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  1. It's been a minute forums but driving past LGA Airport lately I notice it looks like the PANYNJ has brought back some of the 1991 New Flyer D40LFs they use to run, I guess while all the construction goes on. They are in the current Port scheme and a few look like they got new Twinvision signs. Port painted them in the current scheme before retirement, I don't know if they were put in storage and now taken out or if Port got back some of the buses they sold to Golden Touch for the JFK employee shuttles? Golden Touch is not the contractor running them unless things have changed. Or are these newly purchased D40s?? They did look like the 91s on the outside and the inside that I could see, one of em had no signs at all. These buses have 6V92TAs and that would be something to see back on the road, at least outside JFK...
  2. Academy runs a service/repair center there that was formerly run by Daimler Buses/Orion. It was always a small Academy depot that handled mainly the EWR shuttle contract which is why you see all those Port Authority Orions parked there too but they took over the whole building after Orion went under.
  3. Nails huh Maybe you should get hit by one... You got it good with transit and we all do here in NY so enjoy the ride or GET A CAR
  4. NYS PL 190.25 A person is guilty of criminal impersonation in the second degree when he: 3. Pretends to be a public servant, or wears or displays without authority any uniform, badge, insignia or facsimile thereof by which such public servant is lawfully distinguished, or falsely expresses by his words or actions that he is a public servant or is acting with approval or authority of a public agency or department; and so acts with intent to induce another to submit to such pretended official authority, to solicit funds or to otherwise cause another to act in reliance upon that pretense. Saying this as someone whos been through the bs police and court system in Nassau (I thought the city was bad) you should probably just stop pretending you're someone you're not and get a job already.
  5. The Port Authority has their own buses at the airport..let them run it and pay for it
  6. Theyre coming up with so much SBS now I wanna know how they're gonna keep enforcing the fare.
  7. Explains why I saw schools closed out here. Im sure most/all of them drive
  8. Clever Devices, at least the turn warning.. Wonder if that bus got auto announcements
  9. There's gotta be a web based interface somewhere, and it's not a bad site either compared to MTA BusTime. The page should end in /bustime/map/displaymap.jsp since NJT and others use the same system and the page always ends in that. I would keep trying to make up links myself to find it if I wasn't so lazy.
  10. I saw temp platforms being put up at Bay Parkway between the express track and the CI bound track. The Manhattan bounds will be running on the express and stopping at the temps.
  11. The foothills still dont have clever devices so those are gonna be invisible til they gone I guess.
  12. Having TWC I get free access to the Boingo hotspot which is a bit faster. I don't think TWC is in NJ at all though so probably won't help for most people coming through.
  13. The MyTix app just got updated as a general transit app. Now also has Departurevision and Mybus (no real time though) and a couple other things.

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