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  1. and trains bunched up big time on the QBL yesterday (<1 stop gap between trains). How long has this been an issue?
  2. Pretty sure the service now is as bad as it was in the '70s.
  3. I saw this bugged out strip map the other day on the . I think the number was 6356.
  4. The other day I saw a 40 foot LFS on the south-bound Van Wyck Expressway. It was being used for training. Why are drivers being trained on the Van Wyck Expressway?
  5. The terminal of the should be extended to Lefferts and the should have only Far Rockaway. Let the shuttle handle Rockaway Park.
  6. This is a list of current issues with the automatic PA system that have been brought on by the reinstatement of the and the opening of the SAS: - R143s on the : do not state that transfer is available to - R188s on the : state that transfer is available to the and instead of the and - R142s on the , , and : do not state that transfer is available to the at 59th St/Lexington Av 63rd St - R142As on the , , and : same issue as R142s There have been no issues with the R160s yet.
  7. Would probably just crash into the platform edge.
  8. I've heard that ever since 6/21/06, that set's been out of service. What did they do to it. Just asking, although I'm pretty sure the MTA just cannibalized that set for parts because they decided that 8277-8280 was permanently inoperable.
  9. What if.... Some guy in the 207th Yard has the really stupid idea of sending one of the R46s assigned to the down the ?
  10. Maybe we should extend the to 10th Av and extend the to 14th Street. Just a thought.
  11. It's like how absolutely everything except for CBTC is banned from the .
  12. Those LED displays are on R160s primarily from the Broadway Line. Those being the and .
  13. Can't see that pic. Is it in the stations, or on the actual cars themselves?
  14. I've got an idea: Why not extend the to South Ferry? Seeing as a connection already exists between Bowling Green and South Ferry I can't see why not. Maybe the could use the new station, and the could use the outer loop that the is currently using.
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