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  1. i dont know if there going to do this but more trains need to start from broadway junction in the morning like additional from junction 730-9
  2. they should consider it as split service to end it at south 4th since its basically built
  3. still going to have a full platform and people on the stairs waitng
  4. Is it possible to run the to williamsburg S4th st
  5. love it when a train is late and make express runs to terminal 3 train usually express when another is behind it
  6. Broadway junction is going to be a zoo for those 15 months since lack of L people going to want to avoid it
  7. there is still a lot of people that live in canarsie east ny area i see the trains pull up to livonia with only standing room also see the train bypass so there will be some that want to avoid broadway junciton all together
  8. im taking because they want canarsie riders to use the from new lots and crown heights branches so with that being said it needs to be extended during rush hours to accomodate
  9. I think the only way this train shutdown will work is if they extend the and to newlots more often between 7-930 am and southbound 515-7pm the will have to start at bway junction
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