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  1. It will show on your abstract from the date of th conviction up to 3 years. However, transit will count from the date of the offense not the conviction. I’m an example of this situation. I had a cellphone ticket issued on 5/16/14. I had my appointment letter for 3/6/17. Since the ticket was pending they told me to call them back after ticket is solve and proof from DMV, I got convicted on 6/10/17. I went back and restored my name on the list.. and here I am. 5 months on the job. The ticket shows on my abstract and also shows 5 points but it also shows the date of issuing. As long the issuing date is older than 3 year it’s ok. Just make sure you paid them, keep the receipt and have no pending tickets or moving violation.
  2. I could say Manhattan are the easy depots when it come to lines, you will be driving straight up and down or crosstown. Not much of right or left turns. BUT is not easy dealing with traffic, bikes and yellow cabs.. it’s really challenge out there need to have your eyes open and follow what zerega told us to do in order to keep our selfs on the job.
  3. Bronx depot are full.. most likely you will be going to manhathan (Tuskegee or Manhattanville) if not you will be force to go Staten Island, all other depots are full at the moment. We picked last Monday. And that’s what they had.
  4. Congrats!!!, at least you will be able to pick,I will graduate this Friday 1. And pick ends same day wich means I’ll be in extra list for a good time. Wonder if I can be able to transfer depot.
  5. Cool.. well 4 weeks is a lot when depot only have 4 lines lol ..
  6. How long is line training? 3 or 4 weeks?
  7. Today we had the pick, 6 Mother Clare Hale,7 Kingsbridge, 5 Gunhill, 7 West farms and 1 east New York ....
  8. Nice, Made it on day 9.. Omg what a day at Harlem.. day 10 is to report at Jamaica depo to learn other buses....
  9. Tomorrow I have to report to Mother Clare hale depo, anyone know if there is parking and also have anyone trained with Supt Hamlin?
  10. Thanks. But it’s the frustration that is burning my inside... I did all my turns as I should.. and at the end she tells me she pull the brakes on me. ...uff.. but I’ll keep my mind positive and continue with the process..
  11. Today was the worst day ever... day 6 I olmost run a red light, I slammed the brakes but supt Gray states she did TB brakes.. I missed up day 6 and now I’m on the run for 8-9.. really sucks and I’m upset with my self.
  12. Yup... I didn’t stop cuz a big load and then at the corner made the stop to switch turns... I drove from 6:00 to like 7:10... i did very good in day 4.. no comments and everything was satisfied. I was like yeaaaah!
  13. Jfk depo. But I remember when that happend
  14. That was me I believe, we were serving bus stop but ppl don't read it's a training bus and kept trying to enter as I open doors lol. So she was let this bus pick them up..it was around 6:40 or something?
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