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  1. The 186 improvements are sorely needed. Too bad they couldn't make all evening service hourly instead of the 90 minute headways it currently has, but it is a start. They should look into improving the weekend schedule too. Not only does it end relatively early, but it's hourly.
  2. It will deduct $4.00 if you used the subway (or bus) beforehand within two hours from catching the express bus.
  3. They're actually not. That might have been the case back then, but the ridership may have changed. Back then there were 4(+?) trips to and from Cedarhurst every day. There are people who use those particular buses. I would believe that it's used by people who work in the Cedarhurst area as housekeepers, maids, or home health aids.
  4. It would be better to actually have the Q113/Q114 run on time. The Q111 is not necessary. Forget the fact that none of the bus stops in Nassau County are marked, the additional runtime needed (the Cedarhurst segment adds 17 minutes) would be unnecessary for a service which would garner very few riders headed specifically to the very end of the route. Not only that, but Woodmere/North Woodmore would likely be against such an addition of service. People in that look at you with two heads just for walking down the sidewalk (or waiting for a light). Imagine the what would happen when they find out that more than 2 buses per day end up traveling up and down Rosedale Road (i.e: bringing "those people" into "their" neighborhood).
  5. http://www.mta.info/news/2019/08/19/subway-performance-continues-year-over-year-improvement-–-time-performance-remains Overall Subway Performance Remains Strong Despite Three Separate Major Instances in July that Impacted Service Weekday Trains Delayed Decreased by 41.4% in July 2019 Compared to July 2018 Weekday Major Incidents Decreased 20.3% in July 2019 Compared to July 2018 MTA New York City Transit has announced new statistics showing the continued improvement in subway performance that have been achieved since the launch of the Subway Action Plan (SAP) and the Save Safe Seconds campaign. Year-over-year subway performance improvements continued in July, consistent with a months-long recent trend. Performance statistics remained strong despite the three challenging incidents that severely impacted service in the month of July, notably the power failure that impacted the west side of Manhattan, a failure of the Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) system on the numbered lines, and switch issues that occurred in Brooklyn. If these issues had not occurred, on-time performance would have been 82.6%, the highest in more than 6 years. Overall subway performance continued its steady improvement in June 2019, with every weekday metric better than both June 2018 and the average of the past 12 months. On-time performance has continued to improve, and major incidents have declined over July 2018, while all other customer-centric performance numbers are also pointing higher. Weekday on-time performance (OTP) for July was 81.1%, up from 66% in July 2018. Weekday major incidents decreased 20.3% from June 2018, dropping from 69 to 55 in July 2019. Furthermore, weekday train delays decreased 41.4% from last June, from 58,294 to 34,173. Positive numbers were also realized in many of NYC Transit’s customer-focused metrics, including Service Delivered, Additional Platform Time, Additional Train Time, and Customer Journey Time Performance, as all metrics were better than one year ago and better than their average performance over the past 12 months. Specifically, Additional Train Time decreased to 51 seconds, a drop of 32.9% from July last year, while Customer Journey Time Performance improved to 83.8%, up 4.2% from July 2018. A contributing factor to the reduction in delays has been the significant progress made in reducing track debris fires, which are significantly down since NYCT started attacking this problem with new equipment in 2017. This has included clearing debris at an unprecedented rate using new platform-based mobile vacs, and vacuum trains that move around the system picking up trash. Year to date, track debris fires are down 74, from 215 to 141, and they are down 135 for the previous 12 months, from 402 to 267.
  6. Part Suspended Posted: 08/20/2019 2:01AM There are service changes and delays in train service because a person was struck by a train at 46 St-Bliss St. There is no train service in both directions between Queensboro Plaza and 74 St-Broadway. See a station agent for a free courtesy pass for continued train or bus service. The LIRR is accommodating MetroCard holders at no additional charge in both directions from Penn Station, Woodside, and Flushing/Main St. For service to/from bypassed stations, consider taking the Q53, Q60 and Q70-SBS bus. For service between Manhattan and Queens, consider taking a or train at Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av.
  7. More and more objects are demanding their recognition for delaying service.
  8. That's what the MTA status mentioned, but there tends to be additional service changes (usually a train or two) which are not mentioned, either just to maintain the flow of passengers, or for some other congestion measure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part Suspended Posted: 08/17/2019 2:55PM Southbound and trains are ending at Bay 50 St because a train's brakes were activated at Coney Island-Stillwell Av. UPDATE: Part Suspended Posted: 08/17/2019 3:14PM Southbound and trains are ending at Bay 50 St because a train's brakes were activated at Coney Island-Stillwell Av. The last stop on some trains will be Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr. Some southbound trains will run on the line from Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr to Bay Ridge-95 St.
  9. Yeah, and then the reliability tanks because the artics are subject to the same traffic conditions as the 40 footers they replace, and are subject to bunching, on higher headways. It would be okay if it was kept as close as 1:1 as possible, but the agency has a guideline which it is not following as of late, which is resulting in cuts of more than 50% of service at times. Case in point, the Bx36. Right now has no EB bus between 174 Street subway station and W 178th amd Broadway, with three buses in Washington Heights. One of them has left, and will get slammed. There's two other "helpers" I guess, but to make matters worse, one of those buses is a 40 footer.
  10. So apparently reducing this $550 thousand will prevent the cutting bus service. The same $550 thousands that is PEANUTS compared to the savings they get from every schedule change in a year, for the last few years. The schedule changes that are supposed to go into effect this September alone is supposed to save $7 million annually IIRC (12.7 times more than by removing schedules).
  11. IIRC, the terminated at Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn at this time (no Brooklyn or Queens service).
  12. I can't speak for the express, but the local stops on the QBL don't need additional service. I've been on trains at 3-4 AM, and that's more than enough in some cases.
  13. That's more conplicated than it should be. You can have one branch be the LTD, and the other be the non-stop bus. Such would run it non-stop between Francis Lewis Blvd and Kew Gardens. The LTD can run every 5-6 minutes like the local, while the non-stop bus would run every 7-10 minutes. To preserve as many connections as possible, in such a scenario, I would have the LIJ branch be the LTD. Union Turnpike needs more buses during the rush anyways, so I'm not concerned with overserving the corridor. (Should go without saying, but this would only be done rush hours in the peak direction)

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