the and in Queens & Manhattan.
  11. service in the morning will be operating via 63rd Street in both directions.
  12. The route map doesn't list it on the timetable, but it is running inside the property. The stop though is near the Rivers Edge Road entrance of the building itself. Bustime also has a loop on the property (but very sloppy at that). It was actually more like every 1-2 minutes. It used to be every 3-4 minutes (pre-COVID) towards Queens Village, but there was also a branch in the morning to Horace Harding & Francis Lewis Boulevard (St. Francis Prep), which were never listed on public timetables, and there would be 1-2 buses towards Francis Lewis Blvd for every Queens Village bus. In the afternoon there was also buses from Francis Lewis Blvd to QCM, but not as frequent and a little more scattered throughout the afternoon.
  13. Here are the bus route and service that take into effect today. Although there are a few sprinkles of additional service, the majority is a reduction in weekday service in Queens. There were new timetables for routes in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, but terminal departure times and frequencies did not change significantly to warrant a description. Manhattan M35 - Now Serves Manhattan Psychiatric Center, Saturday Net Service Reductions, Sunday Service Increases Daily - Service from Harlem will now stop outside the Manhattan Psychiatric Center, by Rivers Edge Road entrance Saturdays - The 5:30 AM trip from Harlem to Randalls Island will be split into a 5:20 AM and 5:40 AM trip Saturdays - The 5:40 AM trip from Wards Island to Harlem will be split into a 5:32 AM and 5:52 PM Saturday - Trips from Harlem between 6:00 AM and 8:40 AM will operate every 20 minutes instead of every 15 minutes Saturday - Trips from Wards Island between 6:10 AM and 8:40 AM will operate every 20 minutes instead of every 15 minutes Saturday - Trips from Harlem between 3:00 PM and 4:30 PM will operate every 15 minutes instead of every 12 minutes Saturday - Trips from Wards Island between 3:10 PM and 4:40 PM will operate every 15 minutes instead of every 12 minutes Saturday - Trips from Harlem between 5:00 PM and 8:50 PM will operate every 10-12 minutes instead of every 12-15 minutes Saturday - Trips from Wards Island between 5:19 PM and 9:02 PM will operate every 10-12 minutes instead of every 12-15 minutes Sunday - Trips from Harlem between 8:35 AM and 9:35 AM will operate every 12 minutes instead of every 15 minutes Sunday - Trips from Wards Island between 8:45 AM and 9:45 AM will operate every 12 minutes instead of every 15 minutes Sunday - Trips from Harlem between 6:05 PM and 10:05 PM will operate every 12-15 minutes instead of every 15-20 minutes Sunday - Trips from Wards Island between 6:19 PM and 10:16 PM will operate every 12-15 minutes instead of every 15-20 minutes M60 SBS - Route Change within LaGuardia Airport (No Schedule Change) Service will no longer operate via Ditmars Blvd & the 102nd Street entrance, instead operating via 94th Street and LaGuardia Road towards terminals C/D Queens Q3 - Weekday PM Put-In Eliminations The 3:06 PM and 3:34 PM put-ins from Jamaica-179 Street towards JFK Airport will be discontinued Q4 - Weekday PM Put-In Elimination The 3:09 PM trip from Francis Lewis Boulevard towards Jamaica Center will be discontinued Q5 Local - Weekday PM Put-In Elimination Weekdays - The 2:45 PM trip from Farmers Boulevard towards Jamaica Center will be discontinued Q30 - Weekday Service Reductions All morning put-ins (nine total) from Merrick Boulevard will be discontinued: Trips eliminated (from 169th Street ) - 7:05 AM, 7:09 AM, 7:14 AM, 7:18 AM, 7:22 AM, 7:26 AM, 8:22 AM, 8:33 AM, 8:53 AM Sixteen (16) afternoon QCC-Jamaica trips between 1:20 PM and 3:41 PM will be discontinued: Trips eliminated - 1:25 PM, 1:30 PM, 1:32 PM, 1:40 PM, 1:48 PM, 2:03 PM, 2:19 PM, 2:27 PM, 2:34 PM, 2:43 PM, 2:51 PM, 2:59 PM, 3:07 PM, 3:15 PM, 3:23 PM, 3:29 PM Jamaica-bound frequency of service west of Springfield Boulevard will operate approximately every 7-8 minutes instead of every 1-5 minutes Q36 Local - Weekday PM Trip Addition A trip from Jamaica to Floral Park will be added at 4:13 PM Q48 - Buses Will Return to Stopping at Marine Air Terminal Terminal A Buses will now operate via Marine Air Terminal Schedules have not been adjusted for additional time Q72 - Buses will enter LaGuardia Airport through 94th Street Buses will enter through the 94th Street entrance and use LaGuardia Roads towards terminal C/D instead of Ditmars Boulevard & the 102nd Street entrance Q77 - Weekday Service Reductions, Terminal modification in Springfield Gardens Six trips from Jamaica (165th Street Bus Terminal) will be discontinued Trips eliminated: 11:50 AM, 2:00 PM, 2:08 PM, 2:21 PM, 2:41 PM, 2:56 PM The 3:27 PM put-in from 179th Street will be discontinued Sixteen (16) PM trips from Springfield Gardens to Jamaica will be discontinued, and two trips will be merged between 2:03 PM and 3:40 PM as follows: Trips merged - 2:12 PM and 2:19 PM trips into a 2:14 PM trip Trips eliminated - 2:23 PM, 2:30 PM, 2:33 PM, 2:35 PM, 2:37 PM, 2:43 PM, 2:45 PM, 2:47 PM, 2:55 PM, 2:58 PM, 3:03 PM, 3:14 PM, 3:16 PM, 3:19 PM, 3:26 PM, 3:36 PM The first/last stop will be at South Conduit Ave & 221st Street Q85 - Weekday PM Service Reductions The 2:47 PM and 2:49 PM trips from Farmers Boulevard & Bedell Street to Jamaica will be discontinued Q88 - Weekday Service Reductions EB service from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM will depart Queens Center Mall every 10-15 minutes instead of every 5 minutes The 3:26 PM and 3:47 PM trips from Kissena Boulevard to Queens Center Mall will be discontinued
  14. I started reviewing not too long ago. I haven't checked Brooklyn yet, but there are service changes on the M35. I have the Bronx and Brooklyn left to go.
  15. Rahm Emanuel is infinitely worse than DeBlasio. With DeBlasio, he's doesn't know what he's doing half the time when he's not serving his interests. Rahm Emanuel intentionally does stuff and knows what he's doing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On another note: There is a new pick that goes into effect tomorrow I believe, and the MTA has updated timetables, however they look, err, different. You be the judge of the new timetable format. The Q20 bus timetable is new but has the previous format as well, so there's inconsistencies already. Additionally, all the routes with enhanced overnight service once again don't list the extra overnight service. I will say though, I have seen scoops of service increases here and there by just a quick glance, but I don't know too much about cuts.
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