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  1. Does anyone have any idea what time the Proterra will be out?
  2. It's a shame people think he is actually a progressive man of the people.He is not. He is the actual fear-monger. He is playing people and he has sold out the city to special interests. His eyes are on the national limelight not this city and its showing everyday.
  3. Exactly these one time taxes are not long term solutions. I don't even want to make this a political argument or about De Blasio but you have to get a long term investment because repairs don't keep it together forever. I think the best thing for that is private investment. Sponsoring of subway stations is definitely a good idea. Companies always will spend big on advertising. Also, the problem is sometimes the people in charge aren't always the most competent or knowledgeable on the subject. Have to keep bringing in the right minds. They'll give you the best quality, for the best price. No politics just getting the job done.
  4. De Blasio has to pay his legal defense and all those "consultants". He can stick to his Robin Hood rhetoric, while the state is actually trying to walk the walk. You can't simply solve everything by taxing the rich. He wants to be a progressive hero not a leader.
  5. Saw an XD60 driving around Rockaway today NIS near B 110th St. Too far to see the #. Maybe testing out for the 53 sbs?
  6. Well the D60s that I saw on the BX1/2 today definitely tell me they need to go. Even their XD60s look beaten down.
  7. Saw an XD40 on the q53 today signed up for SBS with a blue background. Looked good!
  8. Agreed. Not to go off topic here but it's funny to me how the R32 trains I've ridden have better AC than the R160s.
  9. On weekends, there's plenty of buses to spare for planned shutdowns. But, I mean for things that are unplanned like the A derailment it isn't a bad idea. But, they seemed to fill in ok for that. They tend to throw the worst of the RTS they have on the M shuttle anyways lol. 200 I think is too much. Maybe about 25-30 in case of an emergency situation.
  10. If I had to stand on the express bus I would be pissed. Queens buses are never that bad. Although, I did see a Midtown bd QM15 that was near SRO the other day and this was late in the rush like 8:40 AM.
  11. What depot are they from? Some depots don't need as many buses during the summer cause there's no school trippers. I remember Jamaica sent some of it's RTS to Stengel either last summer or the one before that. Jamaica's a pretty small depot, making some room.
  12. I have to take the Q54 from where I am. It'd be the most direct way. I'll take it to 150th and walk down to Archer. Yea ok thats where I thought it was. I've taken the Q5 from there before. Didn't remember for sure.
  13. Yea saw it on the Q54, FP has had tons of different buses from all over coming there. Weird seeing Gun Hill and Yukon stickers in Queens.
  14. I was on 4995 on the M shuttle the other day. Not the best of the RTS.
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