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  1. this forum wont allow me to attach photos so i put them on google drive download or view them from there. Let me know if anyone has a problem. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4i-NOIfGrLqQVp1YnJOUHVuSmc?usp=sharing
  2. Dual rate positions are people who can do a specialist job in the event that the specialist is out sick on vacation ect. Then after you put some time in you can pick a specialist title but you can't jump from track worker to specialist without being a dual rate first. There is a job that I found out about recently called a wet saw operator. No special training just sign up and you can get it. They teach you on the job. It's a messy job you're cutting the ties out of the concrete but you do get full rate which is 35/hr
  3. Ok so apparently they are gonna try to hire 500 track workers by the end of the year. They are gonna try and make the training shorter from 6 weeks down to 4 weeks. I can't speak for Bronx but if you pick Brooklyn for your training location you're gonna be digging out ties for the most part. Later tonight I'm gonna post specialist job titles and they're requirements to do them. When you pick your spot for your "x" job ask your supervisor for training for a dual rate. If they procrastinate go ask the superintendent. I also have a list of how the pick is done by seniority to give you an idea of what it's gonna be like. There's Around 2000 track workers in the system after our class but our seniority numbers are gonna move up as more people retire.
  4. Rockawaylcl, Get the chief newspaper go on mta.info to see upcoming exams read each notice of examination to see if you're qualified sign up and create an account at mta.info submit your resume and pay the examination fees there by credit card. Take exams as they come out. Try to score in the high 90s to get called faster. If your going to college plan accordingly. If you move let Mta know right away. Stay drug free. Get used to waking up early in the morning. When you get the job don't screw around during 1 year probation.
  5. Congrats riello2u. I had a blood pressure scare a few months ago been on the straight and narrow since. Bring it down naturally hit the gym when you can eat healthy no bread pasta pizza soda fast food lose weight gradually so you won't gain it back easily
  6. Good luck riello2u hope to see you soon. Ill keep updating here as time goes on.
  7. So for the ekg I had to take my shirt off. When I saw the physician that approved me she just checked my breathing with a stethoscope listened to my heart had me lay down and bent both my legs. I didn't wear a gown at all which I'm grateful for.
  8. So I did the medical first you wait. While you wait they hand you another packet to complete. Then have you answer some computer survey questions about your health they give you a second piss test but just to test ph or maybe sugar take your weight and height ekg and blood pressure. After that they test your eyes bring glasses if you need them. You look at circles and have to figure out where the break in the circle is. Then they test your depth perception they show you a square circle triangle and star and you gotta figure out which one is further away (harder than it sounds.) They also test for color blindness and perifial vision .Then they test your breathing. You blow into this tube for 6 seconds then they check your hearing. You sit in a box with headphones and a switch you have to press every time you hear a beep Bring that 21 of packet and make sure all the info matches if you need more papers just ask. If that 21 page packet isn't fully filled out they will send you home regardless if you passed the medical or not. Don't make any mistakes. In total there's 3 packets of paper the original 21 pg packet the one from second drug test then a third packet on the day of the medical. Make sure it matches i cannot stress that enough and don't write the date anywhere on that third medical packet they give you while you wait. The dates might be different from when they hire you. Obviously bring your ss card birth cert ectera with you as well. After you pass the medical they will photocopy your license birth certificate and ss card. They will fingerprint you after you pass the medical. Before fingerprinting you swear the oath get your books get your picture taken. Go back to the original waiting room. You're gonna be in a total of 4 waiting rooms through this process. I got here at 5am didn't leave till 5pm. My hire date is July 17th. That's when I'll get my pass.
  9. The time was 9:48 am name was Charlie Moran it was with my regular mail not in spam. Thanks +Young+ good luck to all. I still have to ask about my 21 of packet some timeframes are wrong and also my recent employment isn't on there gotta ask about that.
  10. Got an email and phone call today to appear at Livingston July 7 at 7:00am for the medical. if all goes well it says my hire date will be 7/17. Fingers crossed. #107x
  11. Riello2u if your here I'm up in the front bench of the reception desk. If you want come say what's up
  12. excellent man. Hope to see you down there. #107x
  13. I got my second drug test letter to appear this wednesday. it looks similar to the 23 page package we got sent home with many moons ago. employment history. We gotta bring essentially all the same things we did to our first trip to livingston. Not sure if theyre gonna do the medical the same day but it does say its an all day process
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