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  1. Station agent 6600 questions ?

    Did they let you know your list number?
  2. Station agent 6600 questions ?

    How do you know your list number? They haven't established it yet from what I know.
  3. Station agent 6600 questions ?

    I know they haven't send out the official results yet but how many did you get wrong from the answer key they released?
  4. C/R Exam # 6601 (Open-Competitive)

    Oh I didn't see that.thanks
  5. T/O Exam # 8098

    Does anyone know if you need specific experience for the up coming train operator exam?
  6. Conductor Exam 8094

    When did you take this exam? How long did you wait for them to call you?
  7. C/R Exam # 6601 (Open-Competitive)

    You know what the requirement are for the train operator exam?
  8. C/R Exam # 6601 (Open-Competitive)

    Received the letter on Monday. Got the Sunday date in the morning
  9. Station agent 6600 questions ?

    Yeah got a few more wrong than expected Do they still change some answers with the protest?
  10. Station agent 6600 questions ?

    Yes I've noticed that as well! Hopefully they do post the answer key tomorrow.been waiting all month.
  11. Conductor Exam 8094

    When did you take this exam?
  12. Conductor Exam 8094

    So what was your score if you got in the 66xx?
  13. Station agent 6600 questions ?

    Well I heard it takes up to a year for the mta to send us our official scores. So they might start calling people somewhere between fall of 2016 and early 2017. But I hope it's earlier than that.
  14. Station agent 6600 questions ?

    Oh my bad you're right! I just looked at my test answers and it was 60 lol my bad. Seemed like 80 to me haha Yeah I'm taking the conductor exam in April of next year as well! I would prefer to get the conductor Job. It pays more. And can be promoted to train conductor in the future if you wish.
  15. Station agent 6600 questions ?

    Umm it was 80 questions not 60


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