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  1. Sparrow857 It's Performance and Evaluation training. You probably had an accident or incident or maybe a bad ride or something that happen so when that happens most times they send you to Zerega for retraining. It's not anything bad but you don't want too many things happening on probabtion because your goal is to finish it without getting extended.
  2. if your pension is administered by NYCERS then it should be able to roll over or credited to you when you go to another city agency, Your union rep or your pension fund people would be the best ones to answer your question on that. As for work with the MTA unless you are already on the current list for conductor which is set to expire in Feb 2017, or you have taken the last conductor exams which was given a couple months ago then you can be looking at a 8 to 10yr wait minimum .There's a promotional list to be called from then when that's through then they will start calling from the exams they had this year of which the results haven't even been given out as yet much less to think of the list being established. As for Station Agent, from reading on this forum it would appear that there is a current list or an exam that was give not too long ago, so that too maybe some years waiting too. There's lots of other positions available at the MTA that don't require being on a list before you are employed by them, you can look into that if you desire. Best of luck with everything.
  3. Gamer forget the BOSS maybe as easy as it was a lot of people probably did not even get the 70% required passing grade on the test. I too was suprised by only a little over 8 thousand names made the list. None the less, congrats to all who made it. Those that's in a position or have the resources to get their CDL's I would suggest they do that. It wont be nice to go through the whole process and pass the training and then to fail the road test and have it all come to an end right there.
  4. NycGamer18 i dont think everyone on that list did and passed the BOSS. I would guess as with 2613 everyone will have to do the BOSS when they start calling for the pre-employment process. In 2613 I know people who was called in after they went and did the pre-employment paperwork. But everyone will have to take and pass BOSS to continue along with their employment process as long as the MTA is still using the BOSS at that point in time. I'm not youngnyc but i believe i'm correct lol.
  5. @stepurgameup you suppose to disclose all meds that you are taking. On the day of your medical you have to full out a questionare on the computer before you see the doctor in which it ask various things and one of the things is to list any meds that you are currently taking. You dont have to worry as long as your pressure is controlled you are good to go so dont panic.
  6. Future MABSTOA thats interseting, i taught that program was only open to employees but i guess not, if you want the job then check it out and see what its all about. i know they said the program will have to clear you first before you can return but once you have your doctor's notes and stuff you should be ok. @stepurgameup the only procedure you need to take is keep taking your blood pressure meds to keep it in control and you will be good.
  7. Bronx Bound D, I think you are worrying a little too much about having work experience because after the exams it usually takes months to get your score and list number then there's no set time frame for how soon after they establish the list for them to start calling people on there. So i beleive you will have at least more than a year waiting plus you will be working in the mean time and school so you should be more than good. Plus nobody really dont know what the quailifications will be untill the Notice of the Exam comes out at the begining of the filing period. Just stay patient, keep working and keep going to school.
  8. I too turned down Conductor a couple months ago since i'm already a B/O and it would of meant a drop in pay but dam this T/O thing is sounding to be a sweet deal so i too will have to keep a close eye for when the promo test comes out and take. Thanks for the info Etrain.
  9. msmcmillan i dont know what depot you are training out of but when i was training our instructor said to us that when we come early in the morning while waiting we can go to the yard and he pointed us to the out of service bus line and he said we can practice our pre-trip on anyone of those buses just dont start them up. So maybe if you can do that based on where you are it will help you a whole lot.It's one thing to look at the book but you gain more from actually doing it on the bus. As for the rest just take your time when you drive and scan your mirrors always and nice and slow in the turns and you will be ok. Also when your other classmates are driving just dont sit and talk with the rest, go up and stand and observed the person who is driving and look at what he does and listen to when his mistakes are pointed out by the instructor so when your turn comes you would know what not to do. Its nothing hard to it just focus and stay calm and you will get through it. Good luck with everything.
  10. Hi everyone waiting you guys will also have one more available spot because like LIRR 154 I also did not go for processing because im already in and I was a few weeks from finishing probabtion and conductor pays less for me. Congrats and best wishes to all who's still waiting, my number is between 3K and 3050
  11. noobzster if i was you i would not call but i would go there the next day if you can or on the first available day that you can as long as its not too far from the date. when you get there just tell them you received the letter the day before and they will advise you as to what to do or they will start to process you on that same day.
  12. thirtydaes I came from Greyhound also and i would say this is far better than Greyhound. You raised some good points but dont be over concern about the lack of buses because theres nothing you can do about that. You are on probabtion as they say the least time on the road the better. I guess your depot is not that perfect but my suggestion to you is to focus on what you can control which is make sure you report to work early and try to be safe as possible while on the road. When system pick comes around you can pick into another depot if there is space. I would take a guess that your depot is in the Bronx because we had people that was sent to the bronx from our depot after they graudated, this was earlier this year.Just take it nice and slow and try to learn the system and to workings of your depot. You will get AVA's and you can put time into OTO's which you can use for days off that you can take with being paid for it and use it for whatever time you need off the bus. There's a lot of super good benifits to having this job. Take time and lock it in and you will be good. Dont fuss and fustrate yourself with what you cant control. Remember early to work and take it nice and slow on the road and you will be good. Good luck with everything and stay cool.
  13. Illmatic first off how much seniority do you have if i may ask? If its a year or two i wont be too worried about it but if its like 10, 15 years then i be concerned. TA is the best of the three. The other thing of concern is if you are currently under the 3yr to top pay if that will now change to the 5yr to top pay as you will be starting allover as a TA employee. Talk to your union rep again but as i have heard it you do loose your seniority.
  14. NewMatt it did not go exactly like that I personally have a friend we were both in the low 900 I did not get a letter for the BOSS that friend did not either I heard from other friends at the time about they getting letters for the boss. I went to 180 Livingston the guy at the window checked the computer and saw I was scheduled to take it so he gave me an entrance letter. On the Saturday of the boss I showed up to James Madison school only for them to tell me my name was not on the list they had for the boss so luckly for me it was the same man that gave me the letter that was checking the names on the list and saw mine was not there so he called his supervisor and explained it to him and they said the computer systems were not in sync and they would look me up by my applicant ID and allowed me to take the boss. My friend that I mentioned earlier never even got a letter his score was lower than mine and we began processing the same week. He was called the next week to take the boss and he was delayed and just got in about 2 months ago. So all im saying is that it dont always go how it suppose to so if you find you are waiting too long it does not hurt to visit Livingston once in a while once they start processing from 4600. Sorry for the long post.
  15. Or like with 2613 some people did not do BOSS until they went for there first drug test they were called back like a week later to do it and pray and hope that situation dont happen to you especially if you get a low list number because it delays you and also if you dont pass it at that time then you are out. So you dont have to take BOSS before you get your score or list number.
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