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  1. You will not be disqualified, however you have to wait 3 years from date ticket was issued NOT convicted to begin the hiring process. Also if you got the ticket in NYC, there is no point reduction, its either guilty or not guilty. A lawyer cannot reduce points. The only thing he can do is postpone the case as many times as he can and hope the officer does not show up. If its a highway cop, don't waste your money on a lawyer, there testimony is almost impossible to beat especially cellphone tickets. If its a regular cop you might have a chance with a lawyer. Ask me how I know??? lol
  2. Its from the date the ticket was issued not conviction. I know cause I have been waiting, got a ticket in 2015, can reinstate in december. My list number is 101X, was told to come back on exactly 3 years from the date ticket was issued.
  3. Thanks for the info, I guess I'll go with the first whose hiring. As far as location I live in the bx, so having access to the other boros wouldn't matter to me. Just have to wait another 10 months...
  4. I have a hard question, Im on 4600 test, list number 107X, and was called last year, but put on hold for points, also on test 4105 mabstoa, list number 210X... I was told to come back in December when I'm eligible for both, which one should I process for??? 4600 nyc transit , or 4105 mabstoa??? I know the questions been asked of whats the difference, but which one would you choose and why??? pros and cons??? Thank you
  5. I can't believe I'm still waiting, pending ticket, since 2015, and my list number is 107X...so frustrating...
  6. I'm waiting to resolve a ticket, my list number is 102x, I just called and it said I'm on the list and that I'm not qualified? Hopefully it's because of the ticket... any info? Thanks
  7. Called DCAS, it says I'm on the list but I am "not qualified" I have a pending ticket, is that what it means? Please help thanks
  8. I called the DCAS number it says I'm on the list but not qualified? Anyone know what this means? Thanks
  9. So called the numbers and spoke to Ms Chestnut. She got back to me today and told me to report to Livingston Friday morning! She said it was an error on there part, and that I should of got the letter awhile back. My list number is 107X, and I told her I know people in the 1400's getting letters. I need to be put on hold anyways, pending ticket...
  10. So I called 347-643-8231, and the other numbers...I wanted to know what list number they're up to...im 10xx, and people here are in 1300's getting letters, and I havent received anything. The guy was being a jerk, kept repeating the same thing over and over again that there up to 845, ad that I will get my letter when I get it and hung up. Is it normal to skip numbers or did I just not received my letter yet? Also anybody have tips for the cdl road test? taking it tues... Thanks in advance
  11. Ive been reading that people in the 1200's are getting letters, my list number is 10xx, I haven't received anything...but I did recieve letter from mabstoa 4105...any info???
  12. At this rate, how long would you think it would take to get to the 1000's??? I have a pending ticket, if I have to be put on hold, will I automatically get called back after the ticket is resolved? Any help would be appreciated...
  13. Wow, that's gonna be bad, I got rescheduled for June 17, my list number is 101x, hopefully I can try and get an earlier date
  14. Question, got a speeding ticket last year, 70 in a 55, just got rescheduled for next year. If I go through processing will this be a problem, I'm sure it won't be on my abstract. Do they ask about pending tickets?
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