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  1. Thanks for the info. It's for my cousin who was called in. He doesn't have a login for this site so I asked the question for him. I appreciate it @Youngnycsubwayfan
  2. @Youngnycsubwayfan Not sure if u covered this, quick question... If you had a license revoked about 10 years ago for failure to pay a fine, but it's currently NOT on your Abstract...should you put it on the application anyway? Or not?
  3. That's most likely why this new system is in place, because many conductors aren't understood. That just in my opinion though because I don't see why else. Unless it's a new scheme to pick and choose who they want and basically eliminate the "who scored the highest gets hired" system. This way they have an excuse not to hire certain people and have a legit excuse not to.
  4. Yea what I heard is that when they don't have vacancies in the Dept the person applied for, they start asking people if they want to go to the Cleaner position.
  5. I would think that means alot of people have fallen short of the requirements than they assumed, so they have to take more from the list than expected.
  6. Anybody work in this Dept or have any information on this dept? I have a few questions...
  7. Did u eventually get contacted? Did u apply for a cleaner position or did u apply for something else and they offered u cleaner instead? Because I've been hearing that happening often...
  8. I sent the link to your PM. It should be in page 2.
  9. I have the pdf file, how do I send it to u?
  10. Oooh I see now. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  11. How do people contest answers on the open competitive test? I never understood how that worked...how do people memorize what questions they wanted to contest after they took the test, in order to know what answer should've been in their favor?
  12. This came from the Conductors exam application 6601. Go check it out for yourself. http://web.mta.info/nyct/hr/pdf/CorrectionForm.pdf
  13. http://web.mta.info/nyct/hr/pdf/CorrectionForm.pdf download the pdf file for the correction form and fax or email it to the number or email provided on the form.
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