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  1. I recently heard that Salem County has two RTSes running for the 468. Im not sure if they still have them, but I know that they did as of late April. 1513 is one of them
  2. shes probably some ugly ass lady that just wants attention, had a bunch of septa bus drivers tell me I was a creep. one called me an old pervert, for those of you who don't know, im 12 years old. so much for that insult. People are getting real pathetic these days, and no one can mind their own business
  3. for starters I absolutely hate hearing the counter-argument that high floors cant be fuel efficient. In fact, most high floors weigh less than low floors, and have cooler designs(in my opinion). Look at the SEPTA 2001-2005 New Flyer Diesels, they weigh around 38,000 LBS, at 40 ft 6 inches. The NABIs we have from 1997 weigh around 31,000 LBS, at 40 ft exactly. This supports my argument of fuel efficiency because the NABIs have much better acceleration in both start up, and at high rpms. I also think high floors are better because they can allow for much more space for standing loads, and seating capacity, because of that annoying front wheel well that cuts off about 6 possible seats. I also think the frames on high floors are stronger than that of low floors, just compare for yourself. An extra two feet of steel and wood holding the bus together, versus two inch wide plates of steel, and a half inch wood frame inbetween for low floors. somewhat off topic but... how about a high floor bus, but a ramp is used to acess the bus instead of steps, that way, you would get the accessibility benefit of a low floor, with all the ride & maintanence qualities of a high floor. its just a thought, so like if you think it's good.
  4. NovaBus LFS HEV 40102's-Cummins ISL EPA14280HP & GM Allison EP-40 HybriDrive NovaBus LFS-A HEV 62102's-Cummins ISL EPA14330HP & GM Allison EP-50 HybriDrive Some may have the EPA15 version as those are due to arrive soon
  5. I cant imagine that bus in the current NJT scheme.... But I think this bus would look so good in the old 9501 demo scheme, don't you guys think? (All rights reserved to TTMG)
  6. Orange Garage Total Buses: 233 Routes: 5, 11, 21, 27 (split - Hilton), 28, 29, 34, 41, 71, 73, 79, 92, 94, 95 96, 97, 258 (GO28) 1999 NovaBus RTS-06: 1312-1314, 1332, 1338, 1341, 1344-1345, 1348-1350, 1352-1353, 1356-1357, 1360, 1366, 1369, 1373, 1381, 1391, 1395, 1402, 1408, 1413, 1418, 1425, 1439, 1455, 1466 2000 NovaBus RTS-06: 1534 2001 NovaBus RTS-06 Suburban: 1579 2008 NABI 416.15 Suburban: 5313-5322 2011 NABI 416.15: 5827-5851, 5936-5975 2012 NABI 416.15: 6264-6325 2013 NABI 416.15: 6399-6402, 6403-6409, 6410-6416, 6417, 6418, 6419, 6420-6424, 6425, 6426, 6427-6429, 6430-6462 All of these novas have been retired since atleast a week ago, so you can remove them from the assignments ..... Coach USA–Elizabeth Garage (Olympia Trails/Orange-Newark-Elizabeth (ONE) Bus) Total Buses: 170 Routes: 12, 24, 31, 44, 305, 978, 979, 981, Newark Airport Express 1999 NovaBus RTS-06: 1036-1102, 1103, 1104-1105 2000 NovaBus RTS-06: 1509-1512, 1516-1520, 1521, 1522, 1537, 1538, 1540-1549, 1560-1562, 1565-1567 2002 BlueBird TransShuttle CS: 606-609, 616-617 2003 El Dorado Escort FE: 421-424, 429 2010 NABI 416.15: 5631-5638 2013 NABI 416.15: 6499-6550 1515 still exists, or so I was told, I rode 1558, and saw 1557. 1537-1538 were said to be in new Brunswick. 1103 and 1521 are the only other novas that I haven't heard anything about, but I guess they still exist since I wasn't told they don't. And all the other novas are retired and all 1000s series Nova Rts buses have been retired since two years ago. And 1104 and 1105 haven't been here since late 2012. They aren't saving any novas either, 2625 is all they want here at NJT
  7. All NJT Novas out of service, only a few novas can even possibly be brought back into service, one 1400s and two 1300s. The only novas in service as we speak are from Coach USA 1103, 1515, 1521, 1537-1538, 1557-1558... BTW I rode 1558 and saw 1557 both on the 24B... Also..... Is this how the novas are getting retired at coach USA? When the 2016 NJT MCI Hybrid D4000CTHs come in, they will retire most of the old MCI Diesels from 2001-2003, but some old MCIs will be moved up to Coach USA to retire all the novas? That's what a 24 driver told me...
  8. so will there be any novas left by this Monday? im planning to take a final trip since its spring break now
  9. I did that because I was upset about the fact that more NABIs came to orange and that the 95 was all NABI. Thank you for the information, that's not the reason I downvoted it.
  10. well, I can go next week, but I guess its too late... well, atleast I got to ride one nova, 1369
  11. doesn't that mean 2527 and 2528 weren't retired, since I think they have to remove all the livery for them to be sold as scrap, technically they are still A & C or NJTs buses!!!
  12. weren't all the baby novas retired last spring? and did 2528 have the A/C red strip livery, or was it blank.
  13. they still exist??? OMG those are my favorite NJT buses of all time!!!! are you serious, I only got one picture in since ive been transitfanning???
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